Sealing Granite Countertops – The Real Test Drip Edge

A couple simple tests that you can easily perform yourself will tell you what kind of stone you have, if it could be problematic, how to clean and care for it and if sealing granite countertops is necessary. Granite is the stone of choice for use in the kitchen where all kinds of substances will come in contact with the countertop. You want a stone that won’t do either (won’t etch or stain) for the kitchen. So, this test is most useful to determine the best granite for your kitchen, wet bar or heavily used bathroom where lots of potions and lotions could be a problem. If it takes 10 to 15 minutes to darken a sealer should still be applied, but make sure it absorbs well and doesn’t dry on top.Sealing granite countertops in this category is really not necessary and should not be applied. However , some dark granites (especially blacks and greens) are very dense and if a sealer is applied, it just sits on the top and can noticeably dull the appearance. If you have a dark, dense granite countertop and need convincing, let a drop of oil sit on your sample overnight. Most people don’t know how a sealer works and with so many opinions flying around the internet, it’s hard to know what to do. Etching has nothing to do with sealing granite countertops or marble or travertine. It is a chemical reaction between the acid and the calcite that physically alters the stone, which is especially noticeable on polished surfaces.
No Drip Countertop Edge By Advance Tabco | Duration 55 Seconds Some stones are very dense and won’t absorb a thing or stain at all, especially when polished, which helps decrease absorption rates for any stone. Drip enough lemon juice to form a dime-sized puddle on the first sample. Look at the surface of the stone through the puddles and note the time. If the stone never darkens or it takes 30 minutes or more, then you have a near stain-proof winner that probably would not take a sealer even if you tried. If so, it contains calcite and should not be used in the kitchen. The reason for the lemon juice is to determine if your stone can handle contact with acidic substances. So, drip a puddle of water on your countertop, note the time and observe. Client “peace of mind” is the primary reason many/most professionals recommend applying granite sealer when in doubt or even if it really isn’t needed. If you notice a stain , wash it with a little soap and hot water and dry it. Now you know the real test for sealing granite countertops and have the knowledge to make the best choice.

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Custom edge detail with laminate face and solid surface edges. New kitchen countertops custom fitted around existing cabinets and walls. New laundry room tops with no-drip front edge and coved waterfall backsplash, fitted in odd angle corner. Custom splash height to fit around electrical outlets and new window stool.

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Our quality postformed laminate countertops are a cost effective way to add beauty to your living and work environments. Beautiful and functional… it stops those messy spills from running down your cabinets and still looks fantastic! The simplicity of this countertop will enhance the look of any room. This clean edge beautifully complements both residential and commercial applications. The laminate wraps around the front nose giving added protection. A raised rolled edge on the front nose meets the needs of today’s fast paced lifestyle.
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