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We want your business and we appreciate your business. We can fabricate single pieces to meet your needs such as islands, bar tops, small vanities or desk tops and you can install them yourself. A relatively accurate drawing should provide us enough detail to get the bid process rolling. Or we can provide traditional full fabrication and installation, which includes us templating the job prior to cutting/polishing and mounting the sink(s). Make sure we have good contact info to get back with you as soon as possible.Would like to install some structural braces/brackets to backup the adhesive as well. Plan to replace existing white porcelain sink with drop-in stainless. The epoxy needs to be removed first, and the the sink re-adhered. Interested in quartz or similar slab counter tops to replace granite tile counter tops.

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Whether chartering us to install quartz countertops over surfaces of the entire kitchen, or just one tub surround, we won’t leave until you are 100% satisfied with our work.
Quartz | 206 489 3401| Countertop Installation | Seattle Wa | 98109 | Granite Remnants | Duration 41 Seconds With nearly 40 years of experience working with quartz and other natural stone, we are confident in our ability to provide our clients with a perfect realization of their stonework dreams. You can view our beautiful showroom and check out our extensive portfolio. There was a trim piece at the top of the cabinet, plus molding at the top of the wall the cabinet was to go on, and we just didn’t have the tools or the know-how to figure out how to mesh the two in an attractive way. He discussed with us what we wanted, told us the course of action necessary, and was done within minutes — at an amazing price! It’s flush with the ceiling and actually looks like a built-in. They took down five trees, cleared the land, and installed hydro seed all in less than a week. When something spills on your countertop or if you’re cooking a big meal with extensive food prep, you’ll need to immediately clean your counter as well as clean as you cook to prevent staining. It only takes one time, one maintenance lapse, and your countertop will become an eyesore or need repair. The result may not be quite as seamless as solid-surface repair, but it can be done. This may still strictly be true, but your choices and the factors that determine your choices have become more complicated. These counters will be harder to scratch, but they still won’t perform like stone or solid-surface counters. GRANITE Installation Seattle Wa Shiny laminate is notorious for not only scratching easily, but for showing their scratches and quickly becoming an eyesore. I don’t have the right tools to make the edges crisp next to molding and other cut areas. The kitchen is rather small, and the house is not new—circa late 1940s. I have the materials on site and the original backsplash was removed. This project has been ongoing for more than a year, thanks to the flaky previous contractor. Of course the whole kitchen needs remodeling but we don’t want to do that, not knowing how much longer we will live here. We fix our own appliances and do our own home repairs all the time, but this project made us nervous. It’s perfectly level and butts up perfectly next to the molding that he cut to fit. I had a jungle of a backyard with towering weeds and they were able to make educated for my is. As they were taking trees down, a piece hit my house siding and made a slight dent. It was extremely minor, but the integrity of these guys speaks volumes about their business. The major difference is diligence in caring for your countertop. On the other hand, it’s easy to tell yourself you’ll be careful not to drop anything on your countertop that might scratch it and that you’re a generally clean person. GRANITE Installation Seattle Wa Imagine an unsteady hand created by one too many shots of espresso or a kid pulling at your clothes. So long as you’re able to obtain replacement laminate from the manufacturer, you can remove the area of damaged laminate and install new laminate. Of course, repaired laminate counters are just as vulnerable to future damage, leading many homeowners to simply replace their laminate counters with a more high-end material. New lines of laminate counters that are 40 percent stronger than original laminate counters have hit the market. You should particularly wary of a shiny laminate countertop material. Given that these are only averages, the exact cost of your counter can vary quite a bit. In fact, it’s not uncommon to have a laminate counter installation take less than half the time as other countertop options. If your countertop is part of a larger kitchen remodel that will be putting your kitchen out of commission for weeks, you will appreciate anything that can return your new working kitchen to you. I will need the old countertops to be removed but if it helps me save money i can do it myself. I had a previous contractor that bailed on me prior to the actual installation. Lookiing for economical options, either laminate or solid surface.

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We specialize in providing high-quality, but economical building products to both the general public and residential builders. You will get the most complete services and best price from us. We have beautiful showrooms and huge warehouses to showcase and store our varieties products all year long.
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