So My Gmail Inbox Started Getting These Weird Emails…

I want to give its authors a taste of their own putrid medicine.

6 Ways To Make Up After A Fight No Matter How Bad It Was by

And to make it even more complicated, people all argue differently. Knowing how to make up after a fight is a skill that will come in handy.
#19 Random Questions Survey *Whisper* | Duration 14 Minutes 51 Seconds It might not be as passionate as it appears in the movies, but it will bring you two closer together, after feeling not so close. In these cases, a person will forgive you, but you need to ask for forgiveness. If both you and the other party won’t budge on your feelings and attitude towards the situation, the only way to move forward is to do just that — move forward. Holding onto an argument will only make you hold on to anger and resentment that will weigh you down. After an argument, a great way to win back the heart of the other person is to offer some sort of peace. Money can’t buy you happiness, but sometimes it can buy you a nice peace offering. Some people run from any kind of confrontation, while others love a good screaming match. Others start crying the moment you have something negative to say. So if you think fighting is complicated, try making up after a fight. So here are the different ways to step up your conflict resolution game. Or the more serious argument, where you are upset over how your boyfriend always sees his friends before spending quality time with you. This means you both coming together to make a decision that feels right for the both of you. Not everyone is good at this, nor do they find it enjoyable. You’re not perfect and sometimes you might say or do things that will hurt people. Sometimes things are they way they are and you must agree to disagree. The most important piece of agreeing to disagree is agreeing to forgive and forget as well.

10 Facts About Greece You Didn’T Know | Duration 4 Minutes 26 Seconds Whether this is a hand written card expressing your apologies or a bouquet of flowers, the opposing party will greatly appreciate it.

Wierd Noises You Hear At 3 O’Clock In The Morning [Archive] by

It really freaks my son out–he’s 11 with an overactive imagination. Gotta get the building manager to do something about that! It was a small room so only one of us would be sleeping in there at a time. We each heard it at different times and when we got older and described it to each other, it was all the same. I don’t worry too much about break- ins or monsters, my dogs would get them before they got to me. I can’t remember what this is called, but from previous threads here it seems quite common. It sounded precisely like someone dropping a marble or a large ball-bearing from about a foot above the floor, and letting it bounce. If the fog comes in on little cat feet, it must make a hellacious noise! I get up, and they’re pulling out a strip of wooden edging from the kitchen floor. Deer dashing across our roof from the walled hillside next to the house or the pesky racoons seeking windblown wild cherries in the late summer. My 6 year old daughter talk in her sleep, sometimes she cries for 2 seconds. I have music on for my daughter and a nature sounds radio/clock machine on for myself. My home is 104 years old with a history of deaths occurring in this house. I heard it once and ran to look and there was absolutely no-one there! Never even occured to me that this was a common phenomenon! The “marble dropping” sound sounds an awful lot like the pipes contracting and expanding or water draining from them. Never bothered me much – always just chalked it up to roof panels expanding and contracting. This thing always makes weird kkksscchinngg sounds (like a swords striking each other). The last thing my mom did before going to bed was turn on the dishwasher. And again at 3:37 after you’ve cleaned up and settled back into bed. We’ve always wondered why the people that live above us don’t move whatever it is that they knock over all the time to somewhere that isn’t so heavily travelled so they’d stop knocking it over. In places, the roof of the house is almost abutting the retaining wall and connecting property. There was a small herd down there one evening, and on the video one can see my wife running full bore at them while yelling and waving her arms.

How To Make Money Doing Surveys Best Paid Survey Sources | Duration 6 Minutes 28 Seconds They would wake up simultaneously and both stare out into the hallway in unison. It doesn’t seem so worrying now there is only one cat to do it – but 2 was always freaky. I couldn’t make out any words, just that it sounded like a children’s choir and that there was a definate music-like ‘feel’ or perhaps a rythym, to the noise. I knew most of the people living around me well anough to know that nobody was playing this kind of music at 4am. I have actually gotten out of bed to see what the cats knocked over, and everything is in one piece, in it’s proper place. It’d be interesting to find out that this sound is actually caused by something else. I did not have a beer can pyramid and an investigation the next morning revealed that nothing had fallen, so maybe that was just another hallucination. They seemed to be fighting each other but holy moly, what shrieks and animal sounds. Only at the wee hours can one hear it heating up the water within its small tank. A few times my daughter has woken up screaming because she says someone was banging on her bedroom window. I could always blame the sounds on them and roll over and happily go back to sleep. Makes me want to call him home to investigate, like that would go over well with his bosses. I also have one of those walk-in closest with a sliding door on metal tracks. These are nuisance deer who almost ignore us when we chase them away from our food gardens. Only when she was 10 feet away did they hop over the vast blackberry gulch and stare at her from the street. It seemed to fade in and out from being an almost cleary choir-like sound, and being just a noise.

How To Play Mancala AKA The Marble Game by

This is a game of strategy and the more they play, they will come to understand this. If he reaches the end of his side, he is to drop one marble in his large hole, then continue around to the other side of the board. All the captured marbles, plus the capturing marble itself, get put in the capturing player’s large hole. When the game ends, the other player gets to take all his marbles from his side of the board and place them in his own large hole. I was wondering how old your daughter is and how many buttons do you start with in each hole?

How To Make Money Doing Surveys Best Paid Survey Sources 2016 | Duration 6 Minutes 28 Seconds She understood the game very well but we had problems with buttons because she wanted to keep all the cute ones (pink and purple).. Object: 2 players compete against each other to collect as many marbles in their large hole (closest to them) as they can before one of the players clears his side of all its marbles. The player then starts with the first hole to the right and starts dropping one marble in each hole. You would pick up 3 marbles, dropping one in each hole and ending in your large hole. If the player drops his last marble on his side of the board in an empty hole, he captures all the marbles in his opponent’s hole directly across from that hole. Strategy sets in by determining whether it is wiser to go out, or play longer, depending on how many marbles are in the opposing player’s large hole. Here we played with 7 small holes and 7 marbles for each holes. I have a son and a daughter (both in the tween years), a very handsome hubby and the laziest puppy ever!

Unnamed Marble Game by

Upon completing stage 2, since there isn’t a stage 3 yet, you’ll just keep replaying stage 2. The rotating camera can be a bit touchy, and if you get stuck between the different camera zones, you can end up in a loop of back-and-forth viewing action! Awesome graphics, awesome music, awesome physics and awesome puzzles! It seems like it slides on the ground, especially when changing direction. The ball isn’t floating away is because all of the ground objects have their own field of gravity. A lot of the future stages will require the player to toggle a switch which will then change the field of gravity, and it must be used to solve future puzzles. Maybe one could take the velocity vector, and the pushing vector, and lower the ammount it pushes (in the direction the ball moves to only so you can brake and turn!) as it gets closer to the maximum speed? Some people tell me they like the way it works, others say it’s too jarring when it moves.

How To Make Money Doing Surveys Best Paid Survey Sources 2016 | Duration 6 Minutes 28 Seconds When they’re off the slope, the magnitude will get clamped again, and the ball will slow down. I will add a few different camera modes for sure, that’s definitely on the agenda. I made a personal challenge to complete a game in 1 or 2 months, so far progress is steady! I decided to take that same basic idea and change it to something completely different! The game will also be set in space, because that makes sense. Each stage also adds between 15-30 gems from the previous stage, although in the later stages this number will probably be different! The first stage is a tutorial stage, which will teach the basics of the game, the controls, and all sorts of fun stuff like that! The game will be entirely free since a), it’s my first official game, and b), there’s probably going to be some (unintentional!) “infringements”. Need to not place the zones so close together, or if it’s fine, let me know! The game now has a game over screen, better tutorial messages, slightly better models and the physics have been adjusted a tad to make it feel better. Always give full camera control to the user in a game like this! If they are, disable the magnitude, and the velocity should increase as expected. The game will automatically launch in auto-camera mode, and the player will be able to toggle between different states. How the marble stays on the ground and doesn’t float away is because of the gravity of the ground objects, and the gravity will be a key part of the puzzles in the future. Other names or brands are trademarks of their respective owners.

Survey: Have You Ever Sat On Someones Glasses? by

I sat on one of my buddies girlfirend because she was sleeping on the couch underneath like 5 blankets and she was so tiny. Long survey, might pass some time for the bored people? Have you ever fallen off your chair when sat at the computer? Have you ever been scared that your cat might kill you?

Survey Results Analysis Question 6 | Duration 4 Minutes 12 Seconds Have you ever sat down at the computer to asnwer some of these questions and culdn’t stop from laughing?


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