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Good size for my limited space (tiny kitchen) and dishes come out sparkling clean.

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The main issue however was the so-called “diagnostic” itself. I called a few local repair companies after his visit, they all said that he was clearly supposed to examine the machine more thoroughly before concluding on the most costly repair need, which may in fact be irrelevant to the problem as such. After two and 1/2 months of waiting around for 4 hour time frames every appointment the technicians were unable to fix the problem.They said they would approve half of what the new machine costs. You’re covered for manufacturer’s defects, normal wear & tear and cosmetic defects and you’ll receive unlimited service and no deductibles or fees. Called the 800 line and scheduled to have it looked at again. The service person was courteous and knowledgeable, so no complaints there. They claimed to include one heating maintenance check in the plan and one cooling system plan. The technician (who was rude) came out, assessed the dishwasher, and determined ultimately it was a “bent” metal closure that secures the door closes.
Kenmore Dishwashers At Sears.Ca | Duration 2 Minutes 45 Seconds Alex- the “top supervisor” who stated no one above him would speak to customers. I have been waiting for 2 weeks to have my washer, which is under contract, to be fixed. But they are not coming back to hook the water dispenser back up, because they supposedly can’t get the part for the ice maker. We have a rental property and thought this warranty would be useful for home repairs and they have been a nightmare. So now the nightmare begins – our dishwasher is leaking and we call to get it repaired. First, the technician arrived late, with the entire afternoon spent on calling back and forth to hear contradictory time estimates. I never received his “detailed quote” for the proposed repair or a proper description of the “diagnosis”. This means paying another service call fee and losing another day waiting for them to come. It is so hard to understand these people who answer the phone especially when they don’t know what they are talking about! It was approved for a comparable machine replacement, except they didn’t want to give me the money needed to replace it. They sent me to the store to have them help me pick out a comparable machine but would not increase the money. SPT Countertops Silver   Amazon.Ca   Home and Kitchen Dishwashers Sear Canada If we can’t fix it, we’ll deliver and install a new, comparable product. Other plans give you a gift card for the depreciated value of your product. I stayed on the line for over 30 minutes as she continued to put me on hold to understand what my coverage was. The level of frustration dealing with these customer service representatives is a nightmare. The first service guy “said” he fixed it but when he left it still never turned on. I called and talked to 3 managers to get a new dishwasher and they all were broken records, telling me they won’t replace since it’s been more than 30 days! I call them back and the girl put me on hold to call the company and see why he never showed but that she couldn’t get a hold of them. The new tech was very nice, explained that the initial man did not fix the real problem – which was the need for a replaced part- and that he felt we were overcharged. Refused to overnight the part, refused to provide a repair appt until the part is received. Had a technician come out and said it was the brain of the dishwasher. Now still waiting on the part and another part that the technician thinks it is. Don’t even try calling anyone to help higher up, they just hang up on you or never calls back. When they left my water dispenser no longer work, but ice maker working again but still leaking. Sears unhook my water dispenser but are not coming back to hook it back up because they can’t get the part to repair the ice machine. The first hint was that it took forever to receive our contract.
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