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The ongoing global climate engineering assault could not be more obvious or indisputable to anyone that does any objective investigation and has the courage to face reality. Radio frequency transmissions are utilized for manipulating weather systems, cloud formations, and jet stream patterns. Though many populations around the globe are already rapidly sinking into a daily fight for survival, the majority of citizens in heavily industrialized nations still have a choice (for the moment). Earth’s life support systems are literally collapsing from countless forms of human activity. Exposing and halting the ongoing geoengineering insanity should be (must be) our top priority. Why would anyone in their right mind want to destroy so much… this goes for wars too. The sick megalomaniacs ruling countries are themselves so contaminated mentally and physically that they are purely reacting according to their diseased brain. They stopped thinking as a human being; they are just reacting to what is poisoning them. Most of these sick leaders are in their fifties or older; within or before the next fifty years they will be dead. So if it’s the air we breathe then it was put there by someone. When it does rain it seems to bring things back to life for a very short period, but almost over night the leaves or grass start going brown. Meantime they tell you to conserve your water because levels are low. People are now very upset in breathing it in and the poison rain coming down on them. These people shall be taken to task one day and tried as murderers. Hitler put it the water at concentration camps to make the people docile. You can’t talk to a person mired in fluoride any easier than you can talk to a drunk. So the word is getting out and the truth will be revealed to all at some point soon, but is it too late for us to take back control of our lives and restore sanity to world? I don’t see how anyone seeing them could not help but wonder. Paris goal of no fossil fuels by 2050 is way too far away to help, that it can be done by 2025. Countless individuals within these groups have committed themselves to what is nothing less than a total betrayal of populations around the globe (along with the entire web of life). Unfortunately the vast majority of the population currently cannot distinguish between natural clouds and aerosolized artificial “cloud” cover. These two photos (above and below) reveal extraordinary and completely unnatural variances of cloud canopy composition. The masses must be awakened to the immense and immediate challenges we collectively face. Climate engineering is the greatest assault on the biosphere ever launched by industrialized civilization. Every single individual that is awake and aware of this most critical issue is needed in this all important battle. Where do they think they are going with those secret/hidden experiments? The saddest thing is that they also manipulate the degradation of the human brain at all levels so that the poor zombies under their ruling continue to vote and die for them and their clones. These so called geoengineering scientists that think they know it all. So what do you think that they are going to do then? Critical mass would be attained more quickly with the awareness of fluoride’s effects. After using this filter for about 5 months, my thyroid was normal. I will never give up this fight until my last polluted breath is taken. Makes our task of trying to awaken these same people even more difficult, as they are unwilling to believe that science would be telling them something less than the entire truth. Is down to geoengineering, then one could expect more holes, and one alone healing while good, does not a whole ozone layer make. You can check that the wipering parts are on the single patch. I posted about one of our skies from hell, a huge “cloud” seemingly led by ripples, more horizontal, morphing larger and more and lager until half filling the sky. Aztec face and a lion’s mane of hair, he is a musician and an environmentalist and a tad full of himself, but so articulate, so poised and informed. And people can’t love what they don’t know or understand, naturally.

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At any rate their production of condensate seems to have increased in the last 8 years or so. The collapse occurred because of the inability of the world market to support the cost of the new expensive oil supply from shale, oil sands and deep water. But it is also evident, and becoming more so every day, that we are not currently in the midst of such a crisis. However, the 1930s and 40s were before peak oil began to show its ugly head. Petroleum production soared from 69 million barrels in 1901 to over a billion barrels in 1929…. Prolific production led to a chronic imbalance between supply and demand. The goal may be to build and reconfigure stuff so that our total energy and resource consumption goes down. Just eliminating corn ethanol should free up land for better uses. And could there be a gap between supply potential and demand? I don’t know if there exists “a gap between supply potential and demand” or not. But my experience has been that governments sometimes speak with forked tongue. Can you spot the demand destruction in those data during the recent year and two? So my point is that anyone making a claim that demand now is in a general rise should back it up with data. Sure, you can point to some specific part of the world which might have experienced some demand destruction. You can speculate and let your imagination run wild about what’s going on in various places around the world, or what has happened, but it’s not showing up in the empirical data. I wish economists would realize their explanations of how the world works or should work don’t fit with today’s economic realities. Angola has declined by about 300, 000 bpd since peaking in 2010. Qatar’s main production is natural gas so they do produce a lot of condensate. That’s about half the rate you might expect in a rebound from the deepest recession since the 1930s. The present oil price collapse is because of over-production of expensive tight oil. Demand was progressively destroyed during the longest period of sustained high oil prices in history from 2010 through 2014. The question is, with resource scarcity, is the economy capable of another round of rapid growth such as that which occurred in the 1930s and 1940s? Overproduction soon glutted an already saturated crude oil market. By the summer of 1931…statewide production reached a million barrels a day and crude oil prices plummeted to 10 cents a barrel. I think we might be able to generate some economic movement by finding ways to conserve resources rather than to use them up. For example, maybe we can find ways to make housing more energy efficient. Reducing the amount of beef we eat should allow us to refine our diets for better use of resources. How do you differentiate between demand and consumption? It looks to me like most of these agencies use demand and consumption interchangeably. And in that historical data, can you show me any demand destruction over the past year or two? So far you have failed to provide documentation that however does not prove your claim wrong. Not good for an econom ic growth mindset, but perhaps appropriate for a peak oil future.

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That said, you don’t absolutely need any of these items to cook from our blog. These days, however, any strainer or even a slotted spoon for frying or draining liquid from wontons or dumplings will do just fine. Some have tons of different settings (for cooking different kinds of rice, porridges, and the like), while others just have an on and off button. Our collective experiences says, save your money and pass on the multi-purpose units and go with a single purpose rice cooker. A metal steaming rack can go in the bottom of a deep pot or in your wok to hold up a heatproof dish full of delicious steamables. When my dad was young, my grandfather used to use an empty tuna can with the top taken off one side and hole punched on the other. One set consists of two racks and one lid, but you can get as many as you need. Just place your steamer in the wok, fill the wok with water until it comes up to about half an inch on your steamer. Amazon and you can see that they vary in price so happy shopping! It’s a really great tool to have in the house, and it probably is a lot healthier than the microwave oven. We think it is better than the plier-like tongs that require a strong hand and grip strength to use. We’re not sure of the science but all of the shop owners we encountered say this step is required before use and it is easy enough to do it.! It’s all about how you manipulate it to get different results. After a quick wash, it can slice onions or a block of tofu ever-so-delicately too. But if you can’t find one, this model is both economical and useful for more heavy duty chopping, and the low price makes it almost a no-brainer. In a pinch, my dad has used this cleaver to cut kindling…so that should give you an idea of the durability. This tool is definitely a luxury, but it is worth the money if you are a fanatic like my dad. You can maneuver a pair of sharp shears much more effectively and safely than a chef’s knife. The one below that we use is great and has a groove around the board to catch excess liquid before it can drip off the board and onto the counter – very handy! It’ll make all your other graters and zesters blush with embarrassment at their inadequacy. They are inexpensive and essential in the kitchen for quick and easy tasks. They are easy to use and worth the effort although you must be careful when using these sharp tools! Every commercial kitchen uses sheet pans but at home a half sheet pan is the perfect size with many uses. Buy yourself some heavy duty foil to line the pan, roast away, discard the foil and you’re done! We have three of these pans and on a good cooking day, they are all out and being used! Use as a cooling rack for all of your baked goods or together with your half sheet pan and you have the perfect roasting setup to make your roasted meats. It is totally worth the cabinet space needed to store it or you can buy one of the twenty-four colors that it comes in and leave it out on your counter for all to marvel at! We like the bamboo and wood versions over the slippery metal and plastic composite versions. But if you’re interested in broadening your base of kitchen equipment, here are some of the basic tools that we use and recommend. It also comes in handy for straining stocks and broth and also for keeping your frying oil clean and free of batter particles that tend to burn if left in the oil. It’s one of those tools that has very specific uses but when the time comes to use it, you will be happy that you have one in your arsenal! Rice cookers these days come in a variety of styles and price points. Whatever your preference is, one of these babies will make sure you have perfect rice waiting for you every time. Each dish (set in its own rack) can be cooked in its own time, and several layers can be added. We use the steamer most often to steam dumplings and buns. Then line each level of the steamer with a layer of thin napa cabbage leaves or cheese cloth, place the dumplings two inches apart on each tier, and steam to perfection! We also use it steam vegetables, melt butter, and reconstitute old, dried out brown sugar. Because it’s metal, it’s much easier to clean and maintain than the bamboo steamer, making it perfect for everyday use. Take it from a family who have gone through multiple blenders that were either not up to the job or just burned out. It’s not cheap but worth saving for and is a pleasure to use. Shown here is an oval pot which we think is more versatile – like braising a whole duck or poaching a whole fish. Knife selection can be a very personal choice, and it is always best to buy these things in a store. That said, you absolutely don’t need this knife to cook the dishes on this blog. If you are interested in acquiring one of these, definitely shop around. It has a wider shape instead of the more common round version. In my opinion, it’s much easier to use than the round version and is a godsend when you just need a little more edge while you’re working on the cutting board. Depending on how much cooking you do, our recommendation is to buy a professional one and it will be a pleasure each time you use it and will last you for years! We harvest many vegetables and crops with this durable shear every season! Honestly, the only reason for not taking this out for use is the consequence of cleaning it up so sometimes we just use the traditional box grater or even the microplane! Even professional chefs use them in high stress environments when risks of cutting yourself are high! You will be glad you have one after you have used it a few times! It is used by professionals and easy to carry in you pocket, very economical and we have used this one in our kitchen for years. Just place a folded kitchen towel on one side and any excess oil flows to one side and your food is free of excess oil! The 10 x 15 size fits nicely into a half sheet pan with just enough space around the edges to make your roasting setup easy to handle. There are lots of models out there and you may be tempted to go with a cheaper model but we are really happy that we went with the professional series stand mixer that has the arm to lower and raise the bowl. Get one and you’ll wonder how you were cooking without it! It’s inexpensive and cleans your veggies and fruits removing any residual pesticides better than just rinsing over water. Purchase one for your loved ones and they will appreciate it. They are a bit more of hassle to clean than the smooth metal and plastic, but they just feel so much more comfortable in the hand and even the most skilled practitioner could get frustrated with them.

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The effects of frequencies on water is very challenging to our perceptions of reality as the next 2 minute video illustrates. Transmitters like the one shown below are scattered all over the country and throughout many regions of the world. Massive flows of atmospheric moisture are being manipulated by the weather-makers. Geoengineering programs are not only decimating the planet’s life support systems, these operations are contaminating the entire surface of the planet and every breath we take (due to the highly toxic heavy metal and chemical fallout). We must all collectively prioritize our efforts toward the fight to expose and halt climate engineering / weather warfare, this is the great imperative of our time. Humans have a natural “inclination” for doing harm to each others, but that is not enough too. Smart meters emit a heavy dose of electromagnetic radiation and almost nothing can be done about it. Geometricalizing storms are only one suspected method of precise, convenient and efficient weather manipulation. I burned the weeds in a different area and dug out the biggest ones by hand. My whole point is that weed spraying is not necessary and it is even harmful to the ground and vegetation. The origin of the concept comes from the original writ of trespass de bonis asportatis. Out in the “non-progressive” hinterlands, we still have some semblance of liberty, in the sense that we get left alone by our governments. Our most progressive states are bankrupt, both financially and morally. In regard to our government and the completely orchestrated “left-right” political system. Water contamination by these insecticides is virtually out of control. Chlorpyrifos is reported to cause severe neurotoxic symptoms in humans if touched, inhaled, or eaten. I must admit, it was an empowering(courage building) experience. Have ya ever shook a bottle of champagne hard enough and long enough it blew it’s cork by itself? The cork is what will hurt initially, the champagne foaming out of the bottle will be the toxic residue that we will have to contend with in the aftermath of the next “bubbly” to pop. What happens to the web of life when the human race chooses to relentlessly bombard it with massively powerful and varied radio frequency / microwave transmissions? Various regions are active at various times depending on the agenda of the weather-makers. The geoengineers can and are manipulating cloud formations and weather systems to a degree that is truly unimaginable and alarming. Radio frequency / microwave transmissions are a major factor in this manipulation. Extreme flows of moisture are taking a very anomalous northward streaming trajectory. Weather warfare is not theory, speculation, or conjecture, it has been a well documented historical fact for over a half century. We are all in a very real and very immediate fight for our lives and the life or our planet. The burden of this battle must be borne by us all, make your voice heard. Watching your videos about frequencies energy etc made me remember seeing this article. Maybe some will wake up and become warriors in this fight for our freedom? How a few dozens of old “guys” can plan and accomplish genocidal acts upon entire nations? , they must have some kind of control over many thousands of helpers, in a way which enables them to fulfill their evil agendas. This is for you, and is not about the occult knowledge; is only to demonstrate that in some areas we are still very uninformed. He is a world renowned expert on internalized radiation and acts as a scientific resource on litigation against nuclear power facilities. The dynamics of the atmosphere are vastly complex that a precise calculated disruption can be done with the agenda of manipulating the weather. We are talking about a 2, 000 acre farm dedicated to keeping the poison of pesticides out of a portion of our food supply. And now this island of sanity is about to be doused with that substance with a brand name that begins with r and a chemical name that begins with g. In fact the r-brand almost acted as a fertilizer for the weeds. I will let the grass go to seed again this year and see what it looks like next spring. As opposed to the greater wrong of conversion, trespass to chattels is argued to be actionable per se. I hope folks are learning that giving a government power, any power, is typically disastrous. Is there a real bottom line difference between the two parties? Neonicotinoi ds are applied via sprays, soil drenches, tree injections and other methods. The nation’s beekeepers continue to suffer unacceptable annual bee mortality of 40 percent and higher. And as with many hazardous chemicals, fetuses and kids are especially susceptible. If only the aluminum contamination from climate engineering fallout would also be addressed by those who are fighting for the bees. Today was my first dry run at orchestrating an awareness to the public in general. Are they the appearance of nexrad activity emanating from the numerous stations scattered everywhere?

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Roundup is neither biodegradable nor environmentally friendly. Annual weeds are killed instantly, because they can not survive without their foliage. Deprived of food-making foliage, the weed’s root or rhizome eventually withers and dies. To avoid damaging your grass, you can paint the vinegar directly onto weeds with a brush. The only thing that works for any period of time is the dreaded roundup. Others, however, claim that both salt and surfactant (a small amount of dishwashing liquid)increases vinegar’s efficacy when dealing with tough weeds. With really overgrown weeds, you might need to make repeated applications with vinegar. I had been trying to weed but with a bad back it became too much. A piece of cardboard, held against a shrub or perennial, makes an effective shield against drifting vinegar. Thank you for the the kind words, and also for teaching me yet another use for vinegar! Otherwise, if foliage is wet, the vinegar will be too dilute. We have used vinegar to kill weeds in driveway cracks, but never in flowerbeds. Then reset the iris, remembering to keep the rhizome tops exposed. Not only does it clean well, but it removes pet odors, too! We put out a call to friends, neighbors, and strangers to come dig up whatever they wanted. This has gone on for several years and we still have plants and weeds coming through the plastic and mulch. I add the salt and dishwashing detergent to make sure? Round-up and black plastic didn’t kill them off, vinegar certainly won’t. The next time you want to murder your weeds, why douse them with something that will remain in the soil for who knows how long? Perennial-type weeds need repeated spraying until their roots give up. Kevin, once again, you have enlightened my life and made me a happier girl! Right – no need to add dishwashing liquid if you are spraying weeds on a walk-way. Otherwise, certain established weeds can be eradicated only by pulling them up, or by repeatedly removing their foliage. Vinegar is not selective; it will indeed kill lawn grass if it comes in contact with the blades. Otherwise, pour the vinegar into a spray bottle, and aim the nozzle directly at the weeds you wish to kill. One question, does the vinegar change the acidity of the soil? Unlike plain vinegar, salt lingers in the soil and can leach into areas where desirable plants live. But eventually the roots or rhizomes of the weeds will wither and die. It’s past time we start treating our future generations’ health with enough respect to at least try more of these natural alternatives. Yes, anything involving salt is probably better used in walkways, etc., than in ornamental beds. They didn’t do that to get rid of the weeds and make the next year’s harvest easier. This won’t be too odious a job with your cherished plants out of the way. Mulch can be applied to the bed now too, not over the rhizomes, of course, but around them. You can, however, douse the foliage with vinegar every time it emerges through the soil.

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I waited a few days with plenty of air circulation, but think somehow the humidity mixed with the epoxy, so my patience ran out. Then cleaned and re sanded to 80 grit, and put another coat on. I didn’t mix enough in my first batch and had to mix a second batch. I am no chemist, other than humidity, have no idea how the batch went bad. Just make sure you get all the uncured epoxy out from the wood grain,. I was encapsulating the wood, and this was the second coat of epoxy. This go all the resin from the surface and left it feeling dry to the touch.

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See, when we bought this house, we gutted and redid this guest bathroom: but couldn’t justify the cost of replacing the tub, even though it was kinda gross. My neighbor just had her tub resealed (?) where a company came in and sprayed some kind of enamel over it. Another one of my go to’s is bar keepers friend, it does wonders in removing stains. Since it didn’t work on your tub, maybe there is a use for that lemon after all (beside a lemontini)! I never thought about using magic erasers for the tub? I have a tub that could definitely benefit from your science experiment! Can the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda go directly on the drain without disrupting the dark finish? I just ask, why are people so gross! I will definitely be using this to remove the yuckiness from… everywhere! I suggest that you dilute 1/4 cup of bleach in a bucket of water and use a sponge and gloves and with the ventilation fan on and scrub. I love how you divided the tub out and did it all so carefully. I pinned something that says to rub lemons on the fixtures to remove water spots. I would have thought with your experience and wisdom you would have known this and not wasted your time trying to clean with a lemon! Sprinkle baking soda and then spray with a solution of water, a couple talespoons of dawn dishsoap (blue), 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup borax. Take 1 cup of white distilled vinegar and heat it up in the microwave for about 45 sec- 1 minute, just to warm it up. Thanks for the report and the image of you scrubbing your tub with a lemon! There’s a hole in the closet wall, don’t even wanna know what’s in there, just wanna close it. Oh, oh, and to top it all off, they painted the doors in puce! Then you let it sit and later rinse it and you have to use a wash cloth to get the blue off but it works great. I thi nk it’s awesome when bloggers show real results and try different things so that others don’t have to!

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But a new type of solar technology, miniaturized so that each cell is the size of a piece of glitter, could be used anywhere. But the new form means that they’re not only small but flexible, and can be folded up for transportation, incorporated into clothing, or easily used in electronics. You need to dry your home to reduce these hazards and the damage they cause. Manufacturers recognise the danger and add ethyl mercaptan to propane so homeowners and professionals can pinpoint a leak quickly. And on rare occasions, propane may lose its distinctive scent as air, water or rust mix with the gas in the tank. Even if the smell is faint, you shouldn’t wait to call in a professional to diagnose the leak. Stoves and ovens, water heaters and fireplaces may all use gas to function. The pilot light should always have a vibrant blue color, as this hue indicates the correct gas-to-air ratio. While some appliances allow you to adjust the air levels to correct the ratio, you should hire a professional if you can’t correct the problem on your own. Whether your pilot light looks discolored or you notice a persistent smell near an outdoor propane tank, you shouldn’t wait to contact emergency professionals for help. Do not turn any electrical devices on or off, as the spark may ignite the gas. But the breadth of options might create dismay — and delay — if you keep finding a better backsplash. Next thing you know, you’re a day behind because you couldn’t find the installation guide for the dishwasher. And be sure to plan time to move it all so a) you don’t end up dumping everything in the nearest clear spot, or b) delaying the start of demolition, which means you’ll be starting out with a #fail. But if an inspector raises an eyebrow on a drive around the ‘hood, skipping this essential step could cost you months of inspections and repairs. If you do start falling behind schedule because of unexpected surprises (darn carpenter bees — on top of hurricane weather, really? !), you might be tempted to try and make up the time. That’s when you end up with sloppy work that may not stand the test of time: cabinets that aren’t level, a floor that wasn’t allowed to dry completely between coats and loses its luster too soon, a sloppy paint job. The tiny cells are made from high-efficiency silicon, like standard solar panels. Ethyl mercaptan has a strongly disagreeable smell, much like rotten eggs, sulphur or cooked cabbage depending on its preparation. Allergies, colds, cooking odours and alcohol may interfere with the odour. If you notice a persistent rotten egg odor, you need to react as if your home had a serious gas leak. When you turn on these appliances, don’t forget to check the color of the flame. However, if the flame takes on a yellow or orange hue, your appliance may be leaking more gas than it can combust. If the device is faulty, poorly maintained or out of alignment, avoid using the appliance until it has undergone repairs. As you inhale the gas, the carbon monoxide builds up in your system, essentially replacing the oxygen in your blood. Gas leaks present a lot of health risks to you, your family members and anyone else in your neighborhood. While you wait, remember to exercise extra caution in the area. Before scheduling workers to install your new cabinets and appliances, make sure the materials will be there for them. As part of your project plan, include a strategy for all the stuff that needs a new home while construction is happening.

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Your dishwasher and kitchen sink are usually tied together and will affect each other. Likewise, if you leave too much food on your dishes, it can clog the food trap in the dishwasher. Be careful to not use an abrasive cleaning product or cleansi ng sponge that can damage your faucet or sink’s finish. Hopefully it is dry, but if not, is something loose? Caulking and grout around the tub and toilets and see if it needs to be repaired to prevent water damage. In my opinion, there is nothing more devilish than chemical chemicals when it comes to drain cleaning. May be fatal or cause permanent damage if swallowed. Then immediately call poison center, physician or emergency room . Here’s some tips on what to do to limit water damage: 1. Remove as much standing water as possible from hard surfaces such as furniture legs and hardwood floors. Winner will be chosen at random from questions and stories received. The technicians arrived right on time, as you did, and both explained what they were going to do and worked quickly to complete the task. The time spent with your company was indeed a pleasant surprise. Many state and local governments ban the disposal of hazardous materials into standard household trash. American households produce over 4 million pounds of household hazardous waste every day. One of my technicians suffered chemical burns as a direct result of cleaning a drain after a liquid product failed to clear a line. Those are air quotes, because it didn’t end up cleaning anything. You can run a load of hot water and vinegar in your washing machine to help clear lines. If this is not the cause, the clog may be further down the line and you should call a professional. If this isn’t the problem, the clog could be further down the line. Why would anyone send a salesman to look at a plumbing job? For example, if you put too much food into the disposal, it could back up into the dishwasher. Clear the dishwasher of any food and run it empty, using baking soda or vinegar as the detergent. To prevent back-ups and clogs, scrape your plates into the trash or compost, rather than using the disposal or dishwasher to deal with the excess. To restore the sparkle of your faucet, a mix of half vinegar and half water can remove water spots and fingerprints. Water damage can be slow and sneaking and catastrophic- do a check of your plumbing around the house to find moisture. Under and on top of the water heater- any moisture there? The hose spigot outside- are there any visible cracks or dripping? I was bouncing around in the rush hour traffic when all of a sudden, one line of the song rang out among the others. Remove contact lenses, then flush eyes with water for at least 20 minutes. Stop using your water system as soon as possible in the case of a plumbing related issue. Be careful of electrical hazards, sagging ceiling panels and other damaged items that could become hazardous. The sooner you can begin the drying process, the less damage you will experience to carpet padding, drywall, furniture and more. Water alarms are small devices that can be placed anywhere you don’t want water damage. I know this is a bit of a late notice, but tenants are responsible, like homeowners, for thinking about maintenance of their property at all times. Enough “mothering” of everyone… enjoy the gorgeous fall colors if you get them where you live! The good news is that there is a green, sustainable solution to these hard water issues. Do you have a terrible tenant (or terrible landlord) story? I so appreciated your calmly explaining what needed to be done, and just as important what didn’t need to be done, and then offering a number of alternatives for the repairs. They were not only courteous and conversational but seemed to take pride in doing their j ob well. Do not dump household liquids down storm drains or sewers or throw hazardous material into trash bins for collection. The homeowner also failed to tell us that they had treated the line with the “drain cleaning” product. Use a screen (and an additional screen if needed) to stop items from going down the drain. Straight, undiluted vinegar can help keep the lines from building up too much soap scum. This is not a drain cleaning solution, but rather preventative care. Traps under showers can cost a lot to replace and you don’t want to damage them by using corrosive materials or the wrong equipment. Sink: pull up the stopper and check for a clump of hair or other debris, remove it and discard it in the trash. You may call a professional, or remove the p-trap under the sink and use a flashlight to see if you can locate a clog in the pipe. He could have just as easily quoted her a price over the phone for a new water heater.

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Learning how to tell marble apart from other stone finishes will give potential buyers a head start on selecting the right tile. As someone familiar with limestone would expect, travertine is almost always white or off-white to beige or buff in color, and many people like the neutral tones. Granite is igneous rock, meaning it is formed from molten rock that has cooled and hardened. By contrast, marble is veined with fine lines running through it. Granite is typically white to black or pink, although there are other natural colors, such as blue, which are rarer and more expensive. There is certainly white marble but also blue, green, black, and other hues. Weighing the pluses and minuses honestly leads to a satisfactory buying experience. A good dust mopping every day will take care of dust and dirt, but to many people, daily sweeping or mopping is too much of a chore. Because marble stains easily, be sure to attend to spills and drips immediately. Many feel that veined marble looks more graceful and elegant than the crystalline look of granite (or of some granular marble). The main concerns are that marble is cold, sensitive to chemicals, prone to scratches, and expensive. Homeowners need to consider the region in which they live, their climate control system, and their personal comfort level before choosing marble tile for flooring. Area rugs may be used, but then again, covering marble with rugs defeats the purpose of using this attractive material. Spills from these items can ruin the finish and roughen the texture of marble tile. There is some debate as to whether sealers prevent scratches or attract the grit that causes scratches, so a decision on this count must be made as well. The main thing to keep in mind is that any material has its downsides, and marble tile is still a highly desirable surface. Travertine is a stone that looks very much like marble but has some distinct differences, one of the main ones being the lack of color variety. On the other hand, it is cold, expensive, and susceptible to damage from chemicals and scratching. It speaks of class and classic good looks yet is also practical. Installing marble tile in a home is smart on many counts but may not be for everyone. Marble has a crisp, polished elegance that brings to mind stately buildings. Understanding the properties of marble provides a heads-up on the care and maintenance required for marble surfaces. Last, tips on where and how to buy marble will have homeowners on their way to the tile of their dreams. Most granite can be distinguished from marble appearance-wise in that granite, as its name would imply, has a grainy or speckled look to it. Granite is far harder, more resistant to scratches, acid damage, and burns than marble. These colors arise from mineral impurities in the forming rock. While the benefits are many, there are concerns with any type of purchase. Even gravestones, which are subjected to harsh weather conditions, last hundreds of years. Damp mopping can be done as needed or on a regular weekly basis with water or a special stone cleaner. It may mean always having to wear slippers, which some people are not accustomed to doing. Marble tile is not an ideal finish for a kitchen floor for this reason. Special, mild cleaning solutions must be used for marble care. Most experts recommend not wearing outside footwear on marble tile for this reason. Keep in mind also that while day-to-day cleaning is fairly easy, marble also requires regular professional cleaning and polishing and eventually, resurfacing and resealing. People who like the look of marble but not some of the negatives may wish to look into modern vinyl flooring that mimics the look of marble, or concrete floors that can be stained to resemble marble. While granite is harder than marble, it is also not as beautiful to many people. Still, nothing matches the look of marble, so if a homeowner is ready and willing to stick to a frequent cleaning schedule and has the budget for it, marble tile can really improve the look of a home and add to its overall value. The style of the cut, how big the cut from the granite piece is, and the work of the laborer are all things to keep in mind when looking at granite counter top prices.

Rowley’S Whiskey Forge: What Is That White Film On My Silicone Ice Trays? by matthew-rowley.blogspot.com

After some time in the freezer, the trays may develop a persistent white surface film. It doesn’t seem to be caused by mineral-heavy hard water (otherwise, we’d likely see it only on the side of the trays, but see below for a contrary finding). Both of those films wash off easily with a soap and hot water. Suggestions for restoring the trays ranged from using toilet bowl cleaner (um, pass ) and boiling the trays in water to scrubbing them with vodka or vinegar and running them in the dishwasher. We test both the original raw material, the catalyst, as well as samples of trays that have been used and been returned to us by customers. Simply soak the trays in this for about 20 minutes, rinse them and you should be ready to go. You ‘ve seen those old dishwasher detergent commercials where they take the glass out of the washer and it has a white residue on it… viola. A suggestion that calcium sulfate is at play on at least one tray tested and may be cleaned with vinegar. Ive never soaped the trays and have done multi pull fills in same tray with distilled after cleaning tray in distilled water. An interesting experiment would be to fill cup over and over with this ice letting it evaporate each time till a very large amount of this waxy residue appears and have it tested. Also baffling is a post that stated it only happens to the blue-hued ice cube trays, but not the red. I am testing a cube right now and see the residue floating in my quadruple filtered water (both the cubes and the water sample). I read to let the trays sit in a water backing soda mixture for up to 3 days and change the water every day. I have the green trays, and the ice cubes smell and taste awful. Then will try the baking soda and water if that doesn’t work. Ice cube trays should not have to be a high mainenance item! I agree completely: ice trays and molds ought not be high-maintenance objects. Stopped storing cubes in the tray and put them in airtight freezer bags right after freezing . I can wipe each tray out with a towel and get the white film off. We’re only frustrated by this because we love the trays and resulting cubes so much. The residue shows up on the trays and in our glasses and in the drink. I have the two inch trays, in blue, as well and do not have the same issue with them. Talk to enough people who use those trays, though, and a common complaint arises. One thing that makes me think this is that of all my kitchen utensils, the silicone spatulas — and only the silicone spatulas — develop a different, almost greasy feeling, surface coating. I have tried all those suggestions (well, not the toilet bowl cleaner) and am here to tell you that none of them works. A twenty-minute boil did nothing to remove or reduce this persistent film. We actually did a chemical breakdown test on this white residue from a tray that we rec’d back from a customer and the result of that test is below. Most soap based cleaners can also leave trace amounts of milky residue on the ice trays. Any chemists out there have recommendations on what else this stuff may be and how to eradicate it? At that point they’re worn out enough that we just throw ’em out and buy new ones. It only bothers me to remove the ice and not so much to carry them around. I do have hard water, and also was never able to get that white film to totally disappear. I soaked mine overnight in weak acetic acid (white vinegar), weak phosphoric acid (coke) and weak citric acid (mountain dew). I can scrape this gunk off, but am not intending to got to the expense of having it tested. I have only tried to wash this in the dashwasher a few times to no avail. I have been using the blue ice trays for six months now and cant figure out how to get rid of the white residue. I have noticed it leaves an oily residue on the tops of drinks occasionally. I have read that the baking soda in water soak works the best. I read that you really have to put a high concentration of bs in the water, to the point where some of it settles to the bottom undissoved. All the solvents and cleaning solutions are more appropriate for heirloom linens than a simple kitchen tool. This seems to have helped with the rubbery taste from the cubes. I froze some water in them and dumped out the ice hoping it would pull the film out too. I have never used these trays and will never buy another set! It’s good to know it’s nontoxic (at least in someone’s opinion). The interesting thing is that the film and residue take on a similar shape as that of ice crystals. They may not be perfect cubes, but they’ll do they job without getting filmy. I have made my ice cubes the same way, with the same filtration system, using various ice cube trays, & yet these are the only ones that have this residue. This happened to me on a silicone squirt bottle that was left in a drawer for a year. The looked like crystals but on touch completely disintegration into powdery residue. There’s also a 2, 000-volume culinary library, but whiskey bottles capture the light better.

Reusable Bags May Be Hazardous To Your Health by sparkpeople.com

If you keep your reusable bags in the car – that is great, then you will never forget them at home when you go shopping. The cloth ones go into the laundry and are washed with hot water and all of the other kitchen towels and washcloths. I think it’s important that people understand that you do need to clean them like they are the part of your kitchen that they are. I knit myself several grocery bags out of a washable cotton yarn. I don’t have things like meat bagged in them as that’s just gross. But seriously, what touched the library book that didn’t touch the cereal box already. They are of foreign nationality, but this practice makes healthy sense to me! If they don’t like the washing machine – hand wash them in the sink, blot water with a towel, & let them dry. I don’t think it is necessary to freak out & go over board but just use common sense when it comes to your bags. We do use plastic bags from the grocery store for meat and some produce (anything with high contamination risk), but then those plastic bags are used to line garbage cans and pick up dog waste. If the bags are becoming contaminated, the bacteria has to be coming from somewhere. Simple, easy, good for the planet—good all around, right? While all bags are made of different materials, many are machine washable or could be disinfected with a sanitizing wipe, for example. If you haven’t yet purchased reusable bags or plan to get more in the future, consider purchasing those that are easily washable. Wash your hand and food or cook your food before eating and stop obsessing about germs in your bags. Most of mine are from trader joes, so the cavas ones are used for boxed or canned groceries, the cooler like ones have ice in them for the perishables and the plastic sided ones are for the veggies. When you bring them home, turn inside out, and let them air dry overnight. Spritz or wipe with vinegar if needed while they are turned inside out. I had never really considered the germs that could be building up in there. What damage are we causing to the environment by the billions of bags we toss around every year? They were easy to carry and easy to wash and dry afterwards. My sister pointed an article to me that showed why that was bad. It makes sense to wash cloth bags just as we need to wash clothing. Our neighbors remove their shoes without fail before entering their home. We are so “health minded” — we should all be keenly aware of the importance of thorough hand washing, often! I had not seen nor heard about the possibility of contamination in reusable bags. I keep 2 different colored ones separate to use for shopping other than food.

Dilutions Cheat Sheet For Dr. Bronner’S Pure Castile Soap by drbronner.com

If your stuff is really dirty or your water is really hard, then you may want to use more than the recommended amount. It will not protect from bacterias or preserve your product once you add water to it. People tend to dilute anywhere from 1:1 all the way to 4:1 for body wash purposes. If you have soft water in your home, then you may not need the vinegar rinse. Usually the smell of the soaps does not remain in the clothes after washing. You are correct that we don’t recommend mixing the soap with vinegar or lemon juice, although there is an exception if the recipe also contains baking soda, as the vinegar will react with the baking soda instead (although you have to get the proportions right). One being that my body can’t process toxins & heavy metals like other body’s do through the process of methylation. I am thinking of replacing my in counter kitchen sink soap dispenser with a foaming dispenser. This can be easily counteracted by putting a little bit of vinegar in t he rinse tub (assuming you use filled tubs of water when you wash). For other applications, the soap is diluted by the water present in the situation. Bronner’s users will remember this expression from the old labels. I don’t know if you could add it to your concentrate or if your customer would need to add it during dilution. We don’t recommend selling the diluted soap (although if you figure out a natural preservative that could certainly help). I don’t have a better answer, but we were bug bite free all year! This is because the minerals in hard water can interact with the soap and especially in applications like laundry, mopping, or dishwashing, this can make getting a “clean rinse” more difficult. Even at the lower dilution it still has plenty of cleansing power. Bronners for two decades for sensitive skin and a need to escape chemicals. However, even without the vinegar rinse, your clothes will likely not smell very minty. The soap simply suds too much in an automatic dishwasher, and it will overflow the dishwasher. Is the product a good dishwashing alternative and if so, what is the recommended dilution ratio? If you have hard water, then there tends to be an oily film left on the dishes after you’ve washed them.

Can You Mix Dawn Dish Soap With Bleach ?? by themakeyourownzone.com

Mixing ammonia and bleach together results in toxic fumes that are very dangerous and cause extreme irritation to the eyes and lungs and can even result in death. You should quickly open any windows to get fresh air in and then remove yourself from the area. She squirted some dish soap on the dishes in the sink with some hot water and then glugged in a little bleach and left things to sit and soak, but then started feeling sick and dizzy. I can discern with my layman’s understanding is that this ammonia derivative is in fact the likely reason for dish soaps to give a warning about not adding bleach. Dawn dish soap and bleach to wash dishes in a small sink full of water (maybe about one gallon of water). I set my washer on a 10 minute wash cycle and every couple minutes opened my top loading washing machine to stick my head in there closer to the water and check out the smell. Dawn being sold off the grocery store shelf with their tiny little warnings on the back to not add bleach. In some parts of the second world war, certain countries used a specific added fragrance to warn their own troops of which gas they were dropping, or in case of a leak. It’s a precautionary measure taken to minimize casualties in such a situation. Leave this stuff to the real scientists, who are paid to keep you safe. This got me thinking about people who use cloth diapers, and how it might be tempting to put those in the wash with some bleach. Little ones and pets, birds especially are affected by far fewer fumes than an adult would require to have issues. Cheap ‘value’ detergent seems less likely to have any of these. I would sometimes describe the liquid versions made with grated soap as “snotty”. There is at least 20 gallons of water in the average washer. Also, keep in mind: just because it’s diluted doesn’t make it safer. Disperse it in the nations water supply and 60 y/os need hip replacements but blame it on old age. For ease of use just add this mixture into a clean spray bottle. For example, an alcoholic may drink him/herself silly until they pass out for 20-30 years but eventually they will kill himself with irreversible liver damage or some other debilitating disease. Amine oxides are not chemically the same as ammonia although they are derived from ammonia. A disinfecting chemical solution will be stronger than a sanitizing solution. But the bigger issue is that if you are using the bleach to ‘disinfect’ or kill bacteria, you are essentially countering or limiting (and in some cases eliminating) the bleach’s primary goal. I went to see if some online googling could make me a little smarter on the subject. The short answer is that amines are derivatives of ammonia where one or more hydrogen atoms have been replaced with a substitute. Dawn laundry soap together in a washing machine load with bleach? Dawn laundry soap is a very worthwhile and money saving alternative. Most poisonous gases including mustard gas actually have no smell on their own. This is the same exact thing they do to natural gas, to warn people that there is a leak, and to vacate the area. What you have done has had no real testing done, and your are very lucky to not have had any long term effects. Soaps have ingredients(chemicals) not shown and bad reactions can and do happen. The criterion seems to be whether or not the detergent contains additives that react with bleach. You are obviously not looking for a safe, non-toxic product. What it really depends on is the final concentration when it is being used. The first one is soapy water with bleach, the second is rinse water with bleach. The thick bleach (the basic kind you squirt around your toilet) is simply just thin bleach pre-mixed with a basic detergent solution (sans all the extra chemicals that can have an adverse toxic chemical reaction – as such with common dish soap). I however use thin just to be on the safe/less hassle side of things. The risk is there, whether you care to acknowledge it is another matter but it will eventually make you very ill or cause you death. Ethanol, when mixed with household bleach containing sodium hypochlorite, will create: – chloroform – hydrochloric acid as well as chloroacetone or dichloroacetone. Yes, there is the possible fume issue, which is certainly important.

Cleaning Products That Are Environmentally Friendly by entitymag.com

Well, if you use conventional cleaning products, perhaps not. You can add more soap if you want a creamier soft scrub. Borax should not be ingested, so store out of reach of children, and can cause skin irritation in some people. While cleaning with conventional cleaners, open windows and doors to allow air to circulate. They can absorb oils and hold many times their weight in water. Made of synthetic fibers derived from petroleum, they are not a renewable resource, but then neither are conventional cleaners. If you prefer paper towels for certain tasks, make sure they’re made from post-consumer recycled fibers and free of chlorine bleach. Cleaning products that don’t have any of these labels are generally the safest. They are “surfactants,” which form a bridge between chemicals that don’t readily mix, allowing products to remove dirt from surfaces. Antibacterial products are not any more effective than plain soap and hot water, except in situations involving immune compromised individuals. Once in a wastewater treatment system, reacts with other chemicals, potentially forming even more-harmful substances. Skip that” mountain fresh” scent created by synthetic fragrances. One of the more common one is 2-butoxyethanol (aka butyl glycol or butyl cellosolve), which can damage the nervous system, kidneys, and liver and be absorbed by the skin from the air. The nutrients they add to our water systems can result in increased growth of algae and plants, as well as an increase in the bacteria that feed on the algae and plants when they die. If you want to buy environmentally friendly cleaning products, make sure they’re really greener than conventional cleaners. Despite all the hype, we don’t need antibacterials in everything from toothpaste to clothing, and really don’t need them in our cleaning products, because soap is safer and just as effective for most people.
Try replacing some of your specialty cleaners with all-purpose cleaners. Try this: to clean your microwave, put some slices of lemon in 1 microwaveable cup of water. Cleaning products with phosphates, for example, can cause “dead zones” in lakes and streams. Though some take a little more elbow grease than conventional cleaners, they are a lot safer. Mix 1 cup baking soda with 1/4 cup liquid castile (vegetable-based) soap in a glass jar. You can add a couple of drops of a favorite organic essential oil (extracted from plant parts) if you want a pleasant scent–or try almond or peppermint castile soap. Combine 2 cups white vinegar with 2 cups water in a spray bottle. Another option is 3 tablespoons baking soda dissolved in warm water in a spray bottle. If you must use a strong chemical, make sure you understand the safest possible way to use it. They can eliminate or reduce the use of conventional cleaners for floors, furniture, and dusting–and can be used over and over. Sold by itself and as an ingredient in many household cleaners, chlorine bleach is irritating to the lungs and eyes and responsible for numerous poisoning incidents every year. They can cause temporary eye clouding, as well as long-term damage to the nervous system, kidneys, and eyes. These bacteria rob the water of its dissolved oxygen, killing fish and other aquatic organisms.


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