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While the first measurement given is typical, there are many other sizes being used today. If you are going to buy a computer desk, make sure it is big enough to hold the accessories. It can also be used to store the phone, computer and other office equipment. If space isn’t a problem you can buy a big bow or low front executive desk. You need to take your time when choosing the desk size.By knowing the different types of desks around, you will be able to pick the correct one. To get an idea of the common sizes used, being aware of the various desk variants will be necessary. This is to accommodate the various peripherals that are used with computers. Many of these desks are 72 inches wide, 32 inches deep and 29 inches high. Some variants are 60 inches long, 30 inches high and 29 inches deep. These types of desks are used in reception areas, but they can also be used for home offices.
Ikea Counter Top Desk Setup Tour Fall 2016 | Duration 14 Minutes 36 Seconds Ending up with the wrong one can make work difficult and downright frustrating.

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If you have a circular saw, you can always cut a larger slab down to size, but for a patient shopper, that shouldn’t be necessary. You’ll need four or five support legs, with the total number depending on whether you want to add a set of drawers to your workspace. I recommend that you fill this requirement with a filing cabinet or a set of drawers that matches your ideal desk height (for a guide to calculating that height, see the next section) so you can use it as one of the legs. This process isn’t too difficult, but the instructions are outside the scope of this article. Grab your desk chair and adjust the seat height and arm rests to a comfortable position. Once you’ve got your position just right, measure the distance from the floor to the top of the arm rests, and then subtract the thickness of your surface—usually about an inch and a half. Write it down, and buy the drawers if you plan to include them. If you plan on incorporating that filing cabinet, it will replace one of those front legs. If they bump up against the area where you plan to put your filing cabinet, you may need to set them slightly off-center. You can then adjust them to your desired height by unscrewing the bottom, sliding them out, and screwing them clockwise to tighten them. While you’re reviewing the desk’s stability, also check its height with your chair. Computer desks are usually writing height, with a keyboard tray at arm level. Got some woodworking chops and want to save even more money? Here’s how to build your own ergonomic, customized desk that displays all your tech, looks awesome—and doesn’t break the bank. That’s about half the price of most store-bought desks this size. We want our project to be accessible to anyone, including those without lots of woodworking experience—even if that boosts the price a little. It knocks all four goals out of the park, and as a bonus, no matter where you live, you should be able to easily find the parts. Keep an eye out for something that’s solid core (not hollow) and has a width that matches your ideal desk depth—most doors range from 24 to 36 inches wide. If you end up using a secondhand door, you may have to deal with a hole where the handle used to be, though you can always use it for cable management in the back. This is crucial for good ergonomics, so it’s well worth the extra cost. Because it depends on your own size, this component will be very personal. I highly recommend two of these anti-sag stiffeners, which are important for large pieces of furniture that tend to sink under their own weight. Standard Size Computer Desk Last, you’ll need two tools: a drill and a screwdriver (or a drive bit for your drill). Your feet should be flat on the ground, with your elbows and knees at approximate 90 degree angles. I recommend one leg in each of the four corners, with a fifth one in the center of the back edge for support. Next, grab your anti-sag braces and find a place for them near the middle of the surface. If you have any cable management trays, stick them in whatever empty space you have left over. I had to do a little finagling to find room for everything, so it’s a good idea to plan this all out before you start drilling holes. Attach everything, including the leg brackets, except for the legs themselves. But there a million ways to assemble one, and you might have your own ideas.

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