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You will be able to wear clothes again without washing them first, so last minute wardrobe decisions won’t make you late. It may become soiled over time, but just machine wash to keep it working like new. Don’t risk your health with the questionable ingredients in dryer sheets just to reduce unwanted odors. Not only will you save time and make your clothes last longer, you will also save water and electricity by doing fewer loads. Use one towel to revive and freshen up to 3 items at a time, or use 2 to do up to 8.The specialized fibers do all of the work, and because it’s made from a commercial quality fabric, you’ll get amazing performance, and a product that seemingly never wears out. The long lasting material will not break down or wear out after a few uses. Take limp, wrinkled, stretched out, or stinky clothes and make them wearable in under 15 minutes. The short amount of time, and low level of moisture poses no risk, so revive almost anything without worry. Use it with water alone, or add a few drops of oil to eliminate wrinkles, lightly clean, and make everything smell nice at the same time. Despite the low cost, it delivers high end performance thanks to the material that is anything but cheap.Hot air from your dryer passes through the microfibers to create a steaming effect that removes bacteria, dirt, odor and wrinkles from clothing. Just get damp and tumble with your worn clothes to reshape, revive and freshen. With this amazing towel you will be able to save hundreds, or even thousands of gallons of water each year. Get several wears out of each outfit before laundering or dry cleaning, but don’t stink or look dirty to do it. This easy-to-use product will make your life easier and allow you to clean clothes with less effort and resources. If odors are a problem, add a few drops of fragrance oil to the towel prior to placing it in the dryer. I use it to quickly get the wrinkles out of my work clothes. All you have to do is wet the towel and toss it in the dryer with your clothes for a few short minutes. Easier on your wardrobe too, instead of washing all the time. After 25 uses it can be your shammy to clean with or dust or whatever. I just received a 100% polyester blazer in the mail and it has wrinkles. Save water, save money, save energy and save the planet by using this towel to steam clean clothes in your dryer. It’s great for jeans, sweatshirts, dry clean only garments, or any other piece of clothing that isn’t quite dirty enough for a full washing. As the hot air goes to work, the dampened microfibers will massage fabrics to aid in cleaning and wrinkle elimination. Non-toxic and chemical free, this reusable towel is recommended for almost unlimited uses. When a couple drops of fragrance oil are added to the towel, it will mix with the steam created to revive the material, and make it smell better at the same time. Use this natural alternative to eliminate the funk in a safe and effective way. Stop throwing clothes into the laundry basket blindly because if they aren’t actually dirty, you can use the power of steam and microfiber to breathe life back into them without fading colors or damaging fabrics. This eco-friendly product will allow you to look like you washed your clothes, but it takes less time, and saves money too. Save money on your dry cleaning bill by reviving those clothes in the dryer instead. The material is not treated with chemicals, and it’s totally non-toxic and recyclable. Made from an advanced microfiber material, this is much more than a regular towel. Don’t go tossing any old rag into your dryer and expect the same results. Easily get hundreds of uses out of this inexpensive product. It will remain extremely function, use after use, and for years to come. No waiting around means you’re out the door sooner, and you get to wear the clothes you want. When you revive in between washings, all of your favorite clothes will last longer. Safe to use with any material, you can even use it with dry clean only garments. With oil in place, the steam created will have a safe and natural scent, so shirts and other items will look better and smell better too. With such an affordable price tag, and so many uses possible, this is a highly affordable product that would make a great addition to any laundry room. It uses no chemicals or fabric treatments, and is 100% natural. Split fiber technology takes it one step further by creating millions of massaging strands that lift and trap surface dirt and odor while reviving fabrics and smoothing wrinkles. Clothes that were previously worn, balled up on the floor, ready for a trip to the dry cleaner’s, or stuffed in a laundry basket will be fresh and ready to wear again in just minutes. That means that every household may consume as much as 18, 000 gallons of water per year doing laundry alone. If just 50% of all households started using it, the savings would amount to over 40 billion gallons of water per month. Have wearable clothes in just 15 minutes with this great product. Save the environment and save yourself some money in the process. Saturate with tap water, and then place over the top of your clothing. Your clothing will be revived, reshaped, and smelling fresh. This works great on suit jackets and pants when you need to freshen them up quickly. These towels are phenomenal if you would like to remove the wrinkles out of a suit, blouse, or slacks. It is a great way to quickly get the wrinkles out without depending on the dry cleaners for everything. Gently worn items, not after working all day, but lounging around or shopping, when your clothes don’t get that dirty.

Countertops Under $30….With Paper Towels? | Duration 4 Minutes 36 Seconds Care label states dry clean only will this dryer towel remove the wrinkles without damaging the blazer? It will safely remove the wrinkles without any risk when used properly. Not in the short amount of time required for using this product.

Amazon: Umbra Palm Double Hand Towel Tree Brushed Nickel 2 Towels Holder by

It will be used for washcloths and not hand towels and is more than up to that task. Price point, just right to a bit on the high side, but it is still worth it. It holds two hand towels in the guest bath and we drape larger hand towels over both bars in the master bath. If it arrived in proper condition, it would of been perfect. In other words if you fold the hand towel over the top, they drag on the counter a bit. Didn’t want to walk over to the towel rack across the room to dry my hands. Quality, looks classy and the stand is heavy so it does not tip over.I can double it up and that works fine but then there is not enough space between the bars to hang a washcloth on the second/shorter bar. All of this is not really a big deal but it takes the ‘convenience’ factor away some if you have to put so much thought into hanging the towels. It’s sturdy, the taller tower is a good height to fit normal sized hand towels, it looks good, and works great for a bathroom like mine where there’s no good location for a wall bar. It is very nice looking, and quite heavy, so it won’t be falling off the counter or sliding around. That rack is one of those double racks; one towel behind, one in front. I didn’t want to mount an additional little rack on the wall near the sink, so this was my solution.

“Sprout” Decorative Paper Towel Holder Or Toilet Paper Holder By Comfify | Duration 1 Minutes 11 Seconds

Grow Your Own Chocolate Tree Indoors Even In Cold Climates — Practical by

Each cacao bean is coated in a sticky sweet coating that tempts tropical animals to crack open the tough pods and gorge on the interior nectar. I knew when we cut it open, because it’s not everyday that you get to taste fresh grown raw chocolate. Once you’ve got healthy cacao trees, either by germinating your own cacao pods or by starting with a live cacao tree, all you have left to do is wait. The fruit will begin to form, and will grow slowly for 6 to 8 months. Be sure to have plenty of friends on hand for the harvest, to share in your success, and help you enjoy the sticky sweet cacao seed coating. Ashley said the seeds want to be warm and moist and the same thing about the tree. They aren’t pleasure seeking anymore than evolution had a goal, reached a spot it was supposed to and sat back, finished. You could run through the whole process on a countertop if you wanted. If you have a sunny spot near your kitchen or bathroom, that’s one way to do it. They also don’t hand pollinate it, but they do have a large greenhouse so it’s possible it’s insect pollinated in there. You’ll need a very small one, they’re really incredibly small flowers, a bit smaller than a green garden pea. It’s important that the seeds are fresh, inside an intact pod.The first step in growing chocolate from seed is to crack open the seed pod, which is roughly 1 centimeter thick. To prepare the seeds, you’ll need a few adventurous friends. The most efficient way to clean and prepare the seeds is by placing them into your mouth and sucking off the white cacao nectar. In the tropics, they ferment it into a liquor and since the coating spoils so quickly, if you don’t grow your own your only chance to taste it fresh would involve a very expensive plane ride. I put the whole setup into my oven with the oven light on for a small amount of extra heat. It really is a rare treat to get to enjoy your own fresh, raw chocolate from a homegrown tree. Unless you live in zone 10 or 11, you have to grow them in containers. Neither the free nor seeds want anything; either they, germinate or not, thrive, survive or die. They’re first fermented, then dried, then roasted, then ground and processed into chocolate. In the winter it’s actually a bit too moist in here, since we heat with radiant rather than a wood stove and all the windows are shut. The one in the picture isn’t mine, that’s the parent tree, mine’s not that big (yet). Maybe they have a freak tree, but they don’t have a cross pollinator.
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