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We have thousands of colors to choose from with new colors being added continually to meet the growing demand. We are direct importers of granite and offer a wide selection of natural stone from all over the world. Our template specialist, creates an exact pattern of each custom counter along with a corresponding detailed sketch. We provide custom quality fabrication and installation to enhance any home or office. We have thousands of colors to choose from with new colors being added continuously to give you an abundance of options to choose from.Along with experience, professionalism and commitment come excellence inherently shown in our work. Bathroom vanities are also one of our specialties, and we carry an enormous selection of stone vanities that will be customized to match your bathroom’s size and decoration. If you have an idea let us hear it, our team will go out they’re way to make your dream house a reality. We strive ourselves on attention to detail, from the sink cut-out to the edge of the countertop, our beautiful kitchen countertops are polished to perfection. We guarantee to beat any price on the market and pledge to deliver the best quality. Making sure your custom marble and granite is installed properly is a very high priority, and our trained and certified stone installers are committed to making your home or commercial renovation accurate and precise.
Granite Countertops New Jersey 888289 3134 | Duration 1 Minutes 3 Seconds Our goal is to provide quality products at an affordable price. Along with experience, professionalism and commitment, comes excellence inherently shown in our work. Each counter is then cut and fabricated by experienced professionals, with every detail from the sink cut-out to the edge, fabricated and polished to perfection. We guarantee to beat any price on the market and guarantee the best quality. We carry stones from all over the world and we give our customers the freedom to customize their pattern so every client is catered to with the utmost professionalism and attention. Our mission is to provide exclusive marble and granite at a favorable price. We are direct importers and of granite and offer a wide selection of natural stones from all over the globe. Our specialist will tell you what to expect out of each stones aging process and what these customs slabs will bring to your home. Each counter is then cut and fabricated by experienced and passionate professionals. Stone installation is very tedious and delicate process, a refined installation adds longevity to kitchen, bathroom or workspace. Our natural stone professionals are experienced with the nuanced differences between our stones, assisting homeowners, architects, and contractors. A beautiful natural stone kitchen or bathroom countertop relies just as much on a professional fabrication as it does the installation.

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Once your quartz countertop is installed, it is time to enjoy it with your family for years to come! Stone Fabricators Quartz Lakewood and Granite Countertops Northern Fabricator in Nj Stop by our quartz countertop slab yard and choose among many beautiful and natural quartz countertop colors! We carry only premium quality quartz and have many slabs and colors in our stock. We are here to answer any questions you may have! When you buy quartz countertops, not only that you get a versatile kitchen countertop that will last you a lifetime with minimal maintenance – we will also do everything to make this shopping experience unique for you.

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We had a huge vessel sink (which we aren’t fans of). Unfortunately we recently had a pipe burst in the wall, and it damaged the vanity cabinet this was sitting on, as well as a bunch of drywall, and the wainscot. Sadly, the abatement company broke the sink while doing some demo work. The 2210 is simply the big brother to the 2209, as the 2210 has interior sink dimensions of 17″ x 14″ (versus the 15″ x 12″ of the 2209). If you don’t wipe it up every time you use it’s going to stain the porcelain. Left a lot of extra counter space in a double vanity and was perfect for what we needed. I only have one bathroom in my little house (6 feet square). The soft close doors are smooth and it looks like a fine furniture vanity. The sinks came with an instruction set of cards that covered just about any installation you might desire, and the cards were very helpful in determining my faucet placement. This is a beautiful sink and finished my bathroom area off beautifully. They work and function great, all of which make this a really good deal. The drains were off center, so that when you insert the faucet drains, they sit cocked at an angle and not square the way they’re supposed to. I was very impressed by the packaging – the sink is completely protected. We’ve been using them for several months and are completely satisfied.

3 Minutes At The Granite City Tool Seminar Eberle Lifter | Duration 3 Minutes 4 Seconds I was looking for something that had a “wow” factor for this bathroom because it is unusually small, even for a downstairs powder room. The sink has become a conversation piece all of its own! We installed on a linoleum counter top and put a thick bead of clear caulking to seal, then wiped excess from around rim. These are very light weight and seem durable for the long term. The undermounting hardware of the sinks includes the hardware and was a breeze to install. The appearance of the unit is wonderful, striking in the first floor (main) bathroom. We’ve used the unit for a month since installation, pretty straightforward once installed. I like that the left, right, and center bottom drawer sections are completely separate from plumbing, as any critters (rural area) are excluded from the drawers. We do have a 72″long x 24″ deep vanity otherwise they might be too big. Installed this in one of our bathrooms a few years ago with a custom mosaic counter top (picture attached). And, joy of joys, there was asbestos discovered in the drywall mud (house was built in 1973).Very glad to be able to find the same sink again, in an attempt to re-create what we had! One reviewer commented that, since it’s porcelain, the actual finished size might vary. Since my master bath has sufficient counter space, opting for the bigger sink was a simple choice for me. Do not buy these sinks unless you don’t mind wiping out the sink every time you use it. These sinks seemed a bit small at first, but after we brought them to our countertop place to have it undermounted to a vanity countertop we were purchasing, they were the perfect size. Shaking your hands dry above the sink ends up with water on the counter.

Marble And Granite Countertops Bergen County Nj Njcountertops.Com.Mov | Duration 35 Seconds The local plumbing shop sells them for about 10x the price here. Both plumbers gave the same diagnosis and the defect was visibly evident. The people that cut the granite loved the sinks and want to source them for their personal use. When we opened the box they were upside down and from the bottom they look square. They do not come with a template, but most granite/stone companies have this template. They are different than your average sink which adds interest, and we’ve received lots of compliments. I wanted something to distract from the size of the bathroom, and boy did this do it! Dropped right into where my old, porcelain 17x20s used to sit, but these brightened up the remodel even more. In fact, the instructions specify using a rubber mallet to achieve this. We also placed heavy object on rim to ensure a seal. Beautiful cabinet, make sure you have at least two strong people to carry it to your desired location.
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