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Since we often spend a few hours with each client, we’d appreciate it if you would make an appointment, so you can have the best possible experience. Best of all, you’ll get to eat the delicious results! Contact the showroom to find out about upcoming hands-on learning opportunities, or to schedule a free, private appliance consultation. Choose the right combination of appliances based on your cooking style. Small group sessions make it easy to get your questions answered and leave ready to take on any meal.There are no events currently scheduled in your area, but new classes are scheduled regularly.

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Previously, elegant stone counters were mounted in the kitchens and bathrooms of the most luxurious houses, nowadays top range surfaces have become indispensable for many owners.
Kitchen Cabinets And Kitchen Countertops | Montreal | Ksi Kitchen Solutions | Duration 8 Minutes 19 Seconds Their achievements cover both residential and business markets. Even the young first-time homebuyers now opt for quartz, granite and marble for their kitchen counter. Their team of skilled professionals is able to guide clients in choosing their counters, regardless of their projects, and will offer their expertise for a superior service.

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We offer the highest quality bespoke made natural stone products for any environment. We pride ourselves on handling your specific needs, and providing you with the attention and personnal care that you are looking for. Nothing surpasses the natural beauty and character of granite countertops. Ses idées novatrices tout comme la qualité inégalée de ses réalisations sauront satisfaire les goûts les plus exigeants et ce, à prix compétitif. Below is a summary of the granite countertop colours for your consideration. These 20 granites are always in stock all year round so you have guaranteed availability.

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Sub Zero Wolf and Cove Showroom Montreal We have professionals who have deep knowledge of the industry. They see a lot of knives being used on them and there is a chance of spillage of a variety of fluids which can impact the longevity of the countertop. Granite and quarts countertops are good for low-maintenance while marble is considered to be more prone to damage. We have extensive knowledge about maintaining and installing them for the best results and for durability. This is why we believe in pricing all our products reasonably.
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