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Our 100% viscose shammys come with a full satisfaction guarantee because they really do work like we say they do. It is great for drying your car or soaking up spills because it sucks up water like a sponge. These great cloths are so versatile you will find many other uses for them too! This non-woven viscose material is what makes the shammy such a versatile cleaning cloth, and quality really does make a difference. These tiny pores allow the material to suck up an amazing amount of liquid and hold it in. Nothing works better for absorbing liquid spills, even on carpets. This is especially handy when cleaning up pet stains and spills. The unique weave of this material is what really makes it work. One of the 20″ x 27″ sheets can be cut down to four cloths of usable size. Common household cleaning products will not break down the fibers, so you can even use bleach (they are color fast) to completely sanitize these towels. Perfect for use in the kitchen to wash and dry dishes, wipe down counters, clean floors, line drawers in your fridge and so much more. For pet accidents, or spilled drinks on carpeting and rugs, simply place one over the top and press down to suck it all up. Great for use as a compact towel that still gets the job done. Get a streak free finish when washing windows, mirror and floors. Do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets when washing them as it will hinder the absorbency of the cloth by clogging the pores. This makes them perfect for washing windows, drying cars, cleaning shower stalls and more. You will be able to dry more dishes in less time when you use a shammy, and you can even lay one out under the dish rack to collect moisture there as well. I use them on my cuban mop to mop the floor as well as some smaller pieces as counter wipes. I am sure it will work just like mine because it is the same brand. I have had them before and used them in a small commercial kitchen under dishwasher racks as they are loaded and after they are taken out of the dishwasher with the dishes in them.

Choosing Granite & Tile For Your Custom Remodeling Project | Duration 3 Minutes 14 Seconds I like the lighter weight for cleaning the floor, walls, bathroom, etc. I still think it was a good buy for the price as it has so many uses. Despite common sense, these actually work better on vehicles when slightly damp. When drying the surface, move in one continuous motion and direction. Our commercial grade cloth is thicker and more absorbent than virtually any other sham on the market. You will find that ours perform better than virtually everything else on the market or anything you have ever used. They pick up amazing amounts of any liquid and will never drip or make a mess. Use a shammy to quickly dry your pet after a bath or place one under your dish rack to prevent run off. Our commercial grade shammy cloths hold 21 times their weight in liquid! Unlike other, lower quality versions, ours does not contain any filler material that will harm performance, or scratch surfaces. An air spun process is used to create thousands of micro-pores like a very fine sponge. Our shammy will slurp up liquid like a sponge from virtually any surface. They will soak up liquid all the way down through the padding and to the floor boards. Wet or dry, a shammy is always more absorbent than a cotton towel. Once cut, the edges stay intact and will never rip, tear, or ravel. You can also use your favorite cleaning products with this cloth. This is especially important when using i n the kitchen, bathroom, baby’s room, or with pets. Wipe down surfaces without harming them, get the surface clean and dry in less time. Perfect for swimmers and other athletes, also great for camping or travel. Because all moisture will be eliminated, there will be no spotting or streaking. Use one after washing to dry your vehicle without leaving streaks or scratching the finish. Tumble dry in the dryer on a low setting, or air dry(putting in dryer may cause shrinking, but will not effect performance). Not only are they incredibly absorbent, they are also lint free. They leave a sparkling streak free shine every time because in a single pass, you will be removing all of the moisture. Use one as a dish rag to wash dishes, or keep it dry for finishing the job after your dishes are clean.

How To Pick The Perfect Grout Color To Make Tile Project Look Great ! | Duration 1 Minutes 2 Seconds I recommend them to anyone who wants the best spill picker-upper. Our home was flooded once, and these cloths made our clean up so much easier! I have been using them for years around the house and needed replacements. They ring out almost dry, perfect for wiping a wooden table. I was looking for the product that you put on wet area while they are dry, step on it and it absorbs all the liquid up like magic. People in the commercial kitchen and at home appreciate them very much. I used the previous set for several years – until they had holes in them. The directions said to use dry on windows but obviously it eventually got wet and even after wringing it out it was streaky. I will try it again on the car to see if there was other factors. If you use a bone dry cloth on a surface like this, you will get streaks.

Shade Of White Subway Tile Backsplash With White Cabinets by

Any suggestions about the shade of white for the backsplash vs. I think the contrast is nice and helps to set each apart from the other. The key to success in a monochromatic room is to choose variations on that color and texture, not all one flat color. It will be far more interesting and date your kitchen far less. I tried a few different shades of white before we chose and it looked the best. I also chose a dark granite, which is another reason why it worked. Maybe matching whites is the “kiss of death” in some kitchens, like a previous poster said, but consciously picking different tones and glosses can be too. I am hoping the white tile, polished finishes, marble, crystal and teak will all harmonize well! Its also hard to compare colors because obviously one is shiny and one is dull (cabinets). In fact, you should try using 3-4 different colors of white tile for your backsplash. The grout is a linen color so it makes the tiles pop, which just adds to the subtle shades in the kitchen. It may be right in the vast majority of spaces, but that doesn’t make it right in your space. And dealing with the reality of the space that you have to deal with. I think they warm up the kitchen and if we matched the cabinets it would have been sterile and boring. I like that jillandmatt’s kitchen has a slightly different subway since it helps to tie in the countertops choices in their room. They’re constructed to look the old fashioned way with crisp square edges rather than a pillow-y bevel. Hopefully the handsome but mundane subway tile will bring down the tone enough to make it in keeping with rest of the house :)…

The Difference Grout Color Can Make To Your Tiles by

Just make sure that you keep your scrub brush handy to keep the grout clean and fresh looking. Doing this to your tile will accentuate the grout which in turn makes the entire kitchen appear busier and less calming, but it does give it that vintage industrial look if that is what you are going for. So, for our sake we are going to say that this grout is brown although we weren’t totally able to confirm it. And just when you thought we were done playing tile matchmaker, let’s talk about black tile. In case you still aren’t sure we created these little cheat sheets to help you next time you have to make some serious grout decisions. I highly recommend because the gray resists staining better than white, but it’s not as jarring as the black grout against the white tile. True black grout can be problematic for staining the tiles too, so that’s something to keep in mind if you tiles have any indentations or texture that the grout can sit in. I love the way it looks (very subtle) and still looks great two years after install. Upkeep also is important–as you say, if your white is going to get gray because of traffic or splatters or whatever, maybe it’s better to just make it gray on purpose. I think it makes such a difference on the finished look as you have clearly shown.

Choosing The Right Grout For Your Tile Installation | Duration 2 Minutes 3 Seconds It will contrast even more than a darker shade, because white reflects a lot of light. There’s always stain, but it’s not always possible to clean it perfectly. Especially with grout used with colorful ceramic floor tiles or colored tiles, not just black and white tiles. You have what sounds like a lovely and cohesive color scheme and a light to medium grey would look splendid. It all depends on the type of look you’re going for! My friend did that, with classic white subway tiles, and it looks fab! Might be something to think about for my fellow white grout lovers! First, if you haven’t heard of polyurethane grout, look into it. My husband got one of these products in white to go over our white grout (with white tile) in our shower. Anyway, this product worked to brighten and lighten the grout. That being said, considering what different colors of grout can do to your room is a very good thing. Among the most popular options in the white tile category we have the subway tile. It is classic, very affordable, and is something that will never go out of style. But a light color is a great option for those of you with smaller kitchens or bathrooms as it will make them appear visually larger, even if they aren’t. Visually it does look like the tiles are an off white and the grout is a brown color – so it gives you the idea of what it might look like. Again, it is a very specific look which makes it a little less timeless than the other two, but when done well it can work and brings a graphic element to the space. It was huge in the 90’s and in the right modern space has always been classic, but different versions of it in various finishes are starting to come back and we are into it. They complimented it (and lightened it up) with a white on white scheme on the floor which helps both tiles and patterns work well together as the grout is not competing with the tile, but just adding texture and depth to it. Our white tile was a larger format with very faint gray streaking across it, so that helped tie the gray in as well. And it’s important to think about what you want and to tell your contractor because otherwise they don’t ask and just make the choice for you.

How To Choose On Granite Countertops Colors And Costs | Duration 6 Minutes 55 Seconds If you do a contrasting grout every little flaw (and there will be some, even with a professional) will be highlighted. Little flaws are not that important, tile is more organic with small flaws. As long as it’s good enough and you don’t have broken tile on the walls, it should be fine. It’s easy as you just use a paint brush and it’s much more forgiving than trying to grout dark and messing up the lines. It has epoxy in the grout mixture which keeps the grout from soaking in the dirt etc, making much easier to clean. I long for a more modern look with bigger tiles and thinner grout lines mostly for the practicality of it all…. I don’t know that white on white or gray on gray would ever be something you’d tire of. I would go with light gray grout (or whatever will blend in the most with your backsplash tile). I do love the slight contrast, but would have been happy with white/white too. I also think if you use 2 different tiles on walls and floors, using the same grout color on both is a good way to tie the 2 tiles together for a more harmonious room. Your tile material should not matter as long as you keep the grout “paint” off of the tile.

8 Tips To Choose The Best Tile Floors For Every Room by

For example, bathrooms and bedrooms with no exterior access. Appropriate for spaces with normal foot traffic and small amounts of scratching dirt. It is more durable than ceramic and comes in a greater variety of styles, colors and textures. Today, thanks to highly advanced technologies, there are options that have a higher than average hardness and moisture resistance (these cost more). If you have children and elderly people in the house, it is very important to install slip resistant tile. Also, its ideal as a bathroom or a shower floor tile, where a real hardwood would not be recommended. Because no two stones are exactly alike, you get a naturally beautiful floor that will look like no other. Its important to note that unlike other types of tiles, stone needs to be sealed to maintain durability and remain resistant to stains. Marble or ceramic/porcelain would be a good match for this application. You can even install the same material on the walls, which will further enhance the illusion of expanded space. It is a highly versatile material that can be used in any room of your house: kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. The best part: this unique custom-made flooring is rather affordable. Moreover, concrete is one of the most durable, and long lasting options. Once installed, you will most likely never have to replace it again! Some people may find it uncomfortable to the touch when walking with bare feet. My mom and step-dad love to use ceramic wood tiles because it looks just like wood but requires far less maintenance than hardwood. I don’t know, it would be essential for me to work with a professional when choosing tiles. When wood gets scratched, you need to sand it, re-stain, and re-finish it. Knowing that can help you choose what flooring you need for that high traffic hallway. It would seem that if you are installing it in an area that gets wet porcelain would be a good bet because of it’s resilience and moisture resistance. Having something that will give you a little extra grip in areas like the bathroom would probably be really important. I like the idea of using tiles but am curious to know about which kind to use, and if there are benefits to it. We definitely will want to make sure we find the right tile that doesn’t have our kids slipping all over the place. I like that you’ve provided such detailed and comprehensive list of characteristics of which tiles would be most appropriate for every situation. The natural feel of the stone tiles makes it appear like being one with nature in every aspect but still being classy at the same time. For this you have to select size of the material, select the right finish, right color etc. After all, it might be easy to forget, but you will be walking along that tile every day in your home, so you’ll want it to be comfortable. It measures the material’s ability to withstand wear/foot traffic, as well as scratches. You can use this scale to select a product that is most suitable for your room’s function. Best in areas with soft soled to normal foot traffic, with no scratching dirt. All rooms of the home, except for kitchens, entryways, and other areas with high foot traffic. It can be installed in all areas of the home, including kitchens, halls, entryways. Works well in any room of the house, as well as commercial spaces. It is determined by the ratio of air holes to solids in a tile, which impacts the amount of water it absorbs. Not all porcelain products are made equal, and you need to check the specs of each one. Also, if you want the high end look of wood or stone without breaking the bank, there are marble or wood look porcelain tile products. It is best to install tile sizes that are 4×4 or smaller. Pebble stone: has a highly textured surface and boasts a unique visual aesthetic. These will look stunning as a kitchen floor tile, particularly in more traditional or rustic spaces. If you are worried about porcelain tile being cold to the touch, you can add radiant floor heating under, and it will feel even more pleasant than real wood! Marble, granite and travertine can elevate the look of any room of your house. Unsealed stone may remain porous and therefore susceptible to water infiltration. After being initially sealed during the installation process, it will need to be resealed every 5-10 years to maintain optimal looks and quality. To amplify the affect, and create a seamless flowing surface use a matching grout color. Compared to other types of tile, concrete’s biggest advantage is that it can be custom made for your particular application. Also, small children or elderly individuals would get hurt, if slipping and falling. I can see why this would be important to be aware of when choosing the right flooring for your room. I am sure that a renovation contractor would be able to help me out. I agree with the article that if this is a problem for you, it would be worth considering another option. If you don’t get the right stain, you may have to do the whole floor. I love the suggestion of using ceramic wood since it is something that is durable and moisture resistant. Floor tiles could really provide a huge amount of elegance to your interior so be sure to choose wisely. But as there are different tile flooring options from that you have to select best tile flooring. Grime can build up in the crevices and are very difficult to maintain. I have been thinking about what kind of tiles we would like to have in our bathroom, and this has really helped me. The hardness will also likely have an effect on its durability, so you’ll want it to last if you have pets or kids running around the house. I thought it was really helpful how you suggested using impervious tile for my bathroom and kitchen since it doesn’t let any water through.


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