Eugenol has little or no residual activity [meaning it’s effectiveness fades quickly], although the scent of cloves will linger. You can also leave a citrus-infused cotton ball in cabinets and other areas as needed. If you’re spraying on a food surface, omit the tea tree oil and add 15 drops pep

Granite Marble Repair Polishing

We all love to have granite or quartz for our counter tops in kitchens and bathrooms as they are strong and durable stones. It is wise to get professional help in this case, as granite repair calls for technical expertise and experience. We will restore your granite surface to its original shine and
Enriched with extra shine promoters for superior performance it quickly removes dust and stains leaving the surface shining. Its superior oil and grease removal property helps in effectively removing stubborn grease from utensils leaving them shining like new. Prevent illness before it starts spread
Those who have them will inevitably want to know how to clean marble countertops so they maintain their beauty for years to come. There is a perception that marble countertops are difficult to clean but they are not, however care has to be taken in its maintenance. This will definitely remove the gr

Make A Poultice

You can make a poultice to draw infection, treat boils and abcesses, relieve inflammation or a rash or simply draw the poison from a bee sting! The paste can be applied directly to the skin and covered with a piece of clean cloth. The cloth can then be covered with plastic wrap to hold in the moist
Marble surfaces are more tedious-to-treat since the white backdrop is very difficult for concealing a burn mark. It should be moist, but not wet, so squeeze it to drain out the excess water. Though many folks recommend this technique for softer materials, it is useful for treating the brownish tinge

What Is The Best Way To Clean Marble?

Many accent walls, tile floors, and even some countertops are created with marble. Here are some guidelines on how to clean marble surfaces without marring the beautiful appearance of your surfaces. While water will not cause any permanent damage, many other liquids will cause scarring if allowed to
I treated all of the black beauty granite counters with this right away, and they have withstood a great deal of abuse from the sanding and painting of walls, which left messes which had to be cleaned off. Waited ten minutes for it to soak in and wiped it down with more paper towels until the rest w

13 Reasons Why A Washer Leaks

If you have a puddle of water under your washing machine, first be sure it is not a water or juice spill from your children or someone else. Make sure you completely soak up all the water until the area under your washing machine is completely dry. Once the washer has completed the wash, check under

Guide For White Marble Countertops

You probably have a lot of things to consider before committing to a new interior for your kitchen. Each countertop comes with strength and longevity, but marble is more permeable. If you have young children, or kitchen counters prone to spills, you may want to consider granite over marble. The acid

Stain Removal: Removing Stains From Stone Tile And Concrete

At this stage, it is important only to blot; wiping a spill may spread it over a larger area, making a larger mess. This chemical absorbent-material combination is what we call a poultice. Refer to the table below for some of the more common poultice materials. Refer to the chart below and determine

How To Renew A Scratched Countertop

Cultured tops are made of polyester resin with a clear topcoat (called the gel coat). The buffing can be done by hand, but a small power buffer is much easier. How To Polish Marble Countertops by countertopguides.comMake sure the soap is completely removed and that the marble is dry before proceedin
Sometimes your granite countertop can get very sticky and you afraid of cleaning them the wrong way. It safely removes dirt, grease, grime, and other surface stains. It is easy to clean your granite countertop and with the best granite cleaner or the best marble cleaner, it becomes even easier. Let
Marble’s rich coloration and wonderful feel, make it a lovely gift for any household. Marble is known for its durability and for also having a delicate side. Marble is essentially made out of calcium carbonate and is really sensitive to dilute acidic liquids. Take this lathery water blend and star