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6 Ways To Style Your Nightstand

I get a lot of questions about how to pull a bedside look together. This is probably my favorite look from the entire post! It’s a styling trick that helps to balance, brighten, and make the space appear larger. The modern wall sconce really brings the look into the century. I love the blond wo

What Is The Best Way To Clean Marble?

Many accent walls, tile floors, and even some countertops are created with marble. Here are some guidelines on how to clean marble surfaces without marring the beautiful appearance of your surfaces. While water will not cause any permanent damage, many other liquids will cause scarring if allowed to
Are you uncertain about the counter that is suitable for your particular needs. Our varieties of stones are appropriate for any commercial or residential spaces. These are the factors that make the quartz countertops hard and durable. The coarsely-ground quartz tends to produce flecked appearance wh
For example, if you try to clean alabaster by wiping it with a cloth, especially a moist one, you are likely to drive grime into the stone rather than remove it. There are 48 teaspoons in a cup, so, at most, use 1 teaspoon of detergent per cup of distilled water. Immediately rinse off all residue, n

What Get Out Rust From A Cultured Marble Counter Top?

What get out rust from a cultured marble counter top? That is not stone, it is a fabricated plastic product from way back with a gel coat like finish. Try making a paste with bar keeper’s friend and let it sit like a poultice. You tried vinegar – how long did you leave it on there? Housekeepi

Rocky Mountain Granite And Marble

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Your color choice for your floor depends on the overall color scheme of your kitchen or bath, including its gray marble countertops. When you have a light gray countertop, you can select from a variety of neutral color schemes that coordinate well with gray. Whether you choose quarried tiles or cera
Wipe acetone along the crack to clean the area and make it more receptive to epoxy. Once dry, sand the area gently along the direction of the crack using a very fine sandpaper. With a crack in the marble, however, the elegance is diminished, as the crack may be the only thing you notice about the ta

How To Renew A Scratched Countertop

Cultured tops are made of polyester resin with a clear topcoat (called the gel coat). The buffing can be done by hand, but a small power buffer is much easier. How To Polish Marble Countertops by countertopguides.comMake sure the soap is completely removed and that the marble is dry before proceedin
In that case, you must make the cut with the countertop upside down, so make the sink cutout after testing the fit but before joining any miter joints or attaching the countertop. Drill two starter holes in opposite corners just inside the cutting line. You’re cutting into sections that you’ll e
Sometimes your granite countertop can get very sticky and you afraid of cleaning them the wrong way. It safely removes dirt, grease, grime, and other surface stains. It is easy to clean your granite countertop and with the best granite cleaner or the best marble cleaner, it becomes even easier. Let
But there are some tricks that may improve the situation and make the mark less visible. Next time don’t put your straightener where you can burn something. I suggest googling what you can use on a marble countertop to get out a burn. Is this bald (or maybe less hairy) patch natural, or because my