But this beautiful, popular kitchen and bathroom countertop option is pricey—and for all its durability, it’s got a delicate side. Some folks consider etches part of a countertop’s character, while others opt to grind down the top layer and re-polish the surface when enough etches accumulate.


Historically, the industry moved from labor-intensive to capital-intensive with the advent of technological advancement, including development of automated production tools like cranes and diamond cutting wires. In addition, there was, and still is, lack of effective government regulation especially
Coasters, trivets and place mats must be used to prevent stains. Discretion must be used when applying household cleaners since they can damage the surface. It’s a non porous surface finished with a gel coat to provide even further protection. Manufacturing defects would be the only cause for chip
Granite stands up to heat as well, however, acidic substances can wear down the sealant. Quartzite’s movement and coloring and the selling points of this stone, as they are vivid and beautiful. These prices are an example of the national average of installed granite countertops. Quartz Granite and

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This is problematic, however, as white marble has a tendency to stain and show etch marks. Therefore, the best way to achieve the look and style of a white kitchen is to use white quartz countertops instead. Traditionally, many people chose to use white marble for their kitchens. 30 Gorgeous Grey an
Specifically, it’s the concern of marble etching on kitchen countertops that concerns homeowners, but knowing how etching occurs and how to care for marble countertops can make a difference in your final stone surface decision. Etching in marble countertops is caused by the same thing – acid. Ac

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The kitchen and dining area appear so much brighter than before, as white has the innate ability to reflect light. This is now my style, and since we are most likely going to sell our home within the next few years it’s a worthwhile upgrade from the dated granite. The cabinets are original to the

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If you have ever looked in a kitchen magazine or watched a home show chances are you have seen stunning marble countertops featured in an elegant kitchen. Well, trust us when we say you’re not alone if you have any questions about getting a marble countertop. Feel free to give us a call or stop in

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The beauty that marble brings comes from the formation of dolomite and limestone. We have a gallery of marble countertops that you can browse. We also have the best pricing that no other companies can rival. We have a team that will communicate with you daily to ensure the success of the project.
Are there differences in the porosity of carrara marble? All marble slabs are relatively soft, so they will scratch much more easily than granite, which can be an issue for a kitchen countertop, but not a biggie. You can easily determine how porous a particular marble slab is by performing the wate
More and more people are investing in faux marble options to add beauty and character to their kitchens. Countertops are a necessity in all kitchens, no matter how big or small. In fact, one of the most exciting parts of decorating a kitchen is deciding which patterns and veining options to apply to

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Call today to speak to one of our talented, friendly staff members. We are always committed to providing the highest quality products and service, no matter what. We take pride in sharing the experience we’ve acquired and proving our expertise time and time again. Marble Countertops by homeadvisor
Simply start with the lower grits first (300) and go up through the grits. If your marble needs to be resealed, this product will be the way to go. Other options should you still need choices are offered by companies like stone tech and nu-stone. Sponge fiber pads come in sets of 6 with different gr

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Marble on the other hand is softer and can stain and scratch. Here are some answers to your questions on granite and marble countertops. Granite, however, is heat resistant and nearly impossible to scratch. The quality of granite counter tops goes well beyond the material itself. Natural stone inc
A bubbling pot, a pan that splatters, a dropped bowl—make cleanup easier in all of these situations with tile that protects your kitchen surfaces. Tile is versatile enough that you’ll always find one to coordinate or contrast with your cupboards, counters and existing décor. Whether you’re ac
We stand by our reputation and experience of over 15 years and take pride in always serving our clients with professionalism, sincerity, and expertise. We never cut corners on any of our services because we want to forge long-term relations with our clients and not jeopardize it for short-term profi

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Marble is used as a building material and also in sculptures. Still, their unique color tones can also be used to give a kitchen backsplash a stand-out look. Also, each tile is unique and, although all marble tends to look the same, there are lots of little things that makes each piece stand out. So
In that case, you must make the cut with the countertop upside down, so make the sink cutout after testing the fit but before joining any miter joints or attaching the countertop. Drill two starter holes in opposite corners just inside the cutting line. You’re cutting into sections that you’ll e
Slabs are more popular than tile for counters since they have a cleaner look and simpler maintenance; however, tiles can cost 30 to 50 percent less. Marble countertops are well-known for their stunning beauty and elegance. Material and installation costs depend on type, grade, size, transportation a