Peppermint extract is also good but you won’t get the same “pop” you would from the oil. They cannot be substituted for each other since there is a chemical reaction with both. But if wax paper is directly exposed to the high heats, it may start to smoke as the wax burns. Candy companies use o

How To Fix A Discolored Granite Counter

I have a spot on my granite countertop that looks like the finish has been removed. You can see the outline of the mesh bag they were in, and the small area is rough to the touch. Ted said there was an acid reaction between the citrus and calcium carbonate that makes up the surface of the counter

Same Day Marble Cleaning

Yet, regardless of its texture and character, marble will scratch, and lose its shine and luster if not maintained properly. Your polished marble floor, wall, countertop, vanity or shower can look brand new again when you call the professional marble cleaning contractor. Recognize that there are sev

Stone Profile: Brown And Rainforest Green Granite

Serpentinite has very similar properties to marble and granite. It’s harder, and fabricators prefer to cut it with a granite blade instead of a marble blade. One of the reasons marble takes more maintenance is because if you stain or etch a light stone with very little pattern, it will be noticeab

Hard Water Stain Removal On Granite

I have some hard water stains on my counter tops and want to know the best way to remove them. If it soaks into the granite within a minute, you’ll need to reseal your granite countertops. That away, you’ll never have to worry about having hard water stains really ever again! If it soaks into t
Choosing the best countertop for your project is a big deal. Or they “just love” a certain material, color or pattern and “have to have it” devil may care. This is common when picking out natural stone counter tops or floor tile. Well, turns out that there can be a big difference between var
Grout can be cleaned with harsher chemicals and utensils than marble can. Draw a bowl of warm water and lightly wet the bristles of a stiff-bristle toothbrush. Scrub the grout between the marble tiles with the toothbrush. Avoid getting the baking soda on the marble or brushing it with the toothbrush

Painting Countertops For A New Look

But you don’t have to wait three or even two weeks to make changes if you don’t like the color — that’s one of the benefits of working with inexpensive paint in lieu of solid surfaces or even laminates. And if you’re the type that sees something you like each time the new color palettes ar
The main difference is that it doesn’t have quite as high of a shine to it. Because this project requires a spray sealant anyway that gave it a glossy finish, everything worked out perfectly. One way to do this is to trace around the tiles and then cut just a little bit inside the lines. To keep t
It can also be coated with a thin layer of transparent sol-gel ceramic, polymer or wax to prevent ignition and is generally safe with the coating. Most aluminum pigments have an inert coating and the medium or binder in paints would further isolate the two chemicals from contact. It is apparently po

What Get Out Rust From A Cultured Marble Counter Top?

What get out rust from a cultured marble counter top? That is not stone, it is a fabricated plastic product from way back with a gel coat like finish. Try making a paste with bar keeper’s friend and let it sit like a poultice. You tried vinegar – how long did you leave it on there? Housekeepi
All you need are a few tricks and the appropriate materials. In any case, it is important to act quickly and clean the stain as soon possible. A home remedy that usually works for cleaning acid stains on floors is to use bicarbonate soda. And don’t forget to ventilate the room to avoid breathing i

How To Remove Stains From Your Marble Countertop

The porous nature of marble can also be a problem when maintaining the beauty and shine of your counter. Use your cleaning cloth to apply the baking soda paste to the area. Continue the process until the entire stain is completely gone. Immerse a cleaning cloth in warm soapy water and wash the resid

Remove Tobacco Stains From Marble » How To Clean Stuff.Net

However, if the stain is in one small spot, it is most likely a burn mark, not a stain. Add a squirt of dish liquid and a small amount of water to 1/2 cup of an absorbent powder, such as flour or cornstarch, to make a thick paste. Leave the poultice on the stain for several hours or overnight, then
Marble’s rich coloration and wonderful feel, make it a lovely gift for any household. Marble is known for its durability and for also having a delicate side. Marble is essentially made out of calcium carbonate and is really sensitive to dilute acidic liquids. Take this lathery water blend and star