But this beautiful, popular kitchen and bathroom countertop option is pricey—and for all its durability, it’s got a delicate side. Some folks consider etches part of a countertop’s character, while others opt to grind down the top layer and re-polish the surface when enough etches accumulate.

Tips For Removing Granite Stains From Countertops And More

Further, some cleaning methods can harm your item, so if what you want to clean or launder is sentimental or expensive call a professional. Some stains and messes just won’t come out, and are permanent. Frequently Asked Questions by marbleandgranite.comNatural stone can be dense or porous, and is

Same Day Marble Cleaning

Yet, regardless of its texture and character, marble will scratch, and lose its shine and luster if not maintained properly. Your polished marble floor, wall, countertop, vanity or shower can look brand new again when you call the professional marble cleaning contractor. Recognize that there are sev

Granite Marble Repair Polishing

We all love to have granite or quartz for our counter tops in kitchens and bathrooms as they are strong and durable stones. It is wise to get professional help in this case, as granite repair calls for technical expertise and experience. We will restore your granite surface to its original shine and
Always check your manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning your countertops, especially if they are made of natural material, such as stone or wood. Most spills can be cleaned with soapy water (you can use dishwashing liquid) or all-purpose household cleaner and a sponge. Be gentle with your co

Simple Ways To Get Scratches Out Of Marble: 14 Steps

With a little elbow grease, though, you can able to buff out many scratches, along with etch marks left by acidic substances. If there are any dirt or crumbs on the surface of the marble, you’ll grind it in when you sand it, and you’ll end up scratching the marble even worse. By wetting the marb

How To Remove Spray Paint From A Driveway

If you have a very small area on your driveway or patio that needs spray paint removed, these products work well and you should consider using them. This product is a pure phosphate and must be used carefully. Scrub the area vigorously using back and forth and circular motions. I accidentally got sp
Marble’s rich coloration and wonderful feel, make it a lovely gift for any household. Marble is known for its durability and for also having a delicate side. Marble is essentially made out of calcium carbonate and is really sensitive to dilute acidic liquids. Take this lathery water blend and star
You may remember that in our kids/guest bathroom that we did herringbone tiled floors. We were actually really bummed when they were damaged beyond repair during the reno. The large size of the tile not only suited the big room, but meant they were very quick to lay. I literally put in their hands,