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The BEST Soap Scum Remover {DIY Picture Tutorial}

The cornstarch helps thicken the mixture so it will stay on your shower walls so the other ingredients can do the work for you! Keep stirring until you notice your mixture starting to change consistencies. You won’t want to get to this step and have to change bowls! It will have changed to more of a gel texture by this point! If you haven’t noticed it is in most homemade cleaner recipes. I used the dawn, vinegar and cornstarch but can you make a double or triple batch and can you just store it in the cabinet? I would not suggest spaying it on when the vinegar is still warm. You can buy a super cheap shampoo or bar soap instead if you like. I detest this job, not just because it’s gross, but because it hurts my shoulder and neck! But if you really want to get rid of the scum, you need the cornstarch to thicken it up so it won’t just drip down and not do the job. I love the dawn, vinegar, cornstarch….works great for the soap scum! I have not been able to get our shower door haze free in the 12 years we have lived in our house……except today! I sprayed and let it sit for about 10 minutes then wiped it with a damp washcloth. I have a hard time getting them clean and shiny and getting the water spots off. You want it to be gel like so it will cling to the sides of your tub or shower. Let me know what you think of it after you try it ! You can do it when you shower or at another time, but it really does work. If your doors are etched from the hard water they will be clean but never look clear. Right now it’s a blend of clove, eucalyptus, lemon, thyme and cinnamon.

How To Clean Grout With A Homemade Grout Cleaner by

Want a simple trick for cleaning grout in your shower, bath, or kitchen? I ended up with this grout cleaner recipe which only has 2 ingredients, and it worked great! Apply the paste to the dirty grout lines and let it sit for 30 minutes. If you have a handheld shower head, use that; otherwise just use a damp rag and rinse it out often as you wipe the cleaner away. So if you’re not totally impressed with how sparkling white your grout is right when you finish rinsing it, wait a few hours until it dries! And if you use a washcloth or rag to wipe the cleaner off, make sure it’s something that’s okay to be bleached. Luckily the grout in the house wasn’t nearly as bad as it had been in the apartment, but it still needed a good cleaning. It has a plastic handle and a line of stiff blue bristles on one side and a wider line of softer white bristles on the other. I don’t usually like to buy weird specialized cleaning doohickeys, but this really was worth it. Lazy people like me can use an electric toothbrush with an old head! When we built our house, we opted for a “marble” looking tub surround. This was the last ditch effort before we were going to just have the tub re-grouted. I have used it in a few rooms now and find it lasts quite a while, shower cubicles perhaps need attention more often. But it’s a really good idea to protect your eyes, even just from the vapors! I cannot believe this chemicalreaction is good for our health though, so i advise everybode to use your brains, and not breath in de chemicals that come from blending those two ingrediënts. Make sure you are wearing old clothes or something you don’t care about. I put together a quick video to show you just how easy it is! I don’t have 30 different types of chemical cleaners laying around! Even if you do pretty well doing a regular wipe-down, it seems like the grout always needs to be tackled separately. Our grout looks amazing now, and it took him only about a half hour. I don’t remember what it cost but whatever it was it was worth it. It’s much easier to clean, not so many crevaces for ick to grow in. We tried everything….bought the expensive grout cleaner with the grout sealer…scrubbing with magic eraser and bleach until my fingers burned…the list goes on and on. I am going to try it out on the next weekends and see what my bathroom will look like. Test it by buying a tester pot and paint it on just over the grout so there is not so much cleaning off before spending to much dosh. Debbie pointed out, make sure there is waaay waaay of fresh air… you might not get in to trouble to soon.

My Painted Shower by

I wrote about the process has become one of my most popular, probably because (much like my paper bag flooring) it’s just an unusual concept. Adam is actually the shower scrubber in our house, he uses cleaner and one of those handheld bristle brushes (the same one he uses to clean our car tires) to scrub it. He fixed it all up, and also gave the cracked grout between the tub and the tiles a fresh layer. The reason being is the tub moves ever so slightly (like when you fill it with water) and this will cause grout to crack, where caulk is flexible. I think it’s a great (and cheap!) way to cover up outdated tile that is driving you crazy. Also, it turns out that my grandmother had painted tile in her bathroom. I have used this product on two bathtubs in the past and it was a nightmare. I am looking at redoing one of the in the next couple of weeks and was looking for something a little easier. I agree with you it’s not a permanent fix, but it’s definitely a good “get you through” option until you can do a more involved upgrade. Any old silicone residue will cause your paint to not stick. I came across your page because i’m about to take this kinda thing on and wasn’t sure how to do it. This looks relatively easy and i’m looking forward to getting rid of the outdated hunter green and white checked tile. We bought a house 11 years ago that was built in 1950 with five bathrooms. There was tile surrounding the tub, on the other walls and on the floor. A thick wire was nailed to the studs, then a layer of concrete was floated onto the wire, then another layer of concrete was floated onto that, then the tile was inbedded in the concrete. Currently have two guys with large hammer jacks working trying to remove the tile now. Last count they had carried out 66 buckets of tile and concrete. Rustoleum doesn’t recommend it, is it because it won’t withstand industrial strength wear? I would love to be able to get rid of that heinous tile color until we can afford to do a full-on reno of the room. They have different coatings for use over any surface, including tile. Porch paint or acrylic with a polyurethane topcoat will work just fine. Do you happen to know if there any way to tint or add color to this to make it more gray? Do you want to paint the tiles too, or just the grout? This particular bath has hunter, plum, and a burgundy tile as accents. My only question would be, do you think that there is enough product in a 1qt box to do both the walls and the tub, or is it a proj ect that definitely requires 2? Also, curious if anyone was able to find out if the paint comes in any colors other than white? The problem is that you should never put grout where the tub and the tiles meet, you always caulk instead. It remained in perfect condition until we moved several years later. For weeks, it stank (and this was during the summer when the window was open 24/7). My gma has since passed away and that bathroom still looks great 30 years later! The tile held up really well, but the tub chipped in a few spots. My only tip is if you have old caulking, make sure to scrape it off and then scrub it off before you paint. Did you have any leftover or you used the entire batch? I wanted it all gone as the tile was a mixture of dark blue, light blue, pink and yellow. There is 2 and 1/2 inches of concrete and tile that is being removed. They are filling buckets with tile and concrete and hauling the stuff downstairs to the outside. That being said, if you’re planning to replace it in a few years anyway and just need a quick fix for now it might be worth a shot. The kink in the process might be the floor, and whether or not it should be painted (it’s ceramic tile). By that time we’d have the funds to tackle ripping all the tile out and starting new. So thank you for making it super super easy to pin your posts. Every time someone used the tub, the little chips grew and soon the whole bottom of the tub was an ugly, blue-and-white blotchy mess. I painted my bathroom walls and sink that were tiled pink, with this product and it has held up perfectly for three years now. I just couldn’t figure out a cheaper/faster/easier way to update the pink-tiled master bath. I really really don’t want it a stark white… can the mixture be tinted at all? Any idea on how the paint would do over nasty, gross grout? Do you know if you’d have to paint all one color or do you think you could tape off and create an accent? Would you think it would be okay if this bath is rarely used? How long before you used your shower after you finished painting it?

How To Refinish Outdated Tile Yes I Painted My Shower by

I wavered about doing something with the tile in our master bathroom for a long time. I didn’t want to rip it out and re-tile…in our forever house, yes, in this house, not gonna happen. Then use your brush to cut in the edges and corners, just like you would if you were painting a wall. The tile paint is so freaking ridiculously strong, it’s insane. That’s all fine and dandy and obviously worked for some people, but my roller left tiny raised hairs all in my paint. Use a liner and throw it away after each coat, even if the paint in it looks dry and safe to pour over. With that being said, here is the final product…it looks so bright and clean! I used to think it was white, but against the ultra white paint it looks gray and dingy (it looks better in pictures than in person). It’s smooth and shiny and really doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere. It looks like brand new tile – and now the grout will be easier to clean too! I have seen all the products, but was always a little skeptical. These transitions should always be filled with a good caulk. I guess that would explain why it was in such terrible shape! It is a common misconception that one should caulk between the tub and tile. We moved in and the fiberglass showers were pristine white. There just might be a light at the end of this tunnel! We want to fill in gouges from removing nails and replacing with deck screws. I ran into the garage and got a small paint brush and a small nap roller to continue the job before too much time passed and it worked beautifully! So questions: 1) caulk is a problem, but obviously not grout, right? Obviously these hold up to water, but any reason to think this wouldn’t work on tile floors that will get a little more wear and tear than the shower walls? We didn’t really have any caulk, but what we did have was cracked, chipping, and missing in grout in the corners and edges. In my opinion you shouldn’t even have to clean showers, their whole existence is centered around soap and water…they should be self-cleaning. Neither are pleasant, but as soon as you graduate to solid food toddler diapers you realize those newborn diapers basically smelled terrific. The new paint will re-energize the old stuff, just enough to leave tiny, bumpy, gelatinous spots all over your nice smooth paint job and make you want to hurt somebody. We resurfaced our tub – not us, we paid someone – five years ago, and the smell! I didn’t know if there were any cleaners that were damaging. The tub flexes and causes the grout to weaken leading to leaks/mold. Because tile jobs, mostly the grout are not water proof, water will get behind the tile and caulk simply holds it in causing water damage and mold. I didn’t know that painting bathroom tile was even a possibility! We are thinking of using restoleum deck painf to resurface our wooden deck we just made into a fpglassed in sunroom, diy using recycled glass doors, 14. Anyone used rustoleum on deck and can tell us how it looks or works. Then wash your roller, let it dry then do the sticking tape trick all over again. Pieces of the foam started sticking to the tile, it was awful! Glad you were able to fix it before it caused too much of a headache. Also, did you tape off the taps and faucet or did you remove them? But hey, if it’s something you are planning on ripping up anyway then it can’t hurt to experiment, right?

Bengal Cat Facts by

Bengals also shine in the light with a glitter that permeates through every hair shaft! Both spotted and marbles are often tri-coloured with various shades forming the unique markings. They do have spots or marbling, though you may only be able to see their markings in certain lighting conditions. They are often quite naughty and can be a handful, they are not for the inexperienced or nervous cat owner! They love water and many will drink straight from the tap (faucet) and watch their humans in the shower or bath tub! The life expectancy is the same as many other cats: 14 – 16 years. So there is sometimes a delay from when you first comment to me approving it. It sounds to me like your neighbour has not neutered her cats? Unless she is a breeder, there is no need to have un-neutered males. Mom is 5 yrs old weighs 9 # and goofey son is a year old and weighs 16#. I need to start keeping my eye open at some of the shelters. What is the cost of buying a bangle from a breeder.? Quite often breeders will sell older cats that have retired from their breeding programme. Bengals that end up there are most often not well socialize and have nasty habits. Also, if you fi nd a breeder selling kittens for a few hundred that’s also cause for alarm. I frequently make an attempt to more my knowledge of factors. I recall the old times when the only source of info was the library or even the newspaper. I now have 4 kittens and 2 so far are going to their forever home in about 6 weeks. I like it when someone takes 2 so they have a playmate and especially their own brother or sister. Casanova likes to escape and when he does, he is gone for hours…sometimes days! He howls all night long, letting out some pretty scary sounds. We also went through a phase where he was marking me! She comes from a wonderful breeder that socialized her with 5 other kittens and other older cats. They are very smart and catch on quick, if he or she doesn’t get a reward for the nipping it will almost stop. Through careful breeding, this aim has definitely been achieved! The back legs are slightly longer than the front ones, which give an arch to the back when standing in a certain position. They are affectionate and it’s not unusual for them to form a great loyalty to a single member of the household. If you’re shy and you close the bathroom door – that loud miaow will soon be heard! Bengals are no more aggressive than your average domestic kitty! They will be less aggressive if neutered, will spray much less (if at all), and they are at reduced risk of cancer when they get older. They will be much less frustrated and happier in themselves if they were ‘done’. I was new to the neighborhood and didn’t want a confrontation. Today “mom & son” are absolutely in love and a totally devoted pair. There are bengals all the time of varying ages that need homes. Majority of shelter bengals are mixes between bengals and domestic shorthairs. Our kittens are always spayed and neutered before going to their new homes, except for the rare occasion we sell a breeder. We had a choice of 2…a dark marble with green eyes, or a white marbled one with beautiful blue eyes. As he grew his color changed to a creamy white base with chocolate colored patches. He is a loving little guy, thinking he needs to be with me constantly! He is so ecstatic being with you that he gives you a love bite. She seems to do this when i am not paying any attention to her and she has been left alone all day with me at work. Just have paitence with her and do what the other person does and say no.

Not Martha — To Make: Bath Bombs by

The problem is that the instructions call for you to mix all the wet ingredients together, which is great, but since my baking soda is pretty well moist without me adding anything to it, none of my skin-softening oils or yummy smelling essential oils were making it into the bomb either. Baking soda is baking soda, you can get it in any grocery store. Best bet is to buy essential oils from a local natural foods store that you can sniff first. Mine seem to float, or rather try to launch themselves right out of the water, the fizzing is so strong. If you’re going to go this route remember, make sure the food coloring doesn’t contain sugars, for the same reason we’re avoiding corn starch (see note above). When it’s mixed, add it back to the mixture in the bowl and whisk until evenly dispersed. When ground to a powder the citric acid will float in the air and make you cough (well, it makes me cough), use a mask and keep the area well ventilated. I usually only need two squirts to get the mixture to a moist crumbly stage at this point. It’s very true that if you get it too wet it will set off the reacti on even if it doesn’t appear to. I let them sit for a few moments in the mold then unmold them veeeery carefully (don’t twist!) by allowing them to fall out of the mold one half at a time. Problem: it won’t hold, it really won’t, a bomb that big won’t hold even with nothing inside of it. This is a very nice bunch of people who are eager to help and and have an immense collective knowledge, even if you’re a quiet lurker you’ll learn a lot. Which is great because there is always the chance you will set the mixture fizzing. We were using a corn starch based powder to keep her dry, and the rash was getting painfully worse. A big lie, some special sort of glitter or is it not a problem? Let me say though, the glitter ones do leave glitter in your tub (and on you). My first few attempts failed pretty miserably because of this. Epsom salts you can buy in any drugstore, in the medicinal aisles — it usually comes in a cardboard quart or pint milk container, somewhere around with the rubbing alcohol and bulk petroleum jelly. It’s true that without it the bombs are less likely to float, but you know, ack. Commerical producers apparantly don’t use corn starch because it is more expensive, and cornstarch is fine for you, it’s actually great for you skin. I use epsom salt because it’s cheap and there isn’t enough in the recipe to justify using expensive bath salts. I read people have a lot of success at this and that the bombs show shape very well, or pretty much anything else that makes a pleasing shape and seems like it would unmold easily enough. I have purchased a few fragrance oils online and am consistently disappointed with the quality. I had to go to bed stinking of very fake chemical raspberry because it would not wash off. If you’re not fond of bath oils leave out the nut oil at this step. I have only experimented with small amounts of food colorings, not yet any dry pigments. Drop the coloring in a few drops at a time and mix, it should disperse after a while, make the color more intense than you intend it to be for the finished product. This will probably not be enough coloring to affect the color of the bath water itself. But this isn’t baking so the measurements can be sloppily approximate without ending in disaster. Whisk or sift the dry ingredients together really well to get the citric acid dispersed evenly throughout. I pour the oil/glycerin/water mixture into this and shake it before spraying. As a result the bomb will not fizz when you’re ready to use it. If they begin to react you’ll see little, well, warts appear on the surface, eeek. I let them dry wrapped loosely in towels for at about a day. Some people sort of “cure” or harden the outer layer by spritzing them with witch hazel. Be aware that if you added bath oil to the bomb it will leave the surface of your tub slippery, so be very careful. I could fit a small tightly folded washcloth, a small rubber ducky, some of those sponge pills, a small glycerin soap and a nail brush which would pop to the surface as the bomb worked away. Don’t use them if they look or smell funny, don’t run with scissors, call your mother. The mixture molded and unmolded without any problems, we’ll see if the bombs hold together. My poor daughter had a horrible diaper rash when she was about a year old. As soon as we took away the corn starch, it started getting better. I don’t know where you could find them these days, my best suggestion is to look for things which come in round packages and see if anything could work. I doubt it was more that six of approximately the size of a plum. The mix is literally forcing it’s way out of the sides of the mould halves! I check on them the mix has grown larger and larger outside of th e halves…! It worked beautifully and it is food grade so that should not be a problem. I squished them back together with my hands, but now they look like drop-scones rather than bath bombs! It has a very pleasant smell, and colors the bombs a nice sandy color. I just maybe a tablespoon of witch hazel with 2 c of soda, 1c of citric acid and 1 c of epsom salts. I quick rinse and swish with a sponge in your next shower cleans up the problem (or leave it for a while – it’s kinda nice – like fairy dust). Michael’s craft doesn’t seem to carry it and neither does the local drug store.

Safe Step Tub Complaints and Unbiased Customer Reviews by

At 11:30 someone called without identifying themselves, and it may or may not have been your rep. But some (younger) family members are not as consistent, leaving a buildup. Safe step sent another crew & they couldn’t install, wrong drain location. I guess the fourth time will be a charm, shower walls & floor have to be taken out & replaced. Im not able to take a bath because the drain doesnt work properly and hasnt for a week now. Luckily my brother heard me calling so he could go to the garage to the electrical panel to shut it down. I took another bath a few months later and the same thing happened. I have to pay to have a service person come out even though that was not a lifetime warranty. I think that cleaning the tub needs to be gone over better at installation. I thought this weird, but figured it must be some new technology. Even if the tub is full and both the water and air jets are turned on water splashes over the top and onto the floor. As it turns out they cut a hole in the living room wall opposite the existing tub to make the installation easer. They where assured that the wall would be like new and ready for paint! Now we come to find the tub is not only 2 inches longer but is 3 inches wider! House said he would need to make some calls and call us back the next day, never called! House several times over the next few days and finally got a call back from him, he read me a note from the installer more or less recounting the tub size conversation with my mom. I even offered to pay for the exchange if the cost was reasonable. House said he needed to check somethings and would call me by 5pm the next day. At the very least my parents deserve to have the living room wall and tub installation done properly! You’ll find mixed reviews, however quality is typically remarked as being very high on these walk in bathtubs. He told me that he would call me back at 9:05 (his words) and he never did. Using the cleaner recommended by our installer, a family member with lung problems started coughing, so it is apparently toxic to some degree. Very little elbow grease is required, so you can do this sitting in a drained tub. I will forward this to the company – much better than the expensive stuff they recommended. Called in again and got transfered several times and was told to leave a message and someone would call back. Today, the service dept was supposed to come and correctly install the covers on the bars as well as the tub valve that holds and releases the water, only holds the water but will not release the water from the drain once filled. Im pissed right now and hopefully someone will come and fix the tub. I had a service person come in but the tub worked find while he was here. I called safe step for the repair they directed me to the people that they contracted to install it but are now not allowed to work on the safe setp tubs. One installer told me to just wipe the tub down with vinegar. Even if the salesman did not warn you to fill the tube before using the higher jets (mine did), you need to think about the logic of using your tub. If the tub is not completely full within three or four inches of the top, and they are turned on water splashes everywhere. This can create a safety hazard if you do not put towels on floor to absorb the water. It makes me sad so many have had issues, but grateful that we have not. We live in an older home & had to have a 20amp thing installed. They did remove door molding and they did make holes to get wires through and they put everything back and patched it all and you couldn’t tell anything had been disturbed. I know why the installers filled it with cold water instead of hot water, they didn’t want to show me you can’t fill it without an extra large tank which we cannot afford. Now she gets a shower with the hand held just as before we got it. My parents where told that they (the installation crew) would patch the wall but don’t paint so my parents would have to get that part done on their own. I drove 600 miles to paint the wall for my parents, expecting to paint the patched wall. The caulking around the tub was extremely sloppy laid on very thick in some spots and none in others! The installer told her they had one 2 inches longer and the next day showed up with it with out an okay from my mother! If you are elderly you may want to have an advocate for you over see the installation! I am so sorry for your parents and their installation problem a year ago. It is now the 7th business day and my walk in shower has not been totally installed. He shows up when he chooses to and calls me today at three that he was not able to come in.

Kate’S Honest Norwex Reviews by

Feel free to add your opinion of the products in the comments. Just make sure to wash/dry it with lint free items (like jeans). Necessary for me and probably others when it comes to trust and confidence in what you are pushing. Norwex microfiber is that it picks stuff up and just doesn’t like to let it go. If it’s a shower curtain you’re referring to, you can do the same thing although it’s a bit awkward since it’s not rigid. Mold grows in damp places so the dryer the shower, the less chance of mold. It seems like a small bottle, and that’s a lot of money to pour down the drain! It cleaned the pipe but now it seems to need to use it about once a month or things slow down. You put the baking soda down the drain and leave it sit a few minutes. Do not use the water straight from your tub faucet if cleaning your tub drain unless you have instant hot water. I live in a single income home with my husband, 2 kids and a dog and the cost of things is important to me. It makes short work of muddy paw prints and dried up milk/yogurt/jam spills that your kids “forgot” to wipe up. Like the title says, these are indispensable if you’ve got small kids. If it’s soaked so much that it’s dripping, just wring it out and keep wiping. If you find that your window cloth is leaving streaks, it’s time to wash it. The base is way smaller than the mops making it impossible to clean the corners. Norwex stands behind it’s products and if you aren’t happy with your mop, you can return it for a full refund. The mop will get under absolutely anything and using only water to clean is fantastic! If you read closely, you’ll find another word that was “auto-apostrophed” in multitude throughout my blog that should not have been. If you’re finding your cloths are looking a bit grimy or feel stiff, the best way to freshen them up is to put them in a pot of water on the stove with a bit of dish soap. This will loosen the dirt/makeup and you’ll likely be disgusted by the colour of the water ;0). Just make sure that at the end, you’ve rinsed out all the soap. I would like to know how to do this and has it been proven? Wipe the shower with the cloth, wring it out and use it to dry the shower as much as possible. They feel a bit different than all the other e-cloths as they’re 100% polyester instead of the polyester/polyamide mix. I get it posted here) and have yet to find something that they don’t dust well. The e-cloth screen cleaning pack will be kinder to your screens. I started using it that drains almost become addicted to cleaners. It is somewhat effective but you’re going to need a lot of it over the years and that’s going to add up. You want the water to be very hot the whole time you are washing this down the drain.

James River Cottage by

It can accommodate up to five people with three cozy bedrooms – one with a queen bed, one with a double bed, and the third bedroom with a twin day bed. Central heat and air make the cottage a year round destination. Original vintage brass wall lights and mirrors are in each bedroom. You can enjoy our 180 foot pier for sitting or fishing or crabbing. Guests sometimes find it hard to leave the cottage to explore the area. You have so many options and never enough time! You just drive your car on and are directed where to park. With observation decks and lovely views, everyone loves the ferries — especially children who can feed the seagulls bread off of the back of the boat. My mother and father purchased the cottage next door in 1947. Our two cottages are the only cottages level with the beach providing “walk out the door” access to the river and beach. Smithfield (about a 30 minute drive) is a great spot for antiquing, shopping. Smithfield also has several excellent restaurants for lunch or dinner. The bathroom has hardwood floors as does the entire cottage. Parking area provided on the property for one vehicle with one overflow spot on the street. Owner has three properties side-by-side with three lots for lawn and gardens. These properties have been in her family for more than 65 years. The river is very shallow near the shore and is safe for children. It has a floor to ceiling bookshelf – complete with a kid’s section! Oh, and what a well-equipped kitchen and new appliances! The linens and bath towels (thirstiest ever) gave a lux feel to the whole experience. This cute little cottage is a great location as a home base for visiting the many attractions and relaxing in between. Deena is quite a good property manager of her family cabin and we tried to respect the property which has been in her family since 1938. Front seat people refused to listen to the directions you had carefully given me. Shallow river offers great location for children to play with no jelly fish. Combine the best of historic sight seeing with a wonderful beachfront setting. The cottage is level with the beach so there are no steps to climb to re ach the beach. Our cottage is a perfect size for a couple but works equally well for a small family of four or five. The cottage is delightful and the location is wonderful – very close to all the historic and entertainment sites in the area. We provide luxury bed and bath linens, terry cloth robes, beach towels, and bath toiletries and paper products for the bath and kitchen. Our waterfront cottage is a luxury beach cottage recently renovated to provide a wonderful, relaxing retreat. Enjoy our waterside deck that runs the full width of the cottage and has a gas grill, dining table and chairs, and chairs for relaxing and watching the river sights. When you do decide to leave, you can spend your time visiting the many historic and entertainment sites close by. The ferry is not noisy and provides lots of entertainment for children (or adults) who like to sit on the beach or deck and count the cars going on and off. The ferry provides an easy, quick and fun 15 minute ride across the river. The tide comes in and goes out very slowly every 12 hours, so it is great for children to play in. Most of the other four cottages are set high on a bluff or cliff with steps to climb. We have two cottages -one space for each and one over flow space. Guests may use the owner’s 180′ pier for fishing, sunbathing, or just sitting enjoying the river views both day and night. This adorable cottage is beautifully furnished and decorated. I love to eat healthy and well, so we balanced our picnic lunches with more involved dinners that kept us fortified and satisfied. The cottage is small, (we used the third bedroom as our closet/storage) but comfy and nice socializing area for small groups. I think you will also appreciate the marine theme; with its aqua/turquoise and lavender color scheme. You will lack for nothing – she has thought of your every need. Deena had many suggest on where to eat and what to see and how to accomplish all with ease. We sat on the deck and the pier, dipped our toes in the water, watched the ferry come and go, and explored this historic area.


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