The London Pass…Worth It Or Scam?

You need really to look at what you want to do and compare the individual ticket prices to the pass fee. A lot of the museums they list are free anyway – but you just need to do the math to see if it would be a bargain for you. You’ll only need a zone 1-2 travelcard and you can buy that much cheaper directly at the underground stations. It can save money if used right, but it doesn’t save as much time as it used to. I was a bit discouraged about having bought the pass but my husband reminded me that it also acts as a fast pass so you don’t have to stand in lines as long. I felt like this was a reasonable number of attractions to visit in 6 days, we did not feel rushed. It did take awhile for them to ring our passes up at many locations since they are apparently in the middle of a system change and many locations had to manually key in our card numbers. One reason was our family’s touring style–no one wanted to leave an attraction until they’d seen everything. We didn’t have enough time to visit enough attrations in one day. Also we were disappointed that we coudn’t visit the london acquarium. Whether the attraction element is worth it depends on where you plan on going. If you plan on going to lots of fee charging attractions (ie about 2 per day) you can make a saving. The travel option (a zone 1-6 travelcard) is definitely a waste of money. You might just invest in a couple day pass and see the free museums on the other days. If it’s used for at least two or three sights in a day, it will be worth it. No other attraction we visited had any line of more 3-5 minutes long. If you do get the pass, be sure to carry your book with you. All day long we had a rushing feeling, so we did not enjoy the attractions as we could have. But than you may have to visit attractions that you don’t want to. Perhaps one hour is not long enough for the acquarium, but at least we would have the idea to gain more value.

Top 10 Credit Cards by

Sainsbury’s bank may offer a 0% interest period of 25 or 22 months depending on your personal circumstances. The rate shown here is the rate you will receive if accepted for the card. Compare cashback cards, use our air miles comparison or consider other rewards. Our comparison shows the fees and interest for foreign transactions and cash withdrawals. If you apply online it should take about ten minutes and you usually get an instant decision. After the first 3 months earn up to 1% depending on how much you spend. The duration of the introductory offer may vary depending on your personal circumstances. No balance transfer fee (3% balance transfer fee charged initially and fully refunded within 60 days) applies to transfers made within your first 3 months. The duration of the introductory offer may vary depending on your personal circumstances.

Britain’S Most Expensive House On Sale For £90 MILLION With 21 Bedrooms by

Situated at the rear of the property is a mews house which includes a garage large enough for four limousines. The property boasts 50, 000 sq ft of living space, making it one of the capital’s largest private homes. Details on the interior are sketchy, but there is believed to be a magnificent double staircase and a huge ballroom. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. The property features an extensive entertaining space which is served by a new glass lift – perfect to show off the pricey pad.


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