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Custom sculptures and statues highlight and bring out the hidden details and quality of your home. Make your home stand out with fine stone counter tops and islands. Countertops, vanities, tile floors all improve the look and value of your home. Nothing spruces up a kitchen better, faster, and easier than new countertops.

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We sat down with several stone care experts to learn how best to care for granite countertops. Simple preventative measures can go a long way in protecting granite countertops. Kornet also recommends cleaning up spills and moisture as soon as possible. Our experts recommend sealing most granites, but the timeline can vary depending on use and which sealer was applied. It is typically as easy as spraying the product on and then wiping off the excess. Granite is a durable material, but like all surfaces, it does require regular maintenance.
How To Clean Granite And Stone Countertops Magic | Duration 2 Minutes 9 Seconds It’s important to read labels—most major brands of cleaners make a version that is safe for stone surfaces. He notes that people often use dish detergent to clean their granite countertops, which he does not recommend. Make sure to use cutting boards, trivets, and cooling racks. Check the manufacturers recommendations for how the product should be applied.

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We specialize in marble & granite countertops fabrication. We know your countertop plays a huge role in the way your kitchen interior will look, so you can be sure we will dedicate as much time as you need on helping you find the right one. We are fully licensed, insured, bonded, and certified with the state. We have more than 10 years of experience in the business. The installation itself will have the mark of excellence which our team leaves on every job we do!

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The of Magic for Granite We specialize in the fabrication of countertops and other products from marble and granite, and we also offer outstanding masonry services. We have a large factory where we fabricate all manner of marble and granite products, including countertops. Using materials and products of superb quality, as well as top-grade equipment and gear, we can take on the most challenging and demanding jobs and will match any requirements you might have. In addition to fabricating, we also provide countertop installation services. Additionally, we can install cabinets and perform masonry repair work. We offer warranties on our services and products, as well as free estimates, advice, and consultations.

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Let it sit overnight to see whether a stain or discoloration develops. When used as a countertop, the granite needs to be properly sealed. A sealant will drastically slow down the rate at which your countertop absorbs a liquid. But experts recommend you reseal the countertop every six months to a year. Talk to your home improvement store to find out how to make your own and how to apply it. Day-to-day countertop cleaning is easily accomplished with a simple soft cloth or sponge and some gentle dish detergent and water. Keep reading to find out how to safely clean your granite countertops. Always test your cleaning product on an inconspicuous area first. An unsealed granite countertop may absorb water, grease or other liquids, leaving a permanent stain. You can find granite sealer at any home improvement store — just make sure you choose one that’s water and oil resistant. If you’re wary of chemical sealants, you can also seal your countertop with an eco-friendly wax. Between sealings, you should also clean your granite countertop with care. And remember, those “magic sponges” do contain mild abrasives.

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No matter the kind of bathroom or kitchen you have, we’re ready and able to help you. Our team of hardworking professionals has what it takes to help you capture your vision and get the job done right the first time. We specialize in remodeling, countertops, cabinets, and more!

Countertop Magic Cleaner Spray For Cleaning Marble, Granite, Formica And Laminate | Duration 1 Minutes 48 Seconds With us, you can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the final results and that the final product will last for many years. They’ve never let me down they do fabulous work they’re very professional they clean up after themselves and they don’t disappoint. Fifteen years ago, we started this company from scratch with the goal of helping homeowners upgrade the cabinets and countertops in their homes so they can have the dream home they always envisioned. We can work in homes of all sizes, both big and small, and ages. Give us a call today to learn more about the services we offer.
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