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We touched up the baseboard paint while we were at it, which had gotten kind of beat up by all the grout-slinging, and went around the door frames (where there couldn’t be trim) with white silicone. And the trim was a little warped after sitting in the garage overnight to dry (after we painted it). We added the double doors between the bedroom and bathroom, at least. I pull clothes right out of the dryer and hang them up in the closet. We were long distance and a lovely neighbor would periodically send picture updates. I like the black grout, and that quarter round made a huge difference. Congratulations on master bedroom/bath perfection in 2012! Still want to add a bathroom downstairs (we only have one upstairs), and fix up one bedroom to be an office and art studio. Adding that tiny trim along the tile floor made all the diffference in the world. You are so lucky to have all that space to work with. We’re renting a house right now due to relocating recently and the bedroom wall connecting the master bath has a gap at the top, carpeting all the way through (hate that!) and no door whatsoever leading into the bathroom (just an opening). Does it go with the architecure or with the outside landscaping? My parents had a home with redwood siding which they painted and repainted yellow about every 4 years. My kitchen became the mudroom because few people would walk all the way across the house to put their stuff in the front closet. Is the wall between your bedroom and bathroom only partial height? We have talked about taking it all the way up but never acted on it. Most of you suggested that all we needed to do was install quarter-round along the baseboards to cover it up. Alessandra drapes in our master bedroom, so they had to kind of coordinate. What an improvement the little trim makes to the grout! Your black and white floors look smashing now, and everything in your bathroom coordinates beautifully with your bedroom. We refinanced so we have the money, just have to get it all done! That little spot to the right of the black bench is just screaming out for a tall plant in a lovely pot. The framed mirror totally changed the look and feel of the room. The master closet is the same – the walls stop about 18″ from the ceiling so it’s all “connected”. Really comes in handy when the kids are sick, too…ha! It is my impression that redwood doesn’t hold onto paint very well (at least on the outside of a house). I love the idea of framing those giant builders mirrors with wood. We didn’t have a mudroom at our last house, and the door from the garage came directly into the kitchen. I just hope whenever we decide to sell that it won’t be a problem. If so, that wouldn’t be hard to fix, although now that you’re finished painting, you probably don’t want to start another project! Yes, that wall is only 8′ tall–it doesn’t go up to the peak in the vaulted ceiling.

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I started decorating it as an after-thought and that’s why it always kind of looked like one. Since then, we’ve given her an all-over paint job and some new jewelry (aka hardware) all on a tight budget. I love a touch of vintage which helps add uniqueness to any space. It definitely makes for some good hump day reading, don’t you think? Arden has one in the front bathroom so she can reach the sink and wash her hands and brush her teeth. We’ve done a couple of more little updates to the stool since then. It worked like a charm; water doesn’t seep into the unfinished wood and dirt stains wipe right up. Can you believe we haven’t had a place to put our towels this whole time? This definitely isn’t the house we’ll live in forever, and given the amount we knew we’d need to spend on the rest of the house, we didn’t want to price ourselves out of the neighborhood. The end product was fine but completely basic and underwhelming and, in my opinion, an utter waste of money for the mediocre end product. She can now climb up and turn on the faucet and wash her own hands. The color theme will be black and white (what else?) with brass. And don’t forget a graphic and contrasty pattern to make a statement. Even though we’ve been remodeling and updating our home for the past 6 or 7 months and still have some big projects to tackle (like the kitchen redo), we’ve made a ton of progress that we are really proud of. The first time we saw our house, we both shed tiny sad tears at the state of the master bath. So we knew that it would be one of the first rooms we would demo as soon as the keys were in our hands. There are a ton of options that way as well–sink cabinets come in several sizes and styles, you have several sinks to choose from, faucets, etc. I find it hard to update a house before you’ve actually lived in it, because you have to learn each other’s ways first! I wanted it to be fun for her with out being “kiddy” so no pink ballerinas will be adorning these walls!

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I asked my dad about it because he has rental property and he is pretty handy and he said that the project is more headache then it’s worth. On the flip side he said that the issue with a new shell isn’t putting it in, it’s physically getting it into the bathroom. Is there any way to get a new tub/shower shell in through a standard door frame? I didn’t do much diy with instructions on this project as there’s so much out there to learn from, but tiling isn’t too difficult but having a nice tile saw really helps. I started buying things and storing in garage to avoid an all at once expense. So basically six months, probably 3-4 if it was during school year without kids home. I also tried to get things plumb and flat from the get go to make tiling easier. I have thought about getting rid of my old drop in bath tub/shower shell and either redoing it nicely with tile or more realistically putting in a newer shell without stains and stuff. A new tub should fit fine as they go through door on their sides. I borrowed one with three different blades for each material. I started out doing a backsplash once, then an entryway floor and then powder room floor. Depending on the door sizes of your house you might be able to get one in if turned sideways at an angle.

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You enter the bathroom near the wall with the window (which will be frosted). My current idea for the accent wall is to use glossy black subway tile. The thinking here is that the glossy black tiles should act like a mirror and reflect the white subway tile. I will also most likely use the same thing for the back of the shower niche. Hand towels, picture frame/artwork, black soap, and maybe black switch/plug. Does a solid black wall clash with the black floor or cause the room to be unbalanced? Is the difficulty in cleaning the glossy black tile worth the effort? You can also specify what kind of room you want (eg . Most changes were done in an effort to make this small bathroom seem larger. All the other walls would be white subway tile with platinum grout. Would a glossy black reflective accent wall be a terrible idea? What tiles are you thinking of using for the wall vs the floor? I would suggest moving the shower niche to the wall where the green sightline terminates.

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We also have a cast iron tub in there where is harder to get rid of. Sometimes spending a little more up front means you will save down the road. It looks dirty and now we have eleventy other projects that need doing before we go through the hassle of repainting and temporarily relocating a 2 year old. I now recommend these to all of my clients who are renovating! During the framing phase we put the blocking for the glass shower door hinges on the same side as the shower head. I don’t know if they make them in an antique brass finish, but it would use up one of your ‘extra holes’. They just cheapen the look of the space, there’s no getting around it. Meanwhile, no one uses that tub so there is no reason why it should be chipping. My mistake was hiring him by the hour rather than by the job. Do not let up on the punch list because you will regret it later when that dent in the ceiling is all you see while eating breakfast or that crooked vent in the bathroom is all you see when cleaning up for guests to spend the weekend. I also loved my pale blue 2×6 subway backsplash but again wanted to do something different and went with white painted brick in a herringbone, which is fine but kind of blah. I have two original frameless windows in the kitchen and took tile around them up to the ceiling. You can add as many temp sensors as you want and then tell it which sensor to read from when. It will change your bill but it does get the job done for the time being. It’s very helpful to see what it looks like after such a short amount of time. I thought there were sealants to protect it from staining? I think learning in our own homes – though rough – is better than in a client’s. He seemed so likable and confident during our meeting, but ended up screwing up a few things…like giving us a narrow corner cabinet that folds out instead of pushing it in (attached to a lazy susan). So instead we kept it and just had the tub and tile re-enameled. There is a built-in shelf on the opposite side and during framing it seemed to make sense. Affordable, works great and has the pull down spray and one lever. And now of course we have dark spots in a few places (think back hallway) where recessed lighting is really the only lighting option. They are the correct size according to the formula (a percentage of the height of your front door), but people are using oversized lanterns today, and the “correct” sized ones now look a bit small. I think this is why some folks are serial renovators — gives them the chance to do over again and again! My mechanical contractor mentioned that this would be a good idea for our home (which has the downstairs kitchen/den and upstairs master suite all lumped into one zone) so that you have the temp reading in the living space downstairs in the daytime and then you can bring it upstairs with you when you go to bed at night! It was a good choice, but the area under the single handle makes me crazy because it always seems to be wet from our compulsive hand washing habits. Plus now it looks even worse because we had a plumbing leak a year after reno and had to remove and replace some tile to access the leak and fix it. The guy also told my mom, are you sure you don’t want to get a new tub? Always better to spend more up front, though, and not deal with issues later! At night we have it read from my daughters room since it is the hottest and during the day, when everyone is gone, it reads from the downstairs where it is cool. Our kitchen is located over a garage, and in the winter, the floor gets super cold. I regret using the custom cabinet person we ended up going with. Same cabinet company built a kitchen desk for us which is absolutely ridiculous.

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Monica is a terrific project manager and any little bump in the road with timing or questions on logistics of fitting sinks to countertops – she totally had me covered. I guess it wasn’t important to them to see if we had any questions or if we could use any guidance. I wandered in one day to look at countertops, and no one offered to help me. You have to just figure out what you want, measure, and pick out the material. All he seemed to know about was how to dodge questions, most of which he was unable to answer, and ask the customer to figure it all out. Buyer beware when redoing your kitchen or bath or even looking for a marble top for a hutch. We were in a time crunch when we turned to them and they didn’t let us down. They do a very good job at coming up with excuses, as opposed to dealing with the problem. Once inside we were half-heartedly greeted by two teenage girls sitting behind a table, faces planted in their phones/laptops (most-likely on facebook). When we told them that we were looking for bathroom vanities they said, “all of our bathroom stuff is in that room over there.” and with a wave of her hand, she gestured in the general direction of a small corner room. I wanted it to be tasteful to go with my current kitchen cabinets and to be as functional as possible in my small dining room space. Make sure you question everything – even the depths of the drawers and the size of the cabinets. Make sure you ask to see the full function of the drawer or cabinet. Keep in mind when you do this, you have no repercussion if needed. My life is hectic enough and both of them made my life so much easier when it came to finalizing the remodeling of my master bath. I could relax knowing that when it came to the tedious details they were on the case and ready to handle the minor inconveniences that always pop up on any job. He also recommended a great contractor (who did good work quickly and efficiently for a reasonable price), and put us in touch with the fixtures vendor (where we got a great looking, affordable faucet). As with any major remodel project there are going to be some bumps and you have to stay on top of the project and ask questions. Other places were either selling me used car style, couldn’t be bothered to talk through their process with me or were really unprofessional. From beginning to end everything went as well as possible, even with hiccups of delayed countertops, etc. The two employees in the second-floor​ showroom stayed glued to their computers and summarily ignored us as we perused the marble samples. The employees had no other customer to attend to, but they never once even acknowledged my presence. We are not used to this type of illogical, lazy service. Lots of material to choose from, but absolutely no customer service or knowledge. They delivered right on time and have been nothing but absolutely amazing! Wandered in here last weekend while on the hunt for a couple new bathroom vanities. I work from home, so the purpose of this project was to provide more work/life balance regarding functionality of my space. They have many imperfections and even when you get replacement pieces (because you will), they will also have imperfections. We plan on using them again for a bathroom project as well. I very much appreciate their attention to detail and high levels of service. We went with their recommended tile company and contractor. We replaced our kitchen and 2 bathroom counters with quartz countertops. Michelle is very knowledgeable and was helpful in sticking to our budget.

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It doesn’t get much better than this peppy green and white trellis pattern, which infuses this bathroom with energy. I love how the brooding gray ceiling pulls out the gray threads in the marble on the vanity and floor. She could lead a college course in how to making the everyday extraordinary, and to rethink functional objects and make them fabulous. For instance, put your bubble bath and lotions in pretty decanters and pour your bath salts into apothecary jars. Then fill in with a few more accents, like a candelabra or an urn. So outfit your new bath with tools that make daily life easier, yet are loaded with style. For some reason, my family members were unable to hang wet towels on bars, preferring to drop them on the floor. I solved the dilemma by installing pretty hooks, so all they have to do is toss the towel. Julie did an artful job of making bath essentials pretty and accessible for her big tub. Everyone comments about how lovely that little space looks and how the art work is so beautiful. Love these bathrooms and all the ideas you show through them. I do have hanging vases, actually little test tubes in simple wire hangers on the wall in my guest powder room, but never thought of hanging them between towels. I have always just laid one there, but somehow my guests never use them, they always use the one on the towel hook. Would you show pictures of your lake house bathroom? I am going to work on art work for my guest bath and hooks for my master bath. When it comes to guest towels, perhaps you can use the basket on the stool to hold the “reserves” and place the towels for guests to use on the sink or on a hook by the sink. Gail, yes you can definitely hang artwork on top of wallpaper! I recently redecorated a powder room, adding a small ceiling chandelier, and counter lamp. I display in the corner area of my counter a beautiful tall glass container filled to the rim with special shell and each becomes a talking point. I love to hear what you all are doing in your homes to make them unique, beautiful, a place that fills you up. You might think that using a bright, bold wallpaper in a small powder room would be overwhelming, but one peek inside the gorgeous room in the photo above and you’ll become a believer. Even though it’s a bit on the contemporary side, it looks marvelous with the traditional artwork. Check out how this subdued combination of black, white and gray creates jaw-dropping drama. Then create some magic with contrasting colors on the door and ceiling. Plus, it’s so unexpected – it will catch your guests off guard. This space is no bigger than a closet, yet it’s packed full of art, enlivening every inch from floor to ceiling. Instead of hiding them away in a cabinet, why not create displays that make your toiletries beautiful? If you are redoing your vanity, consider using a piece of furniture to hold the sink, instead of a generic hardware store cabinet. Not only does the chest visually balance out the cabinetry on the other side of the room, it provides another spot for storage. It’s another touch of luxury that will make your bath inviting. Anne picked the perfect lamp to add interest to her master bat h vanity. In my home, that meant saying goodbye to towel bars and hello to towel hooks. They are easy for guests to find in this simple wire basket on the back of the stool and they look gorgeous. The yellow loofa serves as an unexpected focal point in this room, adding an arresting pop of color and organic texture. I placed art work, and rolled up towels with a few vintage baskets and even a wire basket to hold toilet paper. I went back to just putting out fingertip towels on the counter. One of the smallest things which you really did not talk about was hanging that vase of flowers on the hook between the towels instead of using a towel bar. Am going to try this and the basket of guest towels on the toilet tank top. Any suggestions on how to encourage them to use the guest towels instead? The picture matches all theexpensive wastebaskets, soap decanters, etc, and some of the same color of green with a pop of yellow. I know you need a picture, but don’t know how to load to this. Then, toss them in the laundry and replace with towels from the basket. As a factory direct window treatment company they offer window blinds and shades at guaranteed prices with benefit and high quality window treatment products.

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A previous owner had built this storage cabinet above the bathtub just on top of the tile surround. Congrats & now go enjoy a nice long soak in that tub! Take a break…it’s hot outside…chill and enjoy a much needed and deserved break. So much fine detail; it’s no wonder it took longer than you’d expected. I can’t get over how little it actually cost you (in money, not sweat equity obviously). Congratulations for achieving an amazing look and for getting through another huge and seemingly never-ending job! I am just so proud for you and know if you are not you should be popping buttons with pride at such an incredible job. You accomplish such tough things with style! It is elegant without being stuffy and it makes the hall look so open and accessible! I love how you spread the silver throughout the room and pulled the silver in the picture mat. You need a place to relax at night or a room to keep your supplies in. We have 2 very small bathrooms that are in desperate need of remodeling. My brother-in-law helped me wire the new lighting and outlets. It was originally an exterior window, but now it looked into the enclosed sunroom. It wasn’t functional at all because it was so deep that reaching the back of the cabinet was impossible. I can’t get over how cozy the room feels (without feeling cluttered or messy). The expense would easily have been twice that if you had paid contractors to do all that custom work. It doesn’t even look like it’s on the same planet as the old one. This gives the room glitter without a crystal chandelier that is the rage right now. I wish you could come to my house and tell me what to do and how to do it!

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I know we’ll spend a small fortune there but not on this one! Have to wait until we’re done with college tuition to do anything. We are getting a new floor, new toilet, new sink and vanity, and painting the walls. The only thing in the room that is even theoretically salvageable is the tile floor. I can see how we could have spent less or doubled our material costs. Take time to figure out which products you want and compare costs with different styles and brands. We saved mirrors, one tub, a pedestal sink and medicine cabinets. When a contractor is in charge you are not likely paying for every minute. Our 1987 house was in good shape- no mold or termite issues (something not even considered in the frozen tundra). Was going to be just a single sink/vanity (not enough room for a double), toilet and combined bathtub/shower. The quote does not include the cost of the toilet, sinks, tub and fixtures. Our master bath will require major renovation as we want to move walls and change things around. Everything torn out right down to the concrete subfloor and the wall studs. Right now the contractor is jackhammering up the concrete subfloor to move drains and water lines. You can give them the model number, but have they buy them. Had to do the work of finding and buying things but saved a lot instead of plumber’s pricing. For tile we made sure we had it all delivered at once- separate trips would generate more charges (bought tile from a local place). Don’t know totals for any given bathroom since we also did the kitchen, all floors and painting. You may have expensive tastes or quality preferences. We didn’t do any major remodeling as the basic layouts were good. They give the project quotes and if it takes longer or more trips have to be made you don’t get new charges. The even smaller bathroom with only a shower was going to cost more. Our neighbor is a contractor so we will probably have him do it. Remodeling is very expensive in our area and contractors are very busy. I also decided to save a bit of money and paint the walls and cabinetry myself. Fortunately, he had worked on a neighbor’s house that is the same floor plan as mine. When we bought our first home, it had four teeny bedrooms and one bath. When we bought the house, the only bathroom was on the first floor. I mean, can you imagine getting up in the middle of the night for a glass of water and having to go down 18 steps? Luckily for me, one of the bedrooms on the upper floor was ripe for a transformation. But it made a relatively large and luxurious bathroom for a home built in 1917. And, most likely, it will be the most expensive thing in the store. We went with a stock vanity and simple white countertop. It really does make it simple to keep the bathroom clean and organized. That has to be the biggest bang for your buck ever – you’ll recoup on that big time when you sell, and not to mention all of the enjoyment you’ve gotten out of it. You added some amazing value to your house with this project. Immediately, you’ll find something that you love and cannot live without. When you are renovating, make sure to think about what you will store in the space. I can’t wait until the day when we can put a dormer on the back which will become a bathroom and walk-in closet. Did you hire a plumber to hook it up to the downstairs bathroom?

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During our discussion, he told me something really surprising. I didn’t know folks were actually doing away with the tub altogether when renovating their master bath. He said no one really has time for soaking in a tub anymore and many felt having a bathtub in the master bathroom was just a waste of space that could be used for something more important, like additional vanity/cabinet space or a larger shower. Also, the water tends to slowly leak out through the little “over-flow” holes when filled to the top. What’s the first thing most folks do these days when buying an older home with carpet-covered hardwood flooring? I can’t help but think it eliminates some potential buyers who still enjoy a good old-fashioned bath. Does it feel drafty without a door or, are shower heads so great these days, you don’t even notice it? Comfort and being warm is high on my list of priorities when showering! I was thinking about something along the lines of a tub like the one in this beautiful bathroom. If you’re planning a master bath renovation, would you consider it? Have you renovated your master bath and eliminated the tub and now regret it? We now have a spa looking bathroom with a walk in shower with a bench at the end. It looks a little similar to the picture you posted with this article. My granddaughter deemed a shower in there as a 5 star experience. We have lived here 37 years & don’t plan to move! I soak in my tub every night and this keeps me out of the doctors office. Our bathroom does not feel crowded now and looks very open and pleasant to me. In the 1960’s the original owners added a master bedroom and bathroom, a teeny, tiny closet of a room with just enough room for a small shower. We currently have a walk-in shower and a large corner type tub. When choosing for your own reno, be true to yourself, especially if you will be there for a while. Our bathroom in general is pretty warm so the temperature is not an issue. I feel there should be at least one tub in the home for soaking. There need to be good sturdy bars on more than one side to help pull your self up. In the hall bathroom we did install a new, deeper soaking tub, in place of the basic builder tub that had been installed when we built the house. If your house if large enough that one bathroom would have the tub and the other bathroom only a shower, maybe that would be okay. None of the new homes out there have tubs in the master baths. We think it will be safer as we get older to walk into a shower instead of climbing in and out of a tub. I had a free standing home built in a maintenance free community. If one chooses a shower, it needs seating for various reasons. While he was here we started talking master bathroom renovations. Did you know that some folks who are renovating master bathrooms these days, are choosing to leave out the bathtub, instead opting to have just a really large, walk-in shower? My electrician is also a builder/contractor and he said a lot of his customers, especially those who live in older homes where the master baths aren’t that terribly big (like mine) feel a bathtub is a waste of space because they only take showers these days. He said that they keep the bathtub that’s near the children’s bedrooms, but often eliminate the one in the master bath. The tub in my master bathroom is pretty shallow, too shallow for a good soak. The water also gets cold really fast, so unless you keep adding more hot water every five minutes, you can’t soak very long. Then there were all the builders who decided porches were no longer needed with the advent of air condit ioning. I also wonder what effect it has on resale when it comes time to move. I don’t want to be any colder than necessary while taking a shower. It doesn’t appear to take up that much space, perhaps because it’s in a corner. Do you think it makes a home harder to sell down the road, or does that not really matter in the making of your decision? Would love to hear what you think about this latest trend in master baths! I now have more cabinet space, higher rise toilet – which is great and much bigger shower. We only take showers because it takes forever to fill up the tub and we really don’t like baths anyway. Few of us have time or inclination to soak in a big tub when we’re under 60. I have a large tub with a tv/blu ray player in my bath and would not trade it for nothing. I was the one that convinced my husband and builder to eliminate the tub in the master bathroom and am glad that we did. I think back then, in this area, they were lucky the bathroom was indoors! I personally wouldn’t want a master bath without a nice bathtub. Regarding the walk-in shower, we have really liked it, but you have to have space so the water stays within the boundaries of the shower. Soaking in a sea salt/epsom salt bath cleans the energy fields and allows the toxins released through the epidermis to restore health and peace of mind. I am a constant gardener but kneeling and squatting are not easy any more. We enlarged the shower and in the space where the jacuzzi sat, we had a nice long bench built with storage drawers underneath. The bigger shower, with a glass door and bench, and extra storage is great. So we still have a nice big tub for guests and grandkids! Also for young families with small children, you really need a bathtub. It took a long time and a lot of badgering my poor husband to install my granite countertops. Not sure if it has to do completely with overall size of shower space, or direction of spray, and/or pitch of floor. It was zero entry also, so no lip to step over upon entering.

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Of course, earliest uses of marble appeared mainly in public, religious, or government buildings due to the great expense and effort to quarry the material. This artistic and historical heritage has lent the material a considerable degree of cultural power, and it has become a global symbol of refined taste and sophistication. Because the process to quarry the stone was long and arduous, the use of the material was not used in the home. The practice to use marble (in connection with other natural stones like granite) began because the original methods of constructing important or symbolic buildings did not provide a long lasting solution. However, it was primarily used as a building material in bathrooms and main rooms that were used for conducting business. In homes, rather than using blocks, the marble would be cut into slabs and used as a fascia over a brick and mortar. The use of wet cutting with specialized blades and power equipment that can easily transport the stone means a much lower production cost. I enjoy every moment of spending time in my new kitchen! He has excellent taste, and the real world know-how to achieve a really great result. Also, the cabinets had colors and finishes that other brands did not. So how did marble eventually find its way into the home? It was mainly cut into blocks and used for sculptures, wall facades, and flooring. Considering that there still existed a great degree of difficulty and expense involved in obtaining marble, it still only served as a material to be used in churches, government buildings, and mansions. Vast improvements in technology have made quarrying marble faster and more efficient than ever before. Even polishing methods greatly reduce the time and effort to create the perfect bathroom vanity top or marble countertop. And not only is the cost to upgrade to marble countertops manageable, but also the benefits of having a highly durable, impact resistant material in the kitchen and bath gives homeowners a nice return on the investment if the home is ever sold. We are sure to have the style of marble to fit any budget. We have created a simple tool to help you plan your next renovation. We would, and have, highly recommended him to others and are continuing to use his services to complete two other bathrooms. His courteous, accommodating demeanor enabled the project to run smoothly, and we were extremely happy with our fabulous new addition. Daniel is very professional, very pleasant, and very easy to deal with. I was offered a great customer service and a lot of choices for cabinets, countertop, plumbing & hardware. Daniel stayed with the project until completion and solved any necessary changes. Daniel worked with us thru issues with the contractor and would not give up until things were perfect. Even after the project is done, he is willing to come back any time to fix any inadequacies. His contractors are also respectful and helpful and everyone stayed within my budget. He has wonderful ideas and is very knowledgeable on what makes a perfect kitchen.

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We’re doing a major renovation and addition to a home we bought. For background, we are an engaged couple in early 30s with no kids. Epoxy grout because cleaning sucks(do not listen to any bullshit about other grout having sealer in it. I cannot say that for other brands, and don’t get me started on colour match silicone. The work is being done by a professional custom home builder. We prefer showers and are not really into bathtubs (there will be a tub/shower in the guest bathroom). They use epoxy in commercial labs and restaurants for a reason). They are just enough light to not stub your toe when you go pee in the middle of the night. I did almost all these things but the night light and tile baseboard. You need to seal the gaps around the door to block the sound waves. What do you like better about the dow corning specifically?

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There was even a linen cabinet that sat directly next to the vanity which caused the sink area to look and feel so much smaller. The white tile also hides calcium buildup and stains from the hard water in our area. I am in the process of my kitchen and main floor reno… summer is my master bedroom, bathroom and walkin. Good luck with your reno, it takes a while but the outcome is so amazing. I simply think it’s easier to clean a polished surface on walls. I sealed everything before we moved in and that helps tremendously. Curious which white paint you guys used all over your house for the walls, trim, and cabinets? It has high ceilings which definitely help give it a larger than life appearance but that’s about it. The bathroom was so dark and full of old yellowed oak cabinetry, wall to wall carpet and yucky linoleum. We had a water softener in our last home and plan to add another here. I love a good soaker this space just didn’t have the room for a pretty clawfoot and a shower so we decided to remove the tub from the equation altogether.

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Without getting inspections, unfortunately you’re not really in a position to deem it all correct, safe and legal. You did a great job with the updates and your choices are perfect. Your old configuration reminds me of that although it’s probably larger since it looks as though the old rear room also had room for a tub rather than just a shower. My friend did walnut veneer (backyard-built) in her kitchen and she complained of the water damage/staining. I hope yours will last since you have the vessel sinks and will use it a lot less than she used her kitchen. He’s my aunt’s main cabinet builder, she’s a commercial contractor and works on many local hotels and building remodels here. We used their joint tape for the straight joints, corner joint tape for the corners, supply gasket for the copper supply lines, and their joint tape for their drainage system. I have no issues when people with expertise point out actual discernible issues in something. There was no advice regarding future maintenance of laminate versus wood veneer. About 12k went into the tile labor, new plumbing, tile labor and materials. Cabinet installation was included with the purchase of the cabinets. A curbless shower using unlicensed contractors may end up costing you a lot more in the long run. But we did extensive waterproofing and waterproofed the entire room for good measure. If you were so confident in your contractor, why didn’t you get a permit? My parents’ retirement home (probably built in the 1970’s) had an open corridor with the vanity and sinks on one side and the closet on the other and then a smaller room with a door that had the toilet and shower. My plumber has already run the copper supply lines and drainage. Wouldn’t the appropriate post to have been to ask what materials the cabinet was made of rather than to make a derogatory comment about their cheap construction which turned out to be wrong. I have learned a lot by commentary on how things should be done but there seems to be some posters who thrive on just being nasty when there is absolutely no objective educational reason for the post.


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