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If your administrator does not fear your association/union, then you are in the wrong one. The administrators never want to see us coming — and for good reasons. By the way, the voters rejected the governor’s plan by voting against a constitutional amendnent at the polls. They’ll bend with the political wind like a fresh piece of beef jerky. They take out all of their frustrations on the disheartened and disemboweled teachers. They ignorantly think that they can increase learning by pulverizing the teachers. Right now most large high schools have four or five assistant principals. A school that has taut discipline will obviously have less violence. For example, a very large high school of 3, 000 students should have ar least 10 armed guards. A school with lax discipline and replete with bullying and with no dress code is more likely to have outbreaks of mass violence. Students were not filling their minds with violent images from videos, etc. Today, the schools are so lax, with students roaming up and down the halls, even when classes are in session. His great insight, in my opinion, was that “the motivation to learn is a social process” [sometimes he used the phrase “cultural phenomenon”]. We don’t need to engage in analysis paralysis relative to pedagogy. They control them with dumb-ass fill-in the bubbles “evaluation” forms, often ruining these teachers’ careers simply because the teachers deigned to question the disastrous lack of discipline in the school. They praised the teachers in public and criticized the teachers in private. If they couldn’t cut the mustard, the superintendent didn’t sweep the problem under the proverbial rug. These days, school principals think that they need to be mean and nasty toward teachers. We should have an armed guard for every 300 students in the public schools. They are not worth a plugged nickel in supporting teachers in disciplinary matters. Schools in the 1950s and 1960s did not have these outbreaks of mass killings. In fact, the weak and feckless administrators even allow students to get by with cursing out teachers and other students. Students roam up and down the halls, even when classes are in session.

Radioactive Metals Found In Recliners Handbags Due To Recycling Contamination by

In some cases the products are made up primarily of the tainted materials, and in other cases it’s a small component that contaminated the products. No federal agency is responsible for determining how much tainted material exists in how many consumer and other goods. In fact, the recent discovery of a radioactive cheese grater triggered a bureaucratic game of hot potato, with no agency taking responsibility. Some items in factories like industrial smoke detectors and measuring gauges contain small amounts of radioactive materials. In many cases, the contamination comes about through the recycling process, when radioactive metals get blended in with other materials. If the items and other materials are scrapped (especially in the case of a factory shutting down and being demolished or gutted), that radiation can escape and contaminate recycled products.

Radioactive Iodine Treatment For Cancer by

The thyroid, a gland in the neck, uses it to make a hormone that guides some of the body’s essential functions, such as growth and physical development. A substance that’s radioactive gives off a form of energy so intense that it’s capable of harming the body. When someone gets a small dose of radioactive iodine, scanners can pick it up, and it can help reveal certain illnesses. So it can help your doctor tell whether a lump in your neck is thyroid cancer. Radioactive iodine can also show whether cancer has spread beyond the thyroid. If thyroid cancer has spread to other parts of the body, radioactive iodine can attack the disease there, too. When you take it in liquid form, the radiation won’t affect the rest of your body, because the thyroid cells soak up practically all of it. So your doctor might keep you in an isolation room in the hospital a few days, so you won’t put others in danger. Your side effects might include a sore neck, upset stomach, or dry mouth. If radioactive iodine is the treatment, you’ll probably swallow it in capsule form. Your doctor may use it alone if your cancer is at an early stage or growing slowly. The radioactive iodine treatment uses pellets of radioactive iodine about the size of a grain of rice, and it involves an operation. The radiation may go beyond your body, so you might have to stay away from children and pregnant women for a while. In the operating room, the medical team puts the disk next to your eye. Family and friends will have to limit their visits, and doctors and nurses must avoid spending much time there. Your pee will travel through a catheter, a small, flexible tube that’s inserted in your urethra and up into your bladder. But in real life, doctors can use some of them to help people. Ordinary iodine is one of the basic nutrients our bodies need, and we get it through food. Larger doses can attack thyroid cancer, prostate cancer, and other diseases. When you get a dose of radioactive iodine in liquid capsule form, your thyroid gland absorbs practically all of it. Your doctor will give you a small dose of radioactive iodine, either in a shot or in a pill. Parts of the thyroid that show less radioactivity than others might have cancer. After you get a dose of radioactive iodine from your medical team, your body will give off radiation for a while. When it’s time to go home, your doctor may tell you to do certain things to keep others safe. Radiation also may affect a man’s sperm count or a woman’s ovaries. Your eyes bulge or get red, or the area around your eyes swells. The skin on your shins can become thick and reddish, too, but this symptom is rare. Other drugs or surgery may be options, and you and your doctor will choose based on how severe the illness is, among other things. If you’re a man with prostate cancer, radioactive iodine is one possible treatment. If there’s a greater risk that the disease will spread beyond the prostate, your doctor may pair it with radiation beamed into the body from outside. Your surgeon will put the pellets into the prostate, where they attack the disease by giving off radiation for weeks or months. Side effects can include diarrhea (watery bowel movements) and the need to pee often. It may take 3 to 6 months for the radiation to have its full effect on the cancer. The medical team will put a device holding the iodine into your uterus or next to your cervix, or possibly in both places. You’ll be radioactive while it’s there, so you’ll need to stay in a hospital room during that time. To keep the device with the iodine from getting pushed out of place, you’ll have to stay in bed.

ATOMIC ROOSTER Death Walks Behind You Reviews by

Although this album is somewhat on the fringe of the scope of this great site, many progheads and progmetalheads will appreciate better their next album, but such is not my case. This abum is beautiful in its heaviness: you can hear the beginning of what would later on be called heavy metal. The title track is freakish and amaz ing: it starts up with a mid-tempo piano section that gives you goosebumps. While not the most progressive of their career, this is still a great effort. I could get the same quality instrumental piece from plenty of other bands. They had some potential and innovative credibility, but could not bank on either here. Anyway, the eerie opening with the horror-movie pianos and the chromatic verses are really marvelous. There’s also a fine open jam part in the end with nice guitar and keyboard dialogues, before the track ending to a solemn organ chords. In the middle of the song drums jump in dynamically and the guitar boosts up making a more powerful rock passage inside the tune treating the early themes in a nice way, and making up a good song. Recommended for fans of dark pessimistic music and for those who like raw vintage keyboard drive hard rock of the early 1970’s. Not heavy metal, but what the early 70s called “heavy rock”. It is definitely hard-edged, occasionally oppressive, undeniably raw and unpolished, yet immensely powerful. Of course, what would this album be without its instrumentals? Fans of heavy prog especially should get a kick out of this one, but it’s recommended for everyone who just likes to rock as well. The drumming is excellent on this track but then so is the whole song. Some ripping organ and guitar after 3 minutes as they trade solos. It opens with a good drum / organ melody before piano takes over 1 1/2 minutes. These guys are good musicians, and that’s really where the strength (or lack there of) of this album lies. Like the awesome title track, the end result would have been a bit better in my opinion, if the seven and half-minutes long song would have been shortened to five minutes instead, as the basic blues based theme is being repeated painfully long in the end. I like both of them, and maybe an exception makes a rule, and anyway these neurotic sounding instrumental songs are quite good in my opinion. Else” begins with weird approaching chanting, then first bringing front a jazzy and relaxed piano theme accompanied by subtle guitars and singing. Though this music isn’t very elitist, it’s still clearly progressive rock with the innovative approach towards rock themes and creating unique realm of feelings. As the previous reviews prove quite clearly, it is an album that can command unconditional love, or one that can leave the listener cold and unimpressed. But these guys could play like demons and didn’t rely on the studio to make the magic. Undoubtedly a great starter for this group, but this release will be even more gratifying for those who’ve gotten past most of the prog pretense and are ready to get back to the business of rock. As the name and eerie cover art would suggest, this is a heavy and dark album. But while the album opens quite slowly the rest unfolds bombastically as soon as the riff for the title track finally shifts into gear and gets things rolling. It gets kind of crazy before a calm with piano 2 minutes in. It kicks back in before 5 minutes with a prolonged drum solo.

2019 Tile Backsplash Installation Cost by

Price factors include finish types, amount of tile needed, pattern complexity, and the level of difficulty. Get a metal look at a lower price; buy backsplash with metal veneer. Here’s a bit on some of the most popular trends for this space. For instance, you could have a framed arabesque pattern in the center of subway tile, above your sink. You could also center a framed mosaic tile, with a contrasting pattern as a backdrop. Tiling up your wall or from your counter to ceiling may be a bit more expensive but gives a more seamless, cleaner look. To remove, simply heat with a hairdryer for 2 minutes to loosen the glue and peel off. Pros will have the tools and experience to tackle the whole job quickly. It takes a professional tiler an average of 2 days to install a backsplash. Take note of your spacing and always ensure that the old grout and tile lines are invisible. Dip a sponge into the solution, before scrubbing your wall with it. This could depend on whether the area has an electrical socket, door, or window. Stainless steel prices fluctuate, so buy when pricing is low. For instance, elaborate mosaic and herringbone patterns will require additional cutting, time, and effort. They usually do the grouting, cleaning, and sealing the second day. Here are some of the most popular slab types, with their costs. This layout is multi-functional as it protects your walls from splatters and can provide an attractive focal point, especially above your cooking area. Adding a contrasting pattern can make your aesthetic more eye-catching and your focal point more dramatic. Or center a small herringbone inset around ceramic subway tile. Your walls may need special cleaning and preparation before tiling — especially if you have to remove old tile first. There’s also a risk of buying too much material and wasting money. They may take longer, depending on the size of the tiling area and pattern. If you are going this route, you’ll need to make some adjustments and use liquid nails. If they show, make your spaces smaller or remove the old tiles. Pricing varies according to the material and size of the area. Remove any loose paint before filling cracks and tiny holes. Fill a bucket with half a cup of trisodium phosphate and a gallon of hot water.

Antique Dressers and Vanities by

Like many older pieces, it has a few nicks and scratches; but, they lend to its charm. See pictures for condition look closely to see what you are getting. Top, sides & front are hand painted with roses, daisies, etc. The origins of vanity and desire to enhance personal beauty date back to ancient times. Antique vanity tables featured integrated mirrors and a long tabletop for placing makeup, brushes, hairpins, and jewelry. Some had small doors enclosing the mirrors, which folded when not in use, and contained small storage compartments too. Or, look for a table by year, such as one crafted in the 1800s or 1900s. Great for jewelry box or just display in bathroom, dining or any room. It is a beautiful finish and fully functional dresser that has some imperfections but has been in family for 50 years plus. It is a more squared-off piece of furniture, similar to shaker style but not quite that old. It has four turned legs and a total of ten turned spindles in between. See pics for details and condition as they are part of the description. In good condition, except for one of the drawers is not level which causes it to be a little difficult to close. Putting two and two together, they created the dressing table, also called the low boy. Thanks to the foresight of these women, you can have an antique vanity table too.

Feed Your Geiger: Cheap and Readily Available Radioactive Test Sources by

It is my understanding that uranium oxide hasn’t been used in dinnerware much since the 1970s. Note that the paint will stop glowing long before the dial stops being radioactive (radium has a half life of 1600 years), so bring a geiger counter. The polonium decays in years, so replacement strips were sold. The betas hit the phosphor coating on the inside of the glass vial, exciting the electrons, which then release that energy in the former of photons. They were most impressed with the pictures of my crystals! I did have some increase in count over time, possibly? The “negative ions” are almost certainly betas from radioactive decay. I would not personally wear one of these next to my skin! Concentrations of potassium naturally contain a small percentage of radioactive isotope, potassium-40. As such, eating foods like bananas does not increase your annual radiation dose. The third is a rather large tritium light, but it’s past its half-life, yet while it’s not very bright any more it is still easy to detect. There’s nothing really wrong with using a smoke detector as a test source. Rochelle salt (sodium potassium tartrate) used to be used in baking powders, but apparently not much anymore. The disadvantage of using these sources is that you won’t be able to calibrate your geiger counter, but for simple go/no-go testing (which is what most people need) these are perfect! I wear a large tritium isotope on a silver rope chain necklace and it decays by beta. Every 30 seconds that you hold it, you are exposed to 24 hours worth of normal background radiation. The remaining historic factory was demolished last year, and a parking lot covers the former site. And while beta is also blocked by the walls of the vial containing the tritium, the glass walls then emit secondary radiation (bremsstrahlung x-rays). I get about 400 counts per minute from the first point source shown in the video. So you may have some good potassium sources in your kitchen already!

Baker’S Racks by

Could you start carrying a product not listed here ? Ideal for storing and displaying items in any room, these furniture pieces sit flat against a wall or corner and come in a variety of styles and materials to add charm to your inte rior and exterior spaces. Baker’s racks constructed of this material range in size and are most often intended for indoor use. They typically have drawers and cupboards without adding counter space. These styles are lightweight and usually have protective finishes for use inside or on backyard patios.


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