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However, while it is easy to set up this system, it is hard to do in a successful way. Etsy is an online peer-to-peer based global community of buying and selling. Popularity of shops are based mostly on product and customer reviews. Therefore people are willing to spend their time and pick a photograph or print that really strikes them.
5 Tips To Start A Successful Etsy Shop // Sell On Etsy // Make Money On Etsy | Duration 10 Minutes 57 Seconds Make sure that you have an audience in mind when taking photographs so that you can be sure that you will be producing something that people want to buy. Maybe you like to create photography for the comic-book loving guys? Learn what they like, what is trending, what is hot and what is not. Other shops do not offer printing, but will offer the digital download so that it can be printed at home or locally. These printing preferences become especially important when creating photography that may be used for wedding programs, invitations, cards, etc. Or maybe you get better results when your image is shown in a display setting rather than just the image itself. Take notes on how you’ve changed things so you can see if your changes to your marketing are effective. Do not let them get you down, only build you up for greater success as you continue to evolve as an entrepreneur. Just because your art looks fabulous in person, does not necessarily mean that everyone else will see it the way you do from the other side of the computer screen. On the flip side, do not make your art look like something it’s not. Take it from someone who your business depends on, the buyer. Etsy is that there are so many shops that sell similar items. I truly believe this is the most important aspect of being a successful seller in any industry. Thankfully with the revolution in online commerce it is easier than ever to set up as a professional photographer and start selling your pictures. Creative entrepreneurs set up their own “shops” and sell their unique products. It can be a difficult endeavor to begin, but the thrill of success is so worth it.

How To Make Money Selling On Etsy | Pro Etsy Seller Tips | Duration 6 Minutes 46 Seconds Are you going to do it or will you leave the printing to someone else? What kinds of frames will you offer or will you offer frames, envelopes, or other wanted accessories? Maybe your material sells better at certain times of the year than others. The only way to find out is to get out there are test the waters. Remember, no market is the same and by doing this you can make sure you are operating at the highest possible level within your niche. Encourage your buyers to provide feedback so that you can learn and grown and be able to best provide for your chosen audience. You have to make them see it the way you want them to see it. You want your viewers to perceive your art as a masterpiece. Instead of showing a picture of your art against your raggedy carpet, pair the art against a trendy printed overlay or on your gorgeous marble table top. As you can see there are plenty of things you can do to sell your photos. It’s suitable for every style and occasion and you are definitely going to be noticed while wearing it. The color is a combination of grey, amber and silver with bead details. But, don’t worry if you don’t know anything about these games. If you continue to use this s ite we will assume that you are happy with it.

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Most of the time, the seller has specific skill and experience that makes that product unique. You probably wouldn’t like your boss asking you to work for half your paycheck. You’re just there to buy an item and not pay for all the employees or the rent for their store but all of that is still factored into the cost of the item. Just give me the item at wholesale and some “profit” on your end”? Hope it has allowed you to understand better what it takes to run a small business of hand made things. A caliper or measuring guage to mark out the holes before drilling. I charged £350 for it, because it took me three days of hard, fiddly work to make. Hypothetically, what value would you place on three hours of your time? Second, that wood for the pencil block is milled and is not dimensional lumber. A lot more goes into it behind the scenes than you can imagine.

How To Bounce Back From A Bad Review | Duration 16 Minutes 23 Seconds I have to write a unique description for it including measurements and any condition issues. Your reasoning with raw materials makes you oblivious to handcrafted items. Sure it’s not rocket science to make a pencil holder or my glass marble magnets, but it does fill a need, otherwise no one would buy them. It may look simple to sand and polyurethane a piece of wood with holes in it, but if there is the most minor imperfection, since it is simple, it becomes glaring and they can’t sell it. We don’t appreciate being told we’re overcharging for our time and knowledge. Where would this “profit” come from if they don’t find a way to cover all the overhead costs that come with operating a business? Maybe then you will have some appreciation for the people who make things by hand in this world. Saying things “cost too much on etsy” is like saying you can’t buy a shirt from the mall because it’s too expensive. Let’s add in the cost of the drill and drill bit used to cut the holes, the saw and blade to cut the wood, the sander and sandpaper to sand it smooth, the brush and cloth to apply the varnish. Of course not, any creator adds the cost of creating the item as well as the supplies and labor. I haven’t seen the piece you’re talking about but it’s entirely possible you’re looking at several hours of work. Oh, that picture – it’s just really good timing when taking the photo. So, if that’s from fallen wood, the wood needs milling before anything. How much do you think a skilled worker should be paid, because that’s where most of this cost comes from. I made a piece of jewellery recently which had maybe £20 of materials in it. How do you plan to get the same square look from a rectangle? The person that runs that shop has spent hours perfecting that craft. You think that person making what ever it is they are making is doing it for free? If you believe you can make it at a cheaper cost, then do it. But that’s just what they have to change to make any amount of money for their time. They sell cheap magnets that can hold 1 paper, which often falls off the fridge when you walk passed. Who’d have thought they could be off center, but when they are it stands out considerably.

3 Important Tips To Any Reseller Amazon Fba, Ebay, Craigslist, Etsy | Duration 7 Minutes 52 Seconds Go ask on r/woodworking and you might be able to find someone relatively local (at least the same state) who can give you exactly what you want at a decent price.

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Selling vintage and antiques can be fun, rewarding, tiring, frustrating and profitable. Something truly hard to find, but not so hard to find that nobody’s looking for it! Etsy is strictly for handmade items, but you can sell your vintage items there, too. The only requirement is that the item is older than 20 years. If it doesn’t sell, you can relist for another 20¢ or if you don’t want to relist it, then… don’t. You must have at least 10 items in your shop at all times and they have a minimum price. You won’t need a lot of coding, but you should be comfortable with the back end of your site. This is just the beginning of where to sell your items online. I am just too much of a perfectionist and so it takes me forever to finish a project for selling. We have to keep reevaluating what’s working and what isn’t. Sell each serving piece separately, all the dinner plates together, all the soup bowls together, etc. You’ll be surprised at the things you (we) pass up all the time that have value. A good rule of thumb too, is to buy what you love and buy what you hate. So many times people walk in the door with crazy expectations of what we’ll buy an item for. If you want top dollar, then you must find a buyer that will pay it.

Natural Stone Sales Tips Selling Consultively | Duration 5 Minutes 17 Seconds If someone needs money, selling to a dealer should be one of the last resorts. It’s amazing, the more you collect and listen to other collectors, the more savvy you become in spotting a good find. Thing is, most malls will offer a newly opened booth to the vendors already there. It would be a good idea to gather up a lot of the things you’d be selling and take a picture to show the mall owner or manager. So you think you’d like to sell vintage and/or antique items? Or, if you’re like so many of us, you need your addiction to pay for itself. There are so many different ways of selling, both online and off. People started to catch on and list their any old thing, and then there were 10 of the same any ol’ thing up at one time and then 20, until the market became saturated. Things can still be sold for an amazing amount, but it generally has to be extraordinary. Auction can be the quickest way to get some extra cash, but not necessarily the most profitable. One of the most popular ways of selling where there are no rules or fees is to sell on your own site. You may have tried this already, but sad as it is, you’ll probably need to break the set up. Of course any thoughts or tips you can provide will also be very much appreciated! One that you feel you can find at cheap prices in your local haunts. They’d also try to sell me things with top dollar, 1980s prices in their heads, thinking they’d be worth more now. I made more money at a two day tag sale at our condo (the first one allowed), since we’ve lived here. They all say they have a waiting list and in most cases that’s the absolute truth. If you knew someone who already has a booth, you could get them to put in a good word for you.

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I loved the concept of artisans having a platform to sell their goods!

Should You Start An Etsy Shop? Selling, Shipping, And Pricing Handmade | @Laurenfairwx | Duration 7 Minutes 12 Seconds Do you have any tips for figuring out what shops to buy from? If anyone is wondering about the buyers, there is a feedback tab where previous purchasers have rated the seller and left reviews of the items. I thought maybe you would have good ideas based on things you have received or seen. Any tips for a new beginner trying to learn the ins and outs of selling online? You’re right; etsy makes a great place to shop for gifts! Do you have any tips on marketing/ getting people to see your shop? I just send her lists of earrings she needs to bring me when she comes to visit. It makes the gift a little bit more special when you’ve taken the time to seek out a unique item that you think the recipient will love. You are sure to come across something unique, beautiful, and very well-crafted! I tried to find a special little thank you yesterday (related to doing hair), but wasn’t really excited about anything. I love being able to support a small business owner and get something more unique than you can find in a chain store.

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Etsy has allowed me to become a digital nomad and travel the world without having to worry about a paycheck. But when you go to name your shop, don’t obsess over it! So you don’t need to impress potential buyers right away with a lot of choices. If you just create one prototype of the item, you can test and troubleshoot without being discouraged by all your hard work being ignored. Once you have the perfect photo(s), you need to set your price. They do, however, take a small portion of your sale, but you won’t have to worry about that now. As you begin to gain reviews on your item, you can increase the price from there. You don’t want your listing to be exactly like another, and they also worked long and hard to come up with a detailed description, but it’s completely okay to use tested methods. It’s fine if you want to just sit back and wait for the sale to come to you. If many people favourite the item but you haven’t made a sale, the photograph is probably fine, but the price or description is failing. For instance, in the photograph scenario, test what happens if you drop the price by 10%. But because you only made one prototype (right? !) it’s no big deal. New sellers need to be competitive, so price your item slightly lower than the competitors. Make note of the details they’ve included, because chances are, they have included those details because their customers have asked about them. They usually had a “policy” for the size options and had some key words like “customized”, “personalized”, and “rustic”. Now that you have the perfect photo, an awesome description, and a prototype of your product, you can sit back and wait for your first sale. Once you are at the top, you gain momentum and it’s downhill from there. You can choose to grow it, or just have fun with making some extra money on the side with it.

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Borrow listings to use in your marketing that target the same types of sellers that you would like to work with long term! I am going to suggest in this post you will start to get leads for listings and the saddest thing in the world would be to let them all go to waste. We had a postcard campaign to send to expireds, but you could definitely drop them a personal note with your business card and ask for an appointment. They will tell you that they are not selling for a couple of years, just let them know that there are probably things they should and shouldn’t do, and then cut that time in half in your lead book! Functionally, popping open your phone once a day and basically saying what you are up to real estate-wise is a great way to get exposure for your business. This is much more effective than just posting randomly on social media. You can also become a recognized expert in your town or area easily by taking people on “tour” videos and talking about what is interesting about your neighborhood! That said, you want to be very targeted in who you are networking with! I share all the time on social media and refer people often. It seems like finding buyer clients is relatively easy and that many agents are intimidated by having to find seller clients. But what if you don’t have any listings to show off yet? This does not have to be crazy awkward, you can just do a little message about a new listing that came on the market, a household tip or even a recipe if that is how you roll! You need to message them weekly right off the bat with something super interesting so they know that you are going to be actively talking to them. Was it scary at first, maybe a wee bit, but no one was mean, some said no and many said yes. These were tiny little bags of goodies like candy, dollar store gizmos and even seeds or little handmade soaps. Could be that the pictures weren’t great, the description was horrible or that they were simply overpriced. Or, if you can find a phone number, give them a call and ask to come over and talk. If someone stops at your open house after working all day and before getting dinner on the table they are doing some kind of real estate in the near future. Sitting down, belly to belly, is going to be a great way to find listing leads. I recommend using business cards with your picture or logo on the front and then a “referred by” line on the back. This causes a nice feeling in them because they helped you and you thanked them. It seems like finding buyer clients is relatively easy and that many agents are intimidated by having to find listing clients.

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They’re tried-and-true practices that are necessary for achieving success with for your products. Reach out to your favorite sellers and ask for their advice, and consider helping promote others’ items that you love and that you think your customers will appreciate. Often the audience of your favorite shops can serve as a valuable crossover as you build your own, and having support from established sellers will go a long way when you are just getting started. You don’t need to employ a professional photographer, but make sure you have a good camera and are presenting your wares in a good light. Reply promptly to questions and feedback, and respond generously to any problems your customers may have. Similarly, it’s important to keep your shop updated with new products frequently. You can experiment with different networks to find out what generates the most leads. This will help not only in bringing new customers to your shop, but also in how you write the descriptions of the products themselves, optimizing them for what your customers want. Consider everything from your shop name to your section titles. Consider doing cross promotions and lending your support and approval. But don’t think about all your own self-promotion—think of the value you can provide for your customers. Be active and responsive across your social networks, and let your personality shine through your brand. So consider how you can carry your shop and brand into the real-world as well. Making that real-life connection helps put a face to your name and brand, and those moments go a long way in establishing trust. Putting yourself out there in person can be exhausting and time consuming, but nothing is stronger than those real-world connections. You have to pay attention to the details, and even more so to your customers, if you’re going to stand out from your competitors. Before you set up your wares for sale, give some in-depth attention to the shops you like best. It’s not simply a matter of recognizing best practices, but also understanding where you can make your own mark in the market with your shop and goods. You should have a good idea of what your products will sell for, not just what you think they are worth, and when sales cycles are strongest. Provide valuable feedback and participate on the site’s forums. Being conscientious of others sellers can help them, and eventually help your own store as well. Likewise, listen to feedback that you get from the community and respond with appreciation. Make sure that your products are photographed in ways that make them stand out, with vibrant colors and professional standards. This is key to not only building trust with potential customers—but also in building repeat business. Great customer service isn’t always easy, but it’s key to a lasting success. Often a special sale is the perfect incentive to get a customer to pull the trigger on that purchase they’ve been eyeing, but more importantly it can help generate revenue during slower sales cycles and keeps customers coming back to check on items in your shop. This can be difficult when you first begin, but pace out your products out according to a schedule that correlates with your knowledge of the sales cycle for your shop, which will become even more finely tuned as you gather experience. This doesn’t mean simply packaging well but packaging creatively. Often the results will surprise you, and give you great insight into what customers are looking for. You should start small and try different descriptions and headlines for your ads. It’s about expanding your network and influence in ways that not only contribute to the broader community but can extend your reach. Consider creating a distinct logo for your shop, and be sure that it is prominent on all your listings, ads, and packaging. And as your brand gains traction, be generous to other sellers you admire who are trying to build their own. A rising tide lifts all boats, and their success will only increase your own. You want to establish touchpoints where you can reach out to your customers frequently, and encourage loyalty. Go to conventions and meetups where your customers and fellow sellers participate, and be generous with your time and advice.

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Etsy is a tremendous tool for marketing and selling your creative works. Etsy is quite intuitive and very quick to use once you get the hang of their dashboard, but there’s a learning curve if you’re completely new to online selling. Of the sellers interviewed, none worked less than 13 hours a day and several reported working even longer hours. So, how do you set yourself apart and convince customers to choose your products over another seller’s? Try to give your potential customer a little glimpse into why you do what you do. Then he talks about why he fell in love with pottery and how he hopes his pieces can inspire others to appreciate the everyday moments of their lives. You might need all of these to showcase every detail of your creative works, or not. We’ll highlight several useful tips below, and you can learn all about taking great product photography yourself, even with a cell phone camera here. Some products are much more compelling visually when shown in use. Ultimately, there is no “right” way to present your product, some are just better than others. However, if you have the time, taking the photos yourself can allow for flexibility and experimentation, plus will save you money in the long run versus hiring a pro. Hiring a professional frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business such as production and sales. The more things your item can be used for, the more perceived value it holds in the mind of your buyer. What are all the different ways your item can be used? For example, if you’re listing a serving bowl, anyone looking for a serving bowl is pretty likely to see your item. Here’s how to ensure your customers are happy and driven to leave a positive review every time they make a purchase. This promptness conveys a sense of professionalism and also assures the customer that you value their time and potential business. Instead, assure them that you are doing your best to make their experience positive. Once they know an item has arrived, they send a quick message to the buyer to ensure everything is to their satisfaction. Etsy is a great way to build a name for my works and extend my selling reach beyond my local studio. Here are three questions you should ask yourself: 1. People who shop for handmade items are looking for more than a cool product. One way to make your product stand out from the rest is by wrapping your product in branded tissue paper from noissue. A well-developed about section should give the customer a window into who you are, not just what you produce. Now that you know how to connect with your clients, the next step is to focus on presenting your products in the best light. Photographs are the only way a potential customer can visualize works and gauge the quality of your products. Or, if your style is simple and earthy, let your product images reflect that. Take some test pictures and experiment on your own or with your photographer until you find a setup that complements both your item and your brand. You can try several different backgrounds until you find what fits your work best. With professional lighting equipment and a studio setting, your photos will look great and be consistent from batch to batch. Now that you know the importance of good product imagery, let’s look at how to master second key part of your product listings, your item descriptions. Jason advises sellers to consider all potential uses on every product listing. With each added function, the perceived worth and value of the bowl increases in the buyer’s eye. If so, referring back to your item description can be helpful. Clear policies create no-surprises transactions and leads to higher review ratings. It’s important to respond to these messages within one business day or less. Inevitably, there will be customers that are demanding or rude. Either way, a good fulfillment process will help you manage it efficiently.

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Hubcaps started vanishing, engine parts would disappear from previously running cars, one car had its interior partially stripped. We learned that a group of these guys had tried to “rescue” a very valuable and collectible car stored in one of the outbuildings, but had got stuck in the mud and had been planning on trying again. They are still listing the exact location of the land, including directions about how to approach it to “avoid neighbors”, but have added a few comments about “an angry old man living in a neighboring house who is trying to claim the abandoned property and derelict cars”. One is telling me to sue their arse off, and the other is telling me that we’d be wasting our time and money. It is either an incorrect statement or conclusion of law, inapplicable for the jurisdiction under discussion, misunderstands the fundamental legal question, or is advice to commit an unlawful act. If you have a question or comment about moderation, send a message to the moderators as outlined below. I do have a couple of ideas or avenues that could possibly be used – essentially trying to think out of the box. Now you have done this to a degree, but you probably should make another concerted effort. You also want them to think about your problem for a bit and devise some creative approaches to use the existing laws currently on the books to apply to your situation. The traditional approach is a property owner having an un-fenced swimming pool and attracting the neighborhood children – and thus being partially responsible for drownings. Especially, since you have notified them, and they refuse to do anything. In this way, you can go catch them red handed out in the barn. Contact the subreddit moderators with questions, comments or concerns. Today he has more than 40 vehicles on the property, mostly in barns and old chicken coops, but all relatively well cared for. About a year ago he started noticing small thefts from some of the cars. He initially assumed that it was local thieves until a couple of months ago when he caught a couple of videographers going through one of his barns, documenting everything inside of it. Also, go back to the police and tell them your total property loss amount in dollars. He knows that the cars aren’t abandoned, but his blogs entire reputation is based on his success in finding these “abandoned barn finds”. Do not reach out to a moderator personally, and do not reply to this message as a comment. If you see a comment that is objectionable, use the report button to call it to moderator attention. You want to start identifying the users /posters who have posted about visiting your property. My thinking is along the lines of the attractive nuisance doctrine. They have created an attractive nuisance so compelling to collectors, that they are coming to your property to “collect” – rather steal.

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Kids drew circles in the dirt and risked their marbles in games of “keepsies” that required steady aim, an agile thumb, and a lucky “shooter” to knock marbles from the circle and ultimately into the bags of the winners. Collectors are still playing “keepsies” but for much higher stakes. Sparklers have strands of different colors running from top to bottom. He almost always beats the would-be comedians to the punchline. Marbles are generally viewed as a children’s pursuit, and one from a bygone, preelectronic era.

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Many of my students make extra money by creating custom artwork for people. Before you dive in and try to sell your art, you should consider a few things first. The gift becomes sentimental and the high priced piece becomes an investment. If you underprice your work, the purchaser will value it accordingly. You tell the customer what your art is worth by the price you charge. Is your skill level worthy of the price you are charging? Don’t set yourself up for disappointment by promising something you can’t deliver. Let them see your skill through examples before you agree to anything. Only take jobs that you feel confident in doing, from start to finish! Using a contractual agreement is a good way to protect yourself as an artist. By writing it all down in advance, there are no surprises later. Some may change their mind and cancel after you’ve already put time into a piece. Make two copies: one for your records and one for your client. If you really want to go pro and sell your art, it’s also a good idea to consult a business attorney and a tax specialist. Admittedly, when it becomes a business, art can lose a little of the joy and inspiration. You won’t have the same enthusiasm for a commissioned piece as you will for something highly personal and exciting. It can be a fun and challenging experience, but it does have its issues. I cannot tell someone else what their time and talent is worth. Both of these approaches make the recipient appreciative of the art, and it will be treasured. Sell it cheap, and it may end up being discarded, or sold in a garage sale. When you’re just starting to sell your art, it stands to reason that you won’t be setting as expensive a price tag as someone like me, who has 40 years of experience, would — unless you’ve already reached a skill level that is sought after. Be up front, and make sure to show good examples of your work. They then come to my class and need help to complete the artwork, or for me to give them pointers. If you aren’t capable of completing the art without help, you shouldn’t be representing yourself as a professional. Some may want to change the agreed price after the piece is finished. Be sure to continue to do inspirational artwork for yourself. You must keep a balance between work and fun, or you will burn out. I wish you a lot of luck in your artistic pursuit, and hope you find this info helpful! But they are not able to do that since they are not digitally equip and aware about lots of things. Could you help me in this sharing the art so that people can buy them. It offers a straightforward formula for pricing your artwork to help ensure you are getting an appropriate monetary value for your art.

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I made the sweepstakes bracelet and sent it to the winner, who had an issue with the bracelet on arrival. When the convos are coming daily, but there hasn’t been a sale in weeks, you might want to determine who’s really interested in your products from who’s just bored at home. Build a typical customer on paper, and then you’ll start getting ideas on exactly how to find them. The 3-pack is not my favorite listing, they take up a lot of my precious time and they are always at a reduced price, but the customers ♥ it. I need a little of the moonstone, and a little of the jasper in my life. If a customer comes looking for a great place to start, there it is: the 3-pack. We have neighboring shops and we help each other, whether you realize it or not. I love your idea of doing a gift voucher and will give that a try next month. We are hobbyists who sell honey and beeswax candles at multiple venues, food fairs, craft shows and farmers markets throughout the region (small city of 500, 000). It’s a heart-breaker to see the sellers’ enormous investment in time and pre-sale product. Jewelry is a luxury item at any price point, and may not be a necessary investment. Do you ask people for their addresses or are you sending them to people you know? Some products on some shops just do not draw as many customers. I believe it will come back to them – just as good mojo comes back to those who are helpful & kind hearted! I only do this for other bloggers to go along with their reviews. These forms of spreading the word are a slow-moving, but steady progress. Every spot where you leave your mark is leading people to your shop. I post something once or twice a week and those posts often lead to multiple sales. My site had all of the things she loved; she’d just like me to alter them slightly: a different size, another stone, etc. My 3-packs are 3 bracelets made of smaller gemstones, listed at inexpensive prices. I imagine them coming to my site, seeing all of the different gemstones with all of the different meanings, and feeling completely overwhelmed. They’ll thank you for it, and you’ll thank them for all the future business to come. Even though it doesn’t take root and sprout immediately, you’re putting yourself, and your brand, out there. It is usually women selling to other women, a great number of whom may be already deep in debt. We offer taste-testing samples, and talk about the bees; it’s interesting, and it’s different, and it has a ‘story’ that piques their interest. After 3 questions or so we realize they are just killing time and we have learned to nip that in the bud. It’s getting to be a racket that so many agencies in the virtual markets have discovered ways to milk your profits, and have learned how to make money every day, even when you don’t. Getting views is such a stumbling block for me and you’ve given me some specific direction for increasing them.

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Still, the fundamental rules of how to sell remain the same regardless of your product type and customer base. You won’t know the best customer fit for your product, so you won’t be able to do a good job of qualifying prospects. Most people think of salespeople as selfish and out to help themselves, which is why the consultative approach is so effective – it turns that stereotype on its head. Which means they’ll almost inevitably tell their friends, family, and co-workers how much they dislike you. Like the previous stereotype, the way to overcome this unfortunate feeling is to do just the opposite. Almost all resistance to buying boils down to fear on the prospect’s part. But if they like and feel comfortable with a salesperson, they’re much more likely to take the plunge. Like doctors and lawyers, salespeople need to stay on top of these changes. Instead of giving the same pitch to the same prospects day after day, you can explore new tactics, talk to new people and keep stretching yourself in new ways. After all, if you’re selling high-end financial products to giant corporations you’ll need to approach your prospects in an entirely different way from someone who sells books at a neighborhood bookstore. You won’t know all the product’s benefits, which means you’ll be constantly missing chances to woo prospective customers. Selling without product knowledge is like running a marathon with your legs tied together. You need to put yourself in a respectful, helpful mindset before you so much as pick up the phone. This is not the word of mouth reputation you want to create. Meaning, the salesperson who sells products that break down in a week or cons prospects into buying a lot of unnecessary extras. By being completely straightforward and honest with your prospects, you’ll create a positive impression that will keep them coming back for more (and hopefully send their friends to you as well). Ask a hundred star salespeople what approach they take and you’ll get a hundred and one answers – but what they’ll all have in common is likeability. If they don’t like the person who’s trying to sell them something, they’re unlikely to buy no matter how great the product itself is. This includes internal company changes, such as policy shifts and product updates, and external changes, such as the rise of social media or new state and federal regulations for your industry. But that’s not really a drawback because if you’re constantly learning and developing your skills, you’re not likely to become bored with your job.

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With everything from desk flair to essential techy goods, these 30 gift ideas are perfect for sending your friend off on a new adventure. This canvas tote bag is sturdy, encouraging, cute and it fits everything. This little guy would stand out on any desk and might turn into a conversation starter at your friend’s new job. Working alongside this happy tea can make a day much better (and tastier). Plus it will become one less thing to check off on their to-buy list. They’re great for that friend who loves to doodle or pencil everything in on their calendar. Pick these up to keep your friend from pulling an amateur cord-tangle situation at the new office. A card like this is bound to bring a smile on that special someone’s face. So, why not get your friend the prettiest pair on their floor? This pretty gold frame will remind your hard-working friend what all that time in the office is really for. A lava-lamp-looking timer is a useful, if a bit nostalgic, tool for keeping your friend on track. This adorable, little llama is cute on display and super useful when spring cleaning comes around. These cute, shiny magnets are perfect for using on a magnetized board or calendar so your friend can stay organized. And since this is definitely one of those better times, why not celebrate? It’s also great for an impromptu dance party or in-office happy hour. And with a case this rad, your friend will want to give out their new business card to every person they see. Maybe you can get yourself one too while you’re at it… you know, for being such a good friend. This mobile charger makes it easy to stay in touch on the go so there are no dead phone excuses for the new boss. But with these pretty pens, your friend will be taking notes like a boss. This personalized carry-all clutch is roomy and perfect for anyone who wants to stay organized. And this geometric pair is the just the thing to deck out someone’s new desk. This sweet print can make any regular cubicle feel instantly homey. These fabric buckets, which also come in different prints, and are multi-functional. If you need to tell the world you are in need coffee, are having a paradigm shift or are out of the office, then this stamp has you covered. Being at work means being away from the things we love, whether it’s your kids, your pets or hey, even your plants. Plus, the swinging lid is good for squeamish people who hate being able to see everyone’s rubbish. Not only does it keep the climate pleasant, but your friend can also use a little essential oil in it to make the air smell sweet (as long as it’s okay with their desk mates). With this gorgeously translucent water bottle, your friend won’t want to leave home without some fresh agua ever again.

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You have to think: why would customers want to buy from you? They too stress the importance of having a different product that really stands out. She says that the majority of questions she gets can be answered by simply browsing though the forums, blogs, and threads on the site. Here are tips from many of the site’s profitable sellers on how to boost your visibility and number of sales. With such a high volume of goods for buyers to choose from, it’s crucial that the product is high quality and most importantly, unique. Chen receives a flood of messages from eager new sellers every day asking for advice.

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Don’t let the price you think you should charge (whether high or low) dissuade you now. Even if the listings are essentially offering the same thing (custom framing), you could feature a different photo in each one. That way, when someone is looking for framing an announcement they see more than one of your examples and your one listing doesn’t slip between the cracks. Having more listings will also fill up your shop more, which is a good thing. I have not paid for promotions on etsy (or elsewhere) either. Try shooting in a naturally well lit area, maybe in front of some windows with minimal things in the back ground. There are about 100 wine bottles sitting in the garage right now and they are ready to get them out of there! Feel free to ask any questions as the series continues! You definitely don’t want to do something that takes lots of time, but doesn’t bring in enough to make it worth it. For the number of views you have, you have a lot of favorites on your items, so that’s great! Maybe you’ll convince me that it’s worth it for a little extra cash! Yes, we will talk about the importance of having great photos. I have to agree with you on is to keep posting new listings and items. My mantra for my business is to make jewelry for people that is meaningful and affordable. I think you would have to check the individual licensing agreement for the different fabrics. With all the fee’s involved it does cut into your profit alot. Did you feel the fee’s took alot away from your profit? Right now, just brainstorm all of the possibilities of what you could sell. You are making me want to open my etsy shop up again! Another reason for more listings with different pictures is that some people have a hard time imagining something different than what is on the screen, so when they see the mat with baseballs, they can’t consider it for a girl or non-baseball fan. Spread out your listings (or re-listings) so they aren’t all on the same day. We will be talking about some other tips in the series that should help too, including some ways to market without paying for ads. As for the theme of your shop, if you think both types of items would appeal to a similar audience, you can keep them together. Some of the pictures have a yellowish tint that dulls out the beautiful product you have. You want people to see your beautiful product as well, and the right picture could mean the difference between a sale. Stick around and maybe you’ll come up with some new ideas! I hope to learn more about growing my hobby into a little business. It’s so wonderful to have it button so it doesn’t keep falling down! The more items you have in your shop, the more exposure you’ll get. We will also talk about some other options for when your items’ legitimate prices are too high for the market. Make your things as personalized and custom as possible but still being accessible. You would need to see if the licens e is just for personal use or if what you make from the fabric can be sold. It’s also helpful to realize that it’s not the only way to sell your items. You could try just moving some of your inventory over and see how it does!

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Learn the basics of creating your own shop, making it as a business, and helping it to grow so you can live your dream of crafting full-time. Etsy is a massive marketplace with many thousands of shops; make your product stand out by creating something unique to you. Your goal is to create something so new and irresistible that people can’t help but want to buy it. Just make sure that the things you make share a theme or motif unique to your style. Although you want your shop to be one of a kind, it is important to stay in your area of expertise and enjoyment. If you are a jack of all trades, consider making a list of possible products you would like to create. If you love making lots of different things, then make lots of different things. Consider your target audience, and what they are looking for in your product. A tendency for new sellers is to think that you must have a large inventory built up before you begin selling in your shop. Whether or not they sell immediately, you will at least have officially started your business which will encourage you to make more things. As you begin to get the hang of running your own business, you can add more product to your shop. They will be charmed with your personal touch and be more likely to consider your shop in the future. The tricky part is coming up with a suitable username for the long haul. Make sure your username is easy to spell so that you don’t have difficulty referring people to it. It won’t affect the url or your login, but makes it look nicer when people come to your page. Giving buyers the opportunity to know who is making the products they are viewing will encourage them to support you. Before you can begin listing your items, you must know prices you want to sell them for. It won’t matter how absolutely amazing your handmade product is if the photos you take of it don’t do it justice. Take photos of your product from several angles, and if applicable both on and off a live model. Either take your photos outside or in a well-lit room near an open window. Whatever you choose, make sure that it enhances, rather than distracts from, your product. As you list items for sale, you will be given the option to add ‘tags’ to their description. You can add up to 13 tags, and it is best to use all 13 rather than settling for less. Your business plan can be flexible – you are allowed to make adjustments to it whenever you want. Make a daily or weekly schedule, and try to stick to it! Break projects down into manageable tasks so that you don’t overwhelm yourself. Always make a mark of the item you sell, price you sold it for, and your total profit on this item. You will be able to ask questions, exchange advice, and give opinions about the buying/selling/marketing process. Just adding items to your shop and leaving it will likely leave you without viewers, and therefore buyers. Using three at most will likely be all that you need to adequately promote your shop and bring in new customers. If you are passionate and excited about your products in person, other people will be too. Although this will cost you money in the short-run, you may build a larger customer base and grow your business and income over time by doing so. Take good pictures of your products – ensure the background and lighting is good, and use a steady hand. But again, this price should compete well with similar products; else you won’t have too many buyers coming in. There are many patterns for sale already, go ahead and add yours! Etsy, you can create your own online shop and sell your products to people all over the world. Love for your work will show through in the products you make, so be sure that you truly enjoy creating whatever your product is. Rank them based on your level of knowledge before going back to make final decisions. Just be sure that all your products carry a common thread so that your shop doesn’t seem unorganized. Although you are making something you love, you have to make something that also desirable to others. Instead of waiting around for weeks or even months until you think you have “enough” product, begin with just a few listings. Nearly as important as your product itself is its packaging. Depending on the product you are selling, come up with ideas for the best way to package your product. You can capitalize the first letter of each word if you want. You may not always sell the same type of item or craft, so try not to make your shop name too specific. Make sure that it is professional and relevant to the products you sell. Etsy gives you five photos per item, so be sure to use them all. This will allow the true colors and textures of your item to show through in the photos. Classic white is a go-to background for many product photos, but your options are endless for possible backdrops. If necessary, use a photo editing program on your computer to adjust your images to your liking and further increase their appeal. It is important to consider what you will be responsible for when it comes to selling. Starting out with one will help you to stay focused on your business goals for your shop though. To keep up with your business goals, it will be important to set a schedule. Staying mentally and physically organized and timely will help your business to run more smoothly, and help you to feel less stressed. Then, at the end of every month you can tally these totals and watch how your shop grows over time. Don’t overwhelm yourself using too many social media platforms. This will give new options to old buyers (which increases buyer interest) while simultaneously building up your inventory. You can renew your items by visiting the settings tab on your shop’s page. It should be memorable and related to what you want to sell. Tell potential customers why your shop exists and what the motivation is for what you do. Define your seller policies and disclaimers so that potential buyers know what to expect. If you do not know how, enlist the services of a professional.

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How to focus our energy on something that will pay off? You can easily download all of your sales and financial stats – everything from sales by item to fees by fee type. We price to cover most of it, but man, it still hurts to see those totals at the end of the month. You see featured stories about people selling thousands of items on day ten of their shop going live and haphazardly quitting their day job to keep up with the demand, and you feel like you should be able to do that too. It’s easy, it’s relatively cheap, and you don’t have to supply all of your own buyers. From my perspective, it isn’t somewhere that, beyond being one place you might be “discovered”, is overly beneficial for makers who are truly trying to rule their creative world and create a sustainable and successful business. In the last two years or so it hasn’t worked as good for me. I also think that it has been around so long, that it is now the go to place for unique and innovative items. These are good because you can spend as much or little as you want on them. Listing fees are reasonable as well as the length of time a product is offered. And often times, people browse through your shop without ever actually seeing your main shop page and shop announcement. With the eleventy-zillion bath & body makers over there, no one would/could ever be able to find me. I stuck it out for a bit hoping to use it as a vehicle to get my business name recognition. They walk you through step by step until your shop is ready to go! I have added my products on there multiple times without any success of sales. Our totally custom work (for now!) is all word of mouth referrals. If you don’t like it, or you find running your own business just isn’t for you, then it’s easy enough to shut down and move on. It is dishonest to promote “handmade goods” if they are in fact made by individuals who are working for slave wages. I also have had little success with building a mailing list. My particular market (bath & body) is wayyyyyyyy too saturated over there. Its users trust the site and you can expect to have a pretty smooth experience.


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