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We make your existing cabinets and other woodwork look great, along with adjusting and changing out hardware. We do subcontract our work but our installers are well known to us and have been to our own homes numerous times for work and personal reasons. We have been in the business for several years and are familiar with all flooring applications and trouble shooting any unique challenges your project may present. Currently, we have five employees, and use professional and licensed subcontractors. We know that hard work, respect, and satisfied clients bring success.Weather and inspection delays slowed the project down some, but the finished project is beautiful and doesn’t look like an add-on at all! The job was finished within the budget (plus the extra stuff we requested). However, we had some fun with the pattern and her intuition of an arabesque 3×3 tile was right on. Lastly, we added some more space in the kitchen and gave it a custom look by encasing the refrigerator with a new cabinet. I ended up talking to two of their employees who informed me they were instructed to throw out anything that had dust or dirt on it. They also hired the highest bids it seemed from their stock of friends and family and added their own surcharges on the bill.I would highly recommend that if you have hired them and were not in the home when services were provided that you thoroughly check your valuables and other items and also think back on any time something went missing and you brushed it off. He was never on site to supervise the work but instead sublet the work to subcontractors who were all substandard with the work they produced. This not only delayed the project but even after we moved in (4 months after the promised completion date), we lived in a home filled with workers and dust for months on end. I rescheduled for another date in another 2 weeks, took another day off work, and they did show up on time. They said their previous installation job was a nightmare, thus the delay for me. Prompt response when requesting estimate appointments and their installation team is fast and trustworthy to have working on your personal home or commercial project. We update your fixed / permanent wood features without replacing them. The least amount of time we have known any of the crews is over 4 years so we know who we are sending to your home. In addition to home repair, remodel, make-readies, custom interior and exterior paint. We offer a broad range of services customized to meet your needs. We are bonded and insured to give you the utmost confidence that qualified personnel are handling your job. Our goal is to serve our customers to be the best of our ability. Our remodeling professionals have honed their skills on building beautiful showers and bathrooms. The result is a dream retreat that not only adds to the value of your home, but most importantly, your quality of life. He’s worked with the same great subcontractors for many years, and has been in the business so long that he knows how to get anything completed. Hammet and his subs do quality work and they were always willing to do the extra jobs that we came up with during the construction. I had a limited budget, so this was just a make-over using existing cabinets and doors, with the exception of the island. I have some dark espresso wood accents in the house and the new island was stained to match these accents (wine niche, stair railing and fireplace mantel). She quickly knew what would and wouldn’t work with the overall goal being to open up the kitchen and create a lighter, clean feeling space. For tile selection, we kept the color monotone by going with a white marble to continue the cabinet coloring down the wall to meet the countertop. I have a light fixture in the entry way which is the same style. Kris is a joy to work with and this is not our first project she has helped me with in our home. She is very professional, knows the right vendors and she does a fabulous job of reflecting your style with her inspirations. They threw out my dishes, my grandmother’s silverware, and brand new things in boxes just to name a few. If you are considering hiring them, do so at your own risk! He issued a warranty letter for the work done valid for a period of one year, but negated on the same. I took off work and waited for their arrival – which never happened. They did an amazing job, and their pricing is very competitive.

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Don’t hesitate to ask us a question or inquire as to why a certain process has to take place. We want you to know just how special you and your project are to us, so we do our very best to ensure that you and your needs always come first. We can also remove all old countertops, sink or old tiles without making a mess and will dispose of all materials. You can trust him to do a great job and treat you right. All of our staff are friendly and knowledgeable because we know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We even have a complimentary estimate where we’ll come out to you!

Eco Friendly Countertops Recycled Glass & Concrete Counters Austin, Tx | Duration 1 Minutes 8 Seconds We won’t stop working until you like what we’ve done. He was always on time and delivered the product he said he would in the timeframe he promised.

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This wear and tear can be difficult to manage, and most people are unable to clean it and bring it back to new. When it comes to something you’ve invested so much money in and that is such a focal point of the most used room in your home, there is no substitute for the experience and quality our marble countertop sealing experts bring. Once we are finished cleaning out stains from wear and tear or spills, we will seal and polish them to restore them back to their former glory. A professional stone cleaning and sealant application can protect the stone from substances it is vulnerable to. Granite, marble and concrete are very different materials and restored in very different ways. These guys are flagstone maintenance experts, especially for saltwater pools. This is especially true for marble countertops, which are susceptible to staining from acidic and basic materials and dullness if not maintained and sealed properly. Our marble countertop sealing pros are also experts at removing stains from marble counters. For over two decades, our natural stone restoration professionals have been trusted with the preservation and restoration of marble countertops. This is the best way to ensure your countertop retains that fresh, clean, and enhanced look. Our team will assess the type of stone countertops you have and look for staining and damage, indicating any specific areas that require more attention. The type of stone and the condition will determine the method of restoration to be used, such as clean and seal, or grind and polish.
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