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Initially we were told that someone would be in touch after they had investigated the incident further. After going back and forth via phone for a few months we decided to carve out some time on the weekend and head down to the store to see if we could speak to someone in person and get to the bottom of the issue. That day a corporate representative told us that if we could just find the date of the paint purchase, they would be able to find the card. A customer service representative from the national corporate office said this was unusual, if it were any other store, they would have been able to find the transaction details. The installer explained something about the wall not being plumb.They also stated that all the cupboards should be looked at, as from the photos, it appeared that none of the cabinets were supported correctly. Oh, other than give us an estimate for installing the new cupboards! The company then called the driver and conferenced him onto our call. I was the car behind him and asked him to turn around as they were not even 5 minutes from my residence at that point. Instead of accepting responsibility and trying to remedy the situation, he made the matter worse. This company doesn’t understand the importance of customer service.
How To Make Concrete Countertops | Beyond The Basics | Duration 3 Minutes 53 Seconds The wires were connected wrong so after a few cycles the dishwasher stopped working. It took 8 phone calls and 2 days of waiting for a service tech to get it resolved. Lowe’s and bought another refrigerator, a different brand of course. In purchasing an appliance (in any big box store), they only have some models and no complete lines such that you may be forced to purchase a model without the features you want. At the time we were told we would need to present a driver’s license to utilize the card as they were connected. When we asked about the connection between the driver’s license and the card, we were told that only at the time of purchase would the driver’s license be needed for validation. A representative told us that they could track down the card details through the purchase of the paint supplies. Cotati is unique in that they wipe their data from time to time. No one ever mentioned they wipe their data or seemed to care enough to call us back or notify us that our case had been closed. Fast-forward 10 years and 3 cupboards came off the wall! The cabinet company replaced the cabinets and stated that the cupboards had been installed incorrectly. He said “well we rang the doorbell 6 times and you weren’t home”. He said they had already turned the truck around too many times that day (clearly indicating that they could but just were not going to), and that he had already called the next customer and told them they were 6 minutes away. Installers showed up almost a month after the purchase date. Lowe’s sent a repair person who fixed the problem but charged me because it was an installation problem. I will definitely get rid of those cards that are associated with them. It went out when it was a little over two years old (the manufacturer warranty ran out at 1 year). We haven’t had this one for two years yet and it went out. We just wanted to have a bathtub removed and replaced with a full shower. He said the contractor would contact us and make arrangements to come by. I said forget it, we would never do business with them again. I also wrote to the corporate offices and never heard back from them.

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The finished mold should be sealed with silicone on the inside where it will come in contact with concrete. Top 2746 Reviews and Complaints About S Home Improvement Cement Lowe I recommend having the countertops be no less than 2 in. thick in the thinnest area. I mixed the concrete with a hoe and added more water as needed. I glued sanding pads to the melamine mold and then used my orbital sander to vibrate the molds. Every couple of hours we sprayed it with water and then recovered it to keep the concrete from flaking. Dry stacking is when you stack bricks or block without mortar in between. This helps to keep the cement moist as it cures to prevent cracking. I used 2x3s as blocking so that we could get it into position with room for our fingers. I cut pieces of tropical hardwood decking and 2x4s with my miter saw. Tell us a little bit about you and we’ll find articles to fit your tastes. I then cut pieces of rigid foam insulation that will be embedded in the concrete to reduce the weight of the countertop. I screwed the foam to scrap pieces of plywood and then screwed through the plywood and into the melamine mold to hold the foam in place.

Quikrete 80 Lb. Commercial Grade Countertop Mix 1106 80 The Home Depot From Homedepot | Duration 1 Minutes 1 Seconds I used about half a bottle of liquid cement color per gallon of water. It’s helpful to have another person distribute the concrete while you mix. I pushed the 2×4 back and forth like a saw over the top of the concrete. I rotated the countertop back and forth to break the away the glue on the inside of the sink mold. I mixed up a small batch of concrete and rubbed it into the surface. This not only provided a nice exterior surface, but it also has fiber reinforcement that strengthens the structure. I adjusted the blocks until they were level with the help of some plastic shims. I used a stick to mix it a little but this product mostly mixes itself when used in shallow applications. Keep the concrete moist by spraying it every couple of hours with a fine mist from the hose. I checked to make sure the fittings were labeled lead-free and suitable for potable water.
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