Tuscan Decorating Wall Color And Paint Colors

Take it up a decorating notch with the bright citrus hues of orange, yellow and green. The village centers are made up of fascinating narrow streets lined with shops and cafes. This fact has no doubt been perpetuated by the romance of the region’s endless rolling hills and cypress-lined country roads, but it is nonetheless home to some of the world’s most prestigious wines. Whether you have decided to work mostly with taupe or cream or gray or any other neutral, using several shades of that color will add depth.
How To Marble Paint Lesson Decorative Paintings Piasson | Duration 1 Minutes 59 Seconds Adding the right lighting will give dimension to the neutral hues in your spaces. Add dimension and interest by including several brilliant accent colors. Go bold with splashes of rich neutrals, such as chocolate brown or slate gray, or go sleek and subtle with tone-on-tone white.

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Get a pot of water boiling, and set the jar on it’s side so the neck is over-hanging the sink. If the marble shrinks a little and the bottle does not, it may come loose. The problem is that if the marble doesn’t budge – the bottle will probably crack from the increased pressure. Carefully and slowly pour the water over the neck of the bottle, and try not to get it on the marble. Not hard enough to crack or break the glass, just enough to set up a harmonic resonance. Liter bottle of marbles and 1/2 liter of sand mixed, make 1 & one half liters?

15 Faux Painting Ideas For Your Walls by ultimatehomeideas.com

You can completely transform your homes by using faux paints on walls. The kind of faux finish you choose for your walls adds a distinctive touch to your homes. Below are 15 faux painting ideas for adding glamor to your homes. Notice how the marble faux painted walls of this home carry an opulent look and add to its luxurious feel. An exquisitely faux painted ceiling along with a lovely chandelier like the one in this room can add a certain charm and exquisiteness to your homes.

How To Paint A Marble Faux Finish Piasson.Com | Duration 53 Seconds Notice how the faux painted walls of this bedroom add certain old world glamor to it. The large airy room is made all the more aesthetically appealing by the presence of the accented faux finish brick wall. Notice how the smooth walls of this lovely bedroom add certain classiness to its overall look. Paint their rooms with lovely faux finish and add a big mural or maybe just a painting of their favorite animation. For girls you can change the color theme and the animation! This will not only add character to your homes but is also a great way of creating a home based upon your own individual style. Bring out the faux painted walls with matching old world furniture, like the one in this picture. Though it may sound strange but the look which it creates is quite unique and looks somewhat like the one in this picture. Faux finish on walls can also add a luxurious and ostentatious look to just about any room. Also note how the paintings mounted on the wall adds a finishing touch along with the classy looking furniture. Perk up your rooms by using a glazed faux finish on the walls. Whether you prefer the luxurious look of metallic faux paints or the rustic appearance of crackled faux paints, there is something out there for just about everyone. The end result is an enhanced and better looking home! The wall paper trend took a backseat in the 1990’s and thus people began to paint their walls with faux finish paints. They may have the rough grainy look of sand or chalk or the ultra smooth finish of silk and satin. Notice how the décor is complimented by the hanging chandelier and the magnificent rug. It adds a statistical charm to your homes, like the geometric faux painting on the wall behind the bed in this bedroom. It’s a combination of the old and the new and is definitely awe inspiring. The furniture is sparse yet adequate, regardless of that the room carries with it a look of charm and sophistication. Notice how all the elements combine to give this room a look of ethereal beauty. One which would give a shabby-chic appeal to your homes and also add to it a bit of character! Paired with the old wooden bed and textured carpet the suede finish creates a juxtaposition of various textures which looks charming and quaint. See how this wonderful boy’s bedroom is made all the more interesting because of the faux painted walls, the comforter and the pillows also compliment the mural on the walls. Take this bathroom as an example; the lovely stencils created by faux paint on the walls add such a quaint look to this small yet lovely bathroom. It is relatively inexpensive and a great way to add glamor to old and boring walls.

Faux Finish Marble Painting Free Lessons Piasson | Duration 58 Seconds Add some character to your walls by using crackle faux finish. Take a look at the room in this picture and check out the faux painted walls behind the fireplace and near the curtains. Check out the way the glazed walls lighten up this room and also compliments the furniture. Some will even base individual rooms on different themes of where they have traveled which is inspiring to many decorative artists.

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Cover the floor as well as furniture to protect it from any drops, spills or sanding dust. Load your plaster knife liberally with approximately half a cup of joint compound. Beginning at the upper corner of the wall, hold the knife at an angle to drag the compound down in a curved pattern. Repeat in a random pattern, leaving some areas of the walls untouched to emphasize the variations in texture. Use a medium-grit sanding block to soften the texture of the applied compound and give it an embossed feel without sharp peaks. Be sure to use a product intended for use as joint compound. Prepare the drop cloth and ladder in the area where you will be working. Brush walls with a broom to remove any surface dust or debris. Use the smaller plaster knife as a tool to transfer compound from the tub to the top half of the larger plaster knife. Allow the joint compound to thin as you drag the knife to create texture that protrudes no more than a quarter of an inch from the wall. Continue sanding with a fine-grit block to blend the edges between the compound and the wall surface using gentle, circular motions.

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The more intense the color, the more rich and dark the finished effect will be. Mask the ceiling, floorboards, windows and any other trim you want to protect from paint, using painter’s tape. Begin by painting a 2- to 3-inch strip along all the corners and masked areas, using an angled paintbrush. Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours, but don’t remove the tape. Evenly mist a small section of the wall with water, using a spray bottle.

How To Marble Paint Piasson | Duration 2 Minutes Allow the glaze to remain light in some spots and heavier in others. Smooth out brushstrokes in the same 3 feet by 3 feet section, using a 4-inch floor staining brush. When you finish one section, move on to the next, repeating the same faux finish steps until the walls are completed. Paint the main part of the walls using a 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch nap paint roller. Create a glaze mix that will give a “tea stain” effect, providing the wall with an aged look. Mix the glaze and paint together thoroughly, using a paint stick. Put a small amount of glaze mix on a medium paintbrush, then rub it onto wall using a random scrubbing fashion. Wielding the brush with wide strokes will help you achieve the “aged” look.


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