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Tiny sedimentary pieces broke off form these elements and accumulated to form rock beds. It is a dense mineral that wears well and is often resistant to oxide. It contains holes that were formed from water flowing through the stone. Identified by its marks, which look like the skin of a serpent. Igneous stones are mainly formed through volcanic material such as magma. Usually comes in dark colors and contains very little calcite, if any. It is a very hard material and easier to maintain than marble. This has created a problem for the stone maintenance industry. The reflectively of polished crystals brings out the brilliant colors and grains of natural stone. The shine is due to polishing bricks and polishing powders used during fabrication. This surface is very porous and must be treated with an impregnator. Calcium carbonate is the natural source that bonds the stone. The additive minerals are also color developers present in granite and other natural stones. Stones brilliant colors and various crystal formations developed when different mineral properties blended together along with the integration of temperature and pressure. The intense heat softened the limestone to allow the liquid to flow through it. These crystals reflect light to provide a shine on the surface. Normal footwear does not cause the main damage, sediment and grit do. The damage to the crystals occurs when the pressure from the shoe forces the sediment to abrade or fracture the crystals. The life span of crystal can be extended by administering a thorough dust mopping program with a proper moping and maintenance system. Considered a limestone that contains natural fossils such as sea-shells and plants. Metamorphic stones originate from a natural form of one type of stone to another type through the mixture of heat, pressure, and minerals. A recrystallized limestone that formed when the limestone softened from heat and pressure and recrystallized into marble where a mineral change occurred. Ranges in many colors and is usually heavily veined and shows grains. Fine grained metamorphic stone that is formed from clay, sedimentary rock shale, and sometimes quartz. Contains serpentine minerals and magnesium, and has an igneous origin. Provides a heavy crystalline and granular appearance with mineral grains. The first part describes the color and second part describes the name from where the stone was quarried. The shine comes from the natural reflection of the stone’s crystals. During fabrication, the stone is heated up and the crystals begin to pop, thus forming a rough surface. Regardless of the type of surface to be maintained, all stone should be protected with sealers. Certain additive minerals blended into during formation to customize these brilliant colors. Polished stone floors become dull when heavy foot traffic along with sediment erodes the crystals. The sediment and grit that lies on the stone surface is the main enemy of stones crystal. The only safe way to restore and sharpen the crystal is to polish them with diamond abrasives or polishing powders. Extensive entrance matting is extremely important because it keeps exterior sediment from entering a building.

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Natural stone is an ideal application for commercial and residential projects as well as virtually any type of remodeling. Granite is highly resistant to scratching, cracking and staining, and is impervious to heat. The color tones vary and veins or bands of contrasting color run throughout the stone. Quartz stone surfaces are the ultimate choice for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, bathroom vanities and commercial interiors. Products such as marble, granite, slate and limestone add real value to your property. Visit our showroom to see just what the beauty of stone can add to your project. Pay only for what you utilize on your project (engineered quartz excluded). Marble will normally show “veins” or high concentrations of movement. It is often used for counter tops, flooring, walls, and architectural trim. It is also used in wall cladding, sinks, light duty residential floors, and tables. A distinguishing characteristic of many limestones is the presence of fossils that are frequently visible in the stone surface. Limestone can also be matched to existing limestone on your building.

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All have advantages and disadvantages so the best choice falls to the home owner. Glass and beach sand are other examples of silica, the most common material on earth. Despite it’s hardness, you can scratch granite, it should be sealed occasionally and it is inflexible. Buyers prefer their uniform colors, predictable patterns and lack of maintenance. The attraction of marble revolves around it’s beautiful and unique patterns. It was originally formed from magma and the largest component is silica. Also, because it is natural, the patterns, colors and varieties are remarkable. Engineered quartz products match granite for hardness but do not need to be sealed. Like man-made quartz products, it offers uniform colors and patterns but the resins are not as scratch resistant as granite or quartz. Both have crystalline structures but granite is generally harder to scratch or stain than marble. We are a local company that sells, fabricates and installs beautiful countertops and kitchens for our neighbors.

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You start with the kind of stone and the dominant color you prefer, and then choose the actual slab that will be used. Online views, such as our gallery or other online resources, can help you understand the color options. Every slab is different, and color variations occur in different light. For exotic stone and other types that have lots of pattern and color variation, it is even more important to see and approve the actual slab before fabrication. Be aware, though, that colors can vary dramatically even in the same type of stone from the same quarry. That said, though, the most effective way to select stone is in person. Alternatively, you can view up to 250 colors in full slab at the warehouse facilities of a stone distributor. For stones with lots of “movement,” this is a very important task, particularly where seams are required. If you wish, you can direct how you want your template laid out on the slab, though coordinating this may delay your installation. To get what you want, you have two general decisions and one specific choice to make. Photos and other electronic images are no substitute for actually viewing the slab in person. For other types of stone that typically have very consistent patterns and color, a sample can suffice. Once you choose a slab they will tag it with our name and yours. Our craftsmen are expert at choosing where to cut the various shapes of your project from the full slab.

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Once cost prohibitive to many budgets, advancements in technology have led to increased availability. On a daily basis, wipe marble with a soft cloth and warm water, using a mild cleanser if necessary. This surface should be sealed periodically to keep it in good shape. Plus, the minerals that comprise marble are sensitive to certain chemical agents, so spills must be cleaned immediately. Now, this beautiful material is more accessible at a lower cost. Also, wipe up any spills right away, as marble is susceptible to etching from acids and stains from other substances. It’s recommended that you purchase a cleaning product specifically formulated for marble. Marble is more porous than quartz or granite, so it requires a quality sealer to reduce stains and etching. Still, marble also ages beautifully, creating an elegant patina.

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Modern imitative materials can replicate the exact look and functionality of marble. Learning the characteristics of marble will help you identify it on sight. Marble free of any impurities or flaws appears as a solid white. Manufactured materials can imitate a swirled, veined look, but will not show the depth and dimension that the naturally occurring veining in marble does. Because of this, the surface of marble shows scratches and wear more easily than its imitators. This can create an initial high gloss, but will not shine as clearly or brightly as highly polished natural marble. But it can be difficult to tell if you are looking at authentic marble, faux marble or granite. Granite often has similar color variegation, but the secondary coloration in granite will look more like clouds than streaks, or it will have a “salt-and-pepper” look to it. The malleability of marble is what has made it a popular material for sculptures and custom-shaped kitchen countertops, and any real marble will become more highly individualized through aging and usage. If you scratch a knife across an inconspicuous area or on the underside of the slab and it shows little or no damage, you are looking at the more durable granite or manufactured stone. Synthetic stones made for kitchen countertops and other household surfaces incorporate glass and other finely crushed materials with a high sheen into their compound. Use marble polish to get the stone’s surface to its purest and cleanest state, and to be able to see the true nature of the stone.

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But kitchen countertops need to be functional and the extra maintenance of marble is irritating to most homeowners. It’s a good one to take a peak at in your local stone warehouse. Names of specific varieties are not always strictly applied and you may find wide variation in the look of any stone with the same name or stones that look identical but with different names. You want to hunt stone warehouses for a slab with the color, tone and pattern you like regardless of the name. More likely is that a marble slab was mislabeled as “quartzite” since they can look very similar. But again, this is probably how you’ll discover that you have marble and not quartzite. To pick the perfect quartzite slab perform the lemon juice test as noted above to weed out those that etch. The color / pattern won’t show through as much as a polished surface, and a honed finish is more prone to staining, but etch marks are less visible. A polished finish is very stain-resistant, but etch marks are more visible. You may think you can handle it, but later get sick and tired of the extra care. Good luck with the warranty department on that and it’s more expensive overall. The granite took on darker shades in high use areas where it is stained. You may have gotten a bit lucky with yours, sealed it well and have cleaning habits that don’t let spills sit for too long. But acidic foods and drinks etch marble countertops leaving dull spots all over creating extra maintenance. Luckily, if you want marble countertops but not the maintenance problems, you have alternatives. Which you prefer will color your choice of the alternatives. This test will tell you how absorbent (prone to staining) the stone is and if it is sensitive to acids like marble. The veining does tend to be dense and the color is usually a touch on the gray side. You may even see it called “granite” instead of quartzite. Looking for a specific color name is a good place to start, but ultimately the name doesn’t matter. Again, marble countertops are only a problem in the kitchen due to all the acidic foods and drinks. Carrara marble alternative countertop materials presented above. Any etching can be repaired by gently rubbing with fine furniture grade steel wool. It can’t be repaired like natural stone, it has to be replaced. We started out being very careful in cleaning and polishing it but then got too busy (or lazy). You don’t even realize it at first until you look at low use areas (like corners or under appliances) that are much whiter and brighter. And our family with 3 kids is extremely hard on our kitchen. It has a very obvious ‘repeat’ pattern unlike natural stone, it has none of the shine of granite or marble (but much more a synthetic sheen like laminate), it feels warm and artificial (like laminate). It’s considered entry-level granite, but it’s not boring like other types of granite in the same category – the gray and sometimes dark purple veins give it character. One of a very few granites that just should never be installed since it will stain so easy.


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