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Although it’s not quite as heat resistant, quartz has all the rest of granite’s durability and shine. This makes quartz ideal for homeowners seeking a custom look in kitchens or bathroom. Because quartz countertops are manufactured, rather than being taken from naturally occurring stone slabs like granite, it can be made in a greater variety of colors.

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Likewise, the bath is that special private place where one can truly pamper themselves.Fortunately, either of these two projects offer one of the highest returns on investment you can make on your home. This gives us the ability to make each and every remodel truly unique to your home. The finest in custom and prefabricated cabinets (four lines). There are many things to consider as you formulate your plans. We have many different cabinet lines, as well as door options, finishes and glazes to choose from. With our quality cabinet lines all the creative and limitless things we can do with them, there’s no end to the possibilities for your home!
Shower Remodel Bathroom Tile Stone Countertops Large Walk In Colorado Springs Monument Co | Duration 5 Minutes 37 Seconds We will gladly help you turn your dream kitchen, bathroom or bar into a work of art that you can enjoy for many years to come.

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We took a propane torch to the cedar siding to brand on the shape of a flowing, growing river. I was ale to collect some river willow and use it for the guardrail over the gooseneck bedroom. I will stop babbling let the pictures and video do the rest of the talking. I have been waiting for someone to build a attractive and high quality gooseneck tiny house. I am looking into other third party certifications to open the doors to more financing options. I don’t thim any large home could ever compare to that tiny home. In this home, the loft would be good for the couple, but where are the 1-2 kids meant to sleep? I suppose the only way around that would be fold down/up bunk beds in that space. It proves that a tiny home can be both aesthetically pleasing as well as creatively functional. Cons-more cost and complexity vs a bumper pull, less space vs a bumper pull of equal length. I would like to build one like it, but fully off grid in the near future. The overall shape of the tiny house with the gooseneck, the changing rooflines, and a shed roof that gently drops off towards the aft invoke a feeling of flow. First, here are some quick stats: 24′ deck with 8′ of floor over gooseneck for a total length of 32′. Can you get a gooseneck trailer in the 30′ range with a 8′ gooseneck (38′ total)? I looked into but the politics and expense of doing it was not justified. We have had so much snow my roof sunk and destroyed my living room ceiling and kitchen. Would it be possible to change the roof, and add another loft above that space to fit two twin size beds? We built bunk beds in for them that are split queen size (80″ x30″). There isn’t a whole lot of “living room” space, we generally congregate in the dining area or go outside. When we get the stove going it gets too hot and we have to open windows. The great thing about having something custom made is that you can make changes that fit your lifestyle! The river across the kitchen countertop is a lovely artistic touch, and very thoughtful as a personal memory for the new owners. We could do a gooseneck as short as 12′ on the deck and 6′ on the neck for a total of 18′.

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