What Does Your Dream House Look Like?

I am thinking about the one you can afford if you work hard and spend wisely and take your time decorating. For example: we have a front courtyard that is home to a pool, spa and waterfall and the ambiance of a 10 foot adobe wall makes one feel they are in their own private oasis. It is difficult for any of us to combine location, budget and dreams together. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your dream house story!
Watch If You Won The Lotto What Would Your Dream House Look Like? | Duration 1 Minutes 16 Seconds We started with the windows in the kitchen…we had one tiny one and that would not do…and moved on from there. I would have a large laundry room with my sewing things, a large craft/folding/sorting table and access to the outdoors to peg out laundry. When my husband was a home inspector, he inspected a house that had this feature. In the kitchen would be different work stations; coffee, baking, salad and veg prep. It would also have a beautiful wrap around porch like yours. Over the almost 7 years we have been here, we have debated adding a screen over the top of it all…will a screen spoil the ambiance? I know exactly what your debate has been with yourselves over the screen over your pool. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts! Our home is over 50 years old, and was originally a summer home, built to take advantage of the view. But we have spent a number of years slowly changing and updating, painting walls, replacing light fixtures, and replacing hideous wrought iron railings. I think what keeps so much of us going is tweaking our homes toward our dreams. French country style decor and so many other things! We moved into our home about 15 years ago, a 1920’s beach cottage, that needed a total renovation. I love the house from top to bottom, but the dream would be to have it on the ocean. My dream home would include tall sycamore trees, willow trees, lots of hydrangeas and secret gardens. Another beautiful home hubs inspected had refrigerated drawers and some freezer drawers built into the cabinets.

Your Destination For The Kitchen Of Your Dreams | Duration 5 Minutes 7 Seconds Wishing you all the best for the holidays and a lovely 2018!

What Would Your Dream House Be Like? by learning.blogs.nytimes.com

If you could custom-build a dream house to your specifications, what would it look like? Not only is it beautiful but it is relaxing and most likely stress free with no worries of loud disturbance from any 0ther people around you because god knows you have space of your own. The ocean breeze and the mountain breeze through night and day is comforting. I would live there only to protect the animals and plants that live there. I would use the heat from the underground volcanoes, wind from the air, water from the streams, and the sun for all of my energy needs. I would have my own small little farm that would use all natural stuff. The penthouse would have two floors and be very modern, with lots of open space and modern sculptures and art. The cottage would be completely opposite, packed with cushy sofas and stone fireplaces. The kitchen would be gigantic and filled with delicious treats and foods. I would love to have my own private beach if that’s possible. My house would never not have food, my house would be one of those houses where you can talk to t and ask it stuff like make my bed or clean up something, i would also have my own private chefs that live with me. I would make sure i could do everythibng i like at the house. The house would cost a lot of money but when its finished i would not feel any remorse into spending the money. I would make my own trails, and have my own track t o ride my dirt bike and quad on. My home would have a game room, wrestling ring a big movie screen. And i would have like marbol floors and crystals on the celling to make the house shine at night. And when you walk into the the room there is the smell of hawain sent into the house and i will have a spa. I visited there two years ago, and fell in love with the place. It would have to have a big glass window facing the water and a beautiful garden outside with waterfalls and beautiful stone benches to sit on. There is a place in arenal that has a place they take care of toucans that has a incredible house and cabins in the rainforest. I like that the house is by the ocean so you get to swim and fish from your house. Comfort is the key to an enjoyable and dream worthy house in my opinion. I would like it all to be nature colored but still a rainbow of different colors.

What Does A Good Stone Wall Look Like? | Duration 5 Minutes 35 Seconds I think my dream house really describes me as other’s dream houses really match their personalities. It would be small, but behind it would be lots of land (12-15 acres) and my horse farm will be. It would be at least 2, 000 square feet, and at least 3 bedrooms. I would also be surrounded with people that support those dreams. I would also have a tennis court and a beutiful look of the beach and since the house is all glass no matter where you go in the house you can see the beach! My house wouldn’t be anything out of the normal it would not be prudent to have anything excessive. I would make dirt bike trails and a motocross track at the house. I want it to be on 300 acres, and a pretty decently sized house. The yard would be big it would be big and would be 1, 000 yards long that would my bream house. And my house would have very decoritive stuff like black white and red.


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