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But a water cooler can differ from a water dispenser, and there are some must-have features, so be informed before you start shopping to get the right one for your home. A countertop unit can be placed on a counter or table, not too high for dispensing or changing the large water bottle. However, a water cooler that has a storage area at the bottom and smaller countertop dispensers will more than likely dispense water that is not as colds as other models. Though not at boiling temperature, it’s handy for making a hot chocolate or a quick cup of tea. These are popular with those who want to filter their water without the expense of buying pre-filled water bottles.Even a dispenser (without the cooling) can provide a room-temperature or cool drink of water. Either style needs an electrical outlet, and it should be placed on a solid platform. You may want to avoid placing it on a rug if you expect the occasional spill. You can turn the hot water off at the back of the unit to save a little in energy. It eliminates the ‘plastic’ water taste, which is quite common with some coolers. Though breakable should you drop one, they are fairly durable and made with a 100% vitrified porcelain crock.
Vitapur 3 5 Gal. Cold/Room Temperature Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser In White Vwd2036w 1 The Home Depot From Homedepot | Duration 59 Seconds They are fitted with a single faucet and dispense room-temperature water, which is usually cool when kept in a porcelain crock. You fill this bottle and place it on the unit, where some of the ‘new’ water will filter down into a holding reservoir ready for dispensing. Though not recommended, these large plastic bottles can be manually refilled with potable water and reused, but always disinfect your bottle with a solution of water and a little bleach. You should confirm the availability of bottled water in your area before buying a cooler. For those who may have limitations, keep in mind that you can downsize the bottle if a 5-gallon size is difficult to carry or load onto your water cooler.

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Simply hook up to a 1/4″ cold water line and you’ll enjoy pure, fresh water anytime! You’ll be delighted with its 3 temperature settings, energy saving sleep mode, and easy to change filters that will last for a full year.

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Additionally, it is a great unit for home use due to its convenience of use and it encourages you to drink more water each day (water have benefits). What to Know Before Buying a or Water Cooler and Dispenser However, you need to release that a water dispenser is different from a water cooler . So, a water cooler is a dispenser that cools the water and hence an electrical dispenser. A variety of dimensions and configurations allow choosing the best water dispenser for your office or home use, providing faster access to drinking water of the desired temperature. Having a water dispenser in your office, business, gym, or home has many advantages. As opposed to connecting them to your office or home water line, you only place the about 5 gallons water bottle on the dispenser and plug it in. To guarantee strength and durability, the unit is constructed with a potent water siphon and water pump that aids pull the leftover water from the reservoir. It features small stainless steel water reservoir that ensures there is no plastic remain in the water. The dispenser comes with a child safety lock that prevents children from accessing hot water. It also features a power switch for both the cold and hot water tanks. A built-in safety lock that prevents kids from using hot water. The unit is made of the latest stainless steel body to ensure that your water doesn’t taste plastic and comes with an effective child safety lock to prevent kids from accessing hot water. Self-cleaning feature purifies and sanitizes the dispenser to prevent accumulation of viruses and germs. Bottom loading unit to reduce spills, remove the strain of lifting, and is perfect for 3 and 5-gallon bottles. It features a stainless steel reservoir which allows both the cold and hot water to travel via the reservoirs in a hygienic manner without tasting plastic. It is pretty easy to adjust the unit’s thermostat thus making it perfect for home use. This is recommended for brewing hot drinks such as tea and coffee. It provides instant access to hot water, room temperature water, and ice cold water which is also purified with a touch of a button. The unit comes with a leak guard probe that makes it simpler to load the bottle and aids to prevent spilling on the floor. The product also comes with a child safety feature and night light to provide peace of mind and its steel drip is dishwasher safe for smooth cleaning. It is energy star approved to keep your electricity bill low. Do you want a cold drink to flow out every time you press the water faucet or simply a room temperature drink? Your choice will vary from freestanding to countertop or wall fixed unit. The colder your drink, the more power your dispenser will use. In addition, freestanding models are more expensive than countertop units. It is especially critical in tabletop and freestanding units, which have water outlets within the reach of kids. In particular, this is a must-have feature for dispensers dispensing hot water. The best unit should have enough space to enable you to fill huge mugs, water bottles, and glasses. There are different filters that come with these units including carbon charcoal filter, water distillers, and ultraviolet filter. Although these units are often low maintenance, you should keep them clean, especially the dispensing area. Put a two gallons bucket under the drain system at the rear of the unit. Clean stump and probe assembly with a soft rag using a mixture of one tablespoon unscented washing bleach and one-gallon tap water, then rinse well. If white chalky deposits (mineral build-up) appear, use a calcium, rust, or line removing the product. Remove all the remaining water from the reservoir by pouring from both taps. Turn your dispenser around, install a fresh bottle of clean water and plug it into a power outlet. You should now know what to look for when shopping for your water dispenser and how to clean and maintain it. Don’t always depend on self-cleaning either – it might be hard to eliminate mold from stagnant water. Also, remember that the best water cooler is the most innovative office or household appliance that you will ever purchase. Luckily, we gave you the top five units in our review to help you have a place start. Often, there are two kinds of water dispensers: one that doesn’t cool the water (non-electric) and another that does cool the water (an electric). This article will look at both the electric and nonelectrical water dispenser to ensure that you give your guests that cold/warm drink they deserve during a hot/cold day. In addition to room temperature and cold water pouring, this unit can filter and even heat your water. Side water gauge – for determining the amount of water left. On/off indicator – for knowing when the unit is ready for use.It is made of stainless steel and is nickel plated on the front and sides to ensure that there is no plastic waste that will get into the water. The cooler features 6th sense self-cleaning tech, a breakthrough in this industry, that uses oxygen to destroy viruses and bacteria present in the water. This indicator also lights up when the hot and cold water is the optimal temperature. It comes with effective push-button controls that make it easy to access cold, hot, and room temperature water. Bottle installation is quick and simple, and thanks to its low location, eliminates the need for tiring lifting as well as awkward maneuvering. This water unit requires no filters and comes with a detachable dishwasher-safe spill plate for faster and easier cleaning.Hamilton stands 45 inches tall by 14 inches wide and comes in a contemporary white color. Offers cold water, room temperature water, and steamy hot water. It provides a choice of three water temperature: cold, room temperature, and hot water for preparing hot drinks whenever you want. Because of the hot water, the manufacturer has added a child lock feature and the unit is built-in nightlight to ensure that you see it even in dark rooms. Built-in nightlight that makes it possible to see the dispenser even in dark rooms. It looks like an ordinary office water dispenser but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t one of the best on the market today. This is great for your health as it doesn’t contaminate your drink. The best thing about this unit is the hot water off and on the switch that conserves power – this means it uses less energy and hence you save on energy bills. Hot water is perfect for preparing hot drinks such as soup while cold water is perfect for taking when chilled. It is constructed of stainless steel accents which are ideal for enhancing your décor at the office or at home. Furthermore, depending on where you intend to install your unit and what you want to use it for, you need to choose from the different types of coolers. Always check the size and type of the compressor used in a unit before you purchase it. Child lock prevents the kids from opening the faucet and spilling water on the ground, thereby saving yours from the hustle of cleaning as well as saving the precious cold drink.The nozzle of your dispenser should be tiny to enter into bottles. An easy to remove drip tray makes it easier to clean your dispenser while a filter makes it harder to clean it. The best and most important way to clean and maintain your unit is to ensure that the reservoir and water lines are clean. Turn your dispenser around so rear-side is pointing away from the wall. Remove any remaining water from the water reservoir by pouring from both faucets into a pitcher. Wipe inside the reservoir as well as the area around the taps with a soft rag using the same solution. Rinse your dispenser by pouring 2 gallons of tap water via the cooler and into the collection bucket. Replace all parts: drain cap, prove assembly, baffle, and silicon plug. Another great thing that makes this unit quite safe is its operation – you don’t need any particular knowledge to operate it (even small children operate it). Doing all that will help your unit to last long and keep your drink clean. With that said, it is not easy to get the best water dispenser because there are hundreds of models that have flooded the shelves. Also, always ensure that your unit has the features we looked – at least they are the minimum features.

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