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The main downside for tourists is it’s a bit far from the centre — not a problem if you have a car, though. The desserts in each of his restaurants are known for being particularly incredible! The devil is in the details here, and thoughtful touches such as diverse artwork, rain showers, and a customized movie library put this property a cut above many others. There is a fitness center, indoor pool, restaurant, and bar on-site. In addition to modern, comfortable rooms, the hotel features a rooftop pool and complimentary laundry facilities. Looks like a great option for family or group travel! Each room has a small kitchen area, terrace, and living room, which means additional space and functionality. Located near the water and situated among local restaurants, cafés, and shops. This rental sleeps up to four people in queen beds and has two bathrooms, in addition to the full-kitchen. Past guests have appreciated the pet friendly policy and comfortable beds. The rooms are colorful and functional, with a small kitchen space and seating areas that offer some additional space. Past guests adore this two-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage for its outdoor space, which has a hot tub and fire pit for unwinding. Walk around any day of the year, and the smell of exceptional coffee will tempt you, wafting through the air everywhere you go. Reviews highlight excellent and welcoming staff, a great location, and a top-notch overall experience. Add to that great views from many rooms, and a rooftop cocktail bar that will make your jaw drop, and you’ve got a beautiful, upmarket choice. Past guests describe being treated like family during their stay, and mention the quality of food and service, and beautiful rooms and space as a plus. Past guests love the spacious rooms and high value of this property, as well as giving staff top marks for exceptional service. Each room has a kitchenette and updated bathroom, and the amenities — from a rooftop deck and courtyard, to an on-site fitness center — offer added value at this reasonably priced hotel. With an onsite restaurant/bar to relax and unwind, and on-site parking to make arrival and departure a bit easier, past guests seem to appreciate the hotel’s décor and attentive staff. The back patio with a garden and small fire pit are a hit with guests. As former guests confirm, this house is spacious and can sleep up to 12 people.

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I have a feeling that working and learning about food will unexpectedly translate into eating out less. A light puncturing with my fork let the soft yolk ooze out, mixing in with the dense ricotta-spinach filling and the truffle butter sauce at the bottom of the dish. If you can find an excuse, go and try this dish out — it actually lives up to the hype. Proceed with caution, 10 dumplings is actually a substantial amount of wonton wrapper. The summer was so busy we didn’t actually get to do it until it was closer to her birthday than mine, but it was still a wonton wonderland of an afternoon. The lamb had some depth to it, clearly not just sausage meat, which worked with the brightness of the cilantro and chopped cucumber sprinkled on top of it. The breading on the chicken was gorgeous, shattering as you bit into it, buttery and salty without being too greasy. But it took a while to be all right with not just going with the crowd, for recognizing that your difference of opinion might actually add something to the discussion. Inside the restaurant itself, a mish-mash of rustic and industrial chic. This meant she was perfectly happy to repeatedly go back and ask the chef to answer or confirm something, but didn’t inspire a lot of confidence in us about the staff’s ability to represent the restaurant. However, what the soup lacked in lobster meat, it more than made up for in flavor. The lobster was incredibly fresh, hitting that sweet spot of chewy, buttery, briny richness that epitomizes great shellfish. It just seemed like the ideal summer dish, fresh and bright and full of the season’s best. It was braised to the point of holding its shape only until pressed upon by a fork, then falling to pieces. What turned this plate into a hefty meal was the underlying rectangle of über-buttery polenta, which almost reminded me of the outrageously rich grits you find at some southern restaurants. Since it was his birthday, the kitchen decorated the plate and, in an inspired move, put a candle in one of the fresh strawberries. I guess) sandwiching fresh chantilly cream with macerated sliced strawberries, and a drizzle of caramel on top. Of course, my favorite part was the fresh whipped cream (no shlag, but pretty damn good). There are dishes that are less successful than others, but that’s true at any restaurant, and for the areas where they do excel, you’re getting large portions of great food for a pretty solid price. If a grounded, lowkey setting is your ideal, embrace that, but recognize that an emphasis on local sourcing means your staff should know those producers. It may still be in its gawky teenage years, but as a former awkward teen can attest, if you learn to appreciate strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses, you’re well on your way to a bright future. Eh, enough dithering about known unknowns (ain’t that a timely idiom?). The raviolo was constructed from freshly house-made dough, so thin and delicate you can see the bulk of the egg yolk shimmering through the top. The sauce was reminiscent of hot and sour soup, with a little more punch to it that left a little tingle on my lips. The breast was pretty good, but the drumstick took the cake for me, the meat moist in contrast to the crisp coating. Walking further in takes you to the restaurant itself, which is decorated with a blend of rustic and industrial touches, combining wrought iron lighting fixtures and bar shelves with light wood tables and thick wooden beams suspended across the ceiling. It featured an enormous quantity of lobster meat, with both a sizable claw and a tail that were only lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, and the orange citrus vinaigrette. The acid of the vinaigrette was the perfect way to bring the salad together and balance out the natural richness of the seafood. I was very impressed that the dish used pieces of lamb, rather than the shredded or ground meat you often find in ragus. Both my father’s and my entrees had the opportunity to be relatively light dishes, if you ignored the starch component. It was absolutely delicious, and worked well with the brighter flavors of the rest of the dish, but man was it filling. My favorite part of the dish was probably the vegetable sides of summer squash and asparagus, which had soaked up all of the chicken juices, perhaps defeating their purpose but rendering them lip-smackingly delicious. All in all, compared to the deft handling of the pasta and swordfish, the wimpy seasoning on the chicken just made it seem a little unattended to. The biscuits had real heft to them, with a crust that required a little bit of pressure to break through to the softer interior, and it was nice to have thick slices of strawberries so their unadulterated flavor could shine through.

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No one else around me was facing the same way, or believed me, and it wasn’t in the paper or on the news later. I am specifically looking for the name of a very small 2 or 3 story pink building. I was more a series of unit blocks than a typical horseshoe of straight line motel shape. Civic leaders are still working to make downtown more viable at night, which they haven’t seen since the 50s and 60s. Airline regulations at the time required that they quit if they married, got pregnant or failed to meet weight standards, so the turnover was high every five years or so. By the time they move into the main base building it will need a new roof. This was definitely not the same as the incident some other s reported in the 1960’s, though. Did you walk to school, ride a bike do you remember any “landmarks” from back then? Avenue was the dividing line to colored town, as it was known in those days, and it was a line you didn’t want to cross (in either direction).

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Also try the braised pork belly; crispy chicken livers with balsamic vinegar, candied walnuts and raisins; and baby lamb rack with herbed polenta cake, asparagus and balsamic reduction. This tranquil spot is filled with charming wrought iron tables and the sounds of water trickling from a nearby fountain. Elegant but not stuffy, outside seating is surrounded by stone walls and shaded by either white market umbrellas or a wisteria-draped grapevine canopy. But with rings this tender and zesty, we’re not complaining. For a little extra, there’s also a kid-size salad, cheese fries and cereal (because there’s no telling when a little one’s tastes will change). Actually, it’s a fine dining restaurant that caters to the public for lunch every weekday. For the al fresco patrons, lunch is served buffet style, with a choice of classic and exotic salads. Its team of chefs makes every effort to ensure that items are as healthy as possible, shying away from artificial sweeteners, colors or synthetic preservatives, and relying on natural meats and organic foods. When the pork jus and other accoutrements meet at the roll’s underside, even diehard carb-cutters will find the explosion of flavor hard to resist. What many people don’t know is that you can pop in for an impromptu cheese tasting or make an early supper out of the day’s prepared items. Our idea of perfection equals a warm, firm crust and chewy insides, plus one of three homemade cheese sauces for dipping. The roasted pig shoulder and homemade headcheese are enhanced with a nutmeg, cinnamon and clove pickling spice and sheathed in aspic. Pure and earthy, it has a flavor all its own, tingling the taste buds like a sherbert to start, then melting into creamy goodness. Plated with crostini and a side of baby greens drizzled with homemade balsamic vinaigrette, it’s so delish you won’t want to share. Infused with extra-virgin olive oil and pork jus, the soft ciabatta roll is chewy enough to provide a little backbone. But parents are grateful for side items like steamed veggies and applesauce, in addition to the ubiquitous fries. From appetizers to desserts, intricately woven, sweet, salty and tangy flavors abound. With its staff of arts advocates, the place has a full schedule of live music and open-mic nights. The house-made fries—thin, crispy and light on the oil—make for perfect comfort fare when combined with the grilled cheese and cumin-scented tomato bisque. Provolone, roasted sweet and hot peppers, and optional broccoli rabe—is a noble sandwich. It offers an array of dining rooms suitable for meetings of up to 40 guests. Culinary highlights: the clam and mussel pot, fried artichoke hearts with balsamic mayonnaise, and lollipop lamb chops with mint-cilantro yogurt and smoked chili oil. Made from scratch, the dough is twisted and baked on the premises.

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The colors in the room were very neutral, but pops of art on the wall kept it all interesting. Keeping with the name, the spot is decked out with honeycomb and bees, a curious look. You’ll be able to explore by foot and soak-in the small town vibes of the place. Though the service and dinning was memorable, the hotel feels like a one-note type of stay, relying too heavily on what’s on the walls. Plus it’s super convenient to the town’s main drag and gon dola. You’ll also likely find a pop of leopard print here and there. Goose-down bedding makes all the difference when it comes to comfort. The delicate white and brass sconces, which are built into the headboard, are a nice additional touch. While there’s a mini-bar, there’s also a full bar—at least, that’s the best way to describe the stockpile of liquor that’s in your room for the buying. Poolside butlers are there to indulge your every need or craving, while more active beachgoers can take part in a game of soccer on the sand. All-inclusive meals made with organic produce grown in the garden are outstanding. I was initially drawn to the property because it was on 15 acres of oceanfront, tropical land, and it didn’t disappoint on that respect. You can also arrange kiteboarding lessons, sunset sailing, and aerial yoga. Textures and patterns grab the eye, including an abstract headboard wall, and carpet that looks like a sand-hued topographic map. Spacious bathroom with dual sink vanity and walk-in rain shower. What was most memorable—or heartbreaking—about your stay? I was expecting arrivals to feel icy, but was greeted and promptly showed to my room. I had concerns that it was going to be like staying in a gallery with a bed, but the 386-square-foot room was bright and inviting. Hermann wanted the decor to work with the mid-century architecture without creating a time warp. Despite its small size, the property is full-service, offering cruiser bikes in summer and ski storage and boot drying stations in winter. The highlight of the space, however, is the furnished balcony, which gives guests an unobstructed view of that vast ocean of blue—not to mention a killer sunset. Prepare to be graciously greeted upon arrival, and to never have to open the door yourself. It’s a true resort, and you could easily spend a few days here and still leave without having had a chance to experience every amenity the hotel has to offer. Activities include kayaking, biking, and jaunts with a fantastic resident naturalist. The overarching desire from this traveler is a crowd that doesn’t include children. How about the little things, like mini bar, or shower goodies. But honestly, the sliding glass doors and porch that overlooked the ocean was the highlight. Allow the staff to arrange a beach picnic, a gourmet spread in a “curated” location on the sand whilst you watch the sunset, next to some beaching turtles. Guest rooms have wall-to-wall windows with views of lake, mountains or city. Views out the floor-to-ceiling windows compete for attention. Anything stand out about other services and features? The presidential suite has ergonomic desks and chairs (perfect for a working vacation) and brown leather details that give a cozy feel, plus floor-to-ceiling windows with unparalleled, unobstructed views of the city.


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