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White porcelain tile with large but soft veining won’t look busy. They are like the little pieces of a big puzzle we can’t see the whole picture by looking at individual pieces alone. When you look at one single tile, little veins may give the impression of a subtle look. However, many people find white marble look porcelain tiles a little too busy once they see in person what they fell in love in flooring magazines. Their porelain tile should have its own marble character and should look real. Marble veining has a character, and those veinings create a beautiful, random pattern when they all come together.

Choosing and Maintaining Outdoor Marble by marmol.com

Choosing the proper flooring is not only essential in creating the fundamentals of your outdoor space, but it’s also an important decision to make given the weather conditions and wear and tear it will endure. Steer away from polished marble stones for any outdoor use, as they can be very easily damaged when exposed to outdoor elements. You’ll find that marble stones that work well in outdoor spaces will typically have a slightly textured surface, different than what you’d find used on an indoor countertop. Remember, the bigger the tile, the more spacious an area will appear. This is the perfect area to display potted plants and water fountains. You should still maintain and properly care for your outdoor stone by knowing the proper cleaning methods. These cleaners are the right consistency to effectively clean marble, as well as gentle enough to prevent damage. If there are just a few small stains you can mix baking soda and water together to form a paste. Marble is a natural stone that can make any outdoor space, big or small appear elegant, sophisticated and well put together. Natural stone also guarantees a high-quality product that is durable, versatile, and reliable. A little attention to exterior aesthetic appeal can make your home the center of attention and also increase its worth and value. While there are a variety of ways to decorate and coordinate your patio or yard, the flooring is the base that everything stems from. While marble is typically a common flooring choice for indoor rooms, like bathrooms and kitchen spaces, it can also be a gorgeous and practical option for the outdoors. The polished marble countertop you have in your kitchen, for example, is not something that would work well in your patio. When choosing marble for your outdoor space you will want to consider the size of the tile and the overall look you want to provide. Outdoor marble can become stained from harsh weather and exposure to the outdoors. Gently scrub the stains with the mixture until they are removed. Choosing the proper look and style for your desired outdoor living space and maintaining proper care of the marble will provide you with years of enjoyment.

Black Marble Tiles 2017 Guide by sefastone.com

This is why it is highly recommended to use black color in both internal and external decoration of homes and offices. We explain every single detail that you should know about black marble tiles; decoration ideas, tips and trick and so much more are included in this blog. In this sense, the use of black marble tile is becoming an important tool when moving the beauty of the building to a higher point. This shine helps to give the product a more ostentatious impression. Also, thanks to its durable and resistant characteristic, black marble tiles are very suitable for exterior decoration. The marble which is to be installed on the floor which is free from any excess is required to be in perfect cleaning and suitability. The floor must be free from all kinds of construction residues and dyes. Not every marble type is suitable for every floor, but it can be worn out and deteriorated in a short time. You cannot imagine how beautiful black marble tiles would look on the walls without trying it! You can sense the air of luxury even while you enjoy your swimming session. Also, it would be very practical to prefer black marble for patio decoration thanks to the durable and resistant feature of the marble. If you prefer black marble, you would not have to renew it for a considerably long time. Regular cleaning helps to preserve these natural and marble applications that provide peace of mind for many years. The black marble floor gives the rooms a sense of freshness and wellness in areas where both hot and cold climates are common. Black with metallic gold, silver, copper and brass creates an opulent look. If you want to add a bold, yet creative sense to your decoration, black marble tiles are the perfect alternative for you. If you use too much black for decoration, you would have a very gloomy and depressing effect. Another disadvantage is that stains (especially water stains) can be very easily seen on black marble tiles. This is why you should always keep them clean and give them a regular care. For this reason, you need to see the every type of dark colored stones. Knowing the degree of stiffness of your choice will give you the opportunity to prevent future problems of fracture and hump. Boil or use rain water as the tap water has a high chlorine and lime ratio. Oil-based cleaners and waxes may discolor the marble surfaces, so such cleaners should not be used to clean marble surfaces. You can get marble polish from the hardware store in return for very affordable prices. Always contrast black marble tiles with light color stones or accessories. Vibrant colors like red and orange look very good with black. But do not worry, you will not damage your marble and you will get your marble to its first glory. Do not overuse it; and thoroughly wipe the stained parts with a few drops of cleanser and a few drops of ammonia, then rinse immediately without waiting. Rub the stained areas thoroughly with a few drops of ammonia and a mixture of 20% oxygenated water. Travertine pavers are widely used around the globe in projects. Marble is a natural rock (stone) which is composed of re-crystallized carbonate minerals (most commonly calcite or dolomite). In the production process, dark colored marbles such as black marbles provide high gloss values especially ​​after being varnishing. For example, there are many structural differences between a marble type to be tiled under the door and a marble to be installed as a countertop. There should be no cracks on the floor and there should be a solid structure. The marbles placed on the floor with mortar flooring integrate in the floor after a short while and then it would be ready to use. At the same time, the type of marble changes according to the surface to be applied. Using appropriate marble on the appropriate surface means to reach a stable marble floor which does not cause deformation for many years. Care must be given to ensure that the marble tile installation process is carried out with care. The beauty of black marble also comes from its magnificent and natural composition, which can be seen in its dense, thin white layers. The black marble tiles on the floor produce a level of elegance and contrast very nicely with the light colored walls. All you need to do is using light color for other elements of decoration. This natural and durable stone has a unique look at the same time. Another very important advantage of marble is that it can withstand and adapt to all kinds of climate conditions. Black colored marble tiles reflect power, nobility, dignity, ambition and passion at the same time. It is often used for joinery hardware to create an elegant accent. And we are sure that you do not want your home or office to look like a funeral house. Dusts, cat or dog hair, dead skin cells would be your worst enemy if you prefer black marble tiles. Each m2 of marble is different as it is a natural rock formation. Another point to be considered is the degree of stiffness of the stone. Along with the developing technology, this problem can be avoided by applying the net epoxy to the back of the stone. This is why you should make a detailed analysis before you go on to the purchasing process. You can use cleaners in spray form to clean the marble. Do not forget the marble surface must not be rubbed too hard . This will create a very chic contrasting effect and makes the room look wider and elegant. Neon colored accessories would also be a very magnificent way to complete the look of black marble tiles. After keeping the tips and trick we mentioned above, it is time to learn how to get rid of all types of stain on marble surfaces. We either damage the marbles or we cannot remove the stain as necessary. What you need to do is very simple; you will be wiping your marble with a marble-friendly cleaning agent, but adding a few drops of ammonia into the cleanser. This time wait for your marble to dry and polish your marble thoroughly with the help of a clean cloth with a soft texture. But do not forget that you should stay away from the fire while doing this cleaning or you should not leave the stove open during cleaning. Then rub thoroughly with salt lemon juice and then rinse thoroughly. Take a clean cloth and immerse the melted oxalate in acid and rub the rusty parts of your marble thoroughly. This stunning natural stone is famous for its opulent appearance that oozes grace and elegance.

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The natural beauty and sophistication of this fine marble make it a luxurious addition to the d cor of your intimate surroundings. Soft swirls of cream and sandy beige give impressions of divine elegance. Beautiful layers of frosty gray and molten honey are eternally joined within the crystalline elegance of this fine marble. Elegant and luxurious, this fine marble makes a bold statement of majestic grandeur. This sophisticated marble makes a bold statement of luxury and stylish grandeur. Michelangelo has a look of artistic splendor and majesty with fiery white streaks of lightning, sunlit clouds of divinity, and chestnut smoke rising against a deep black sky. A light terra-cotta background covered with a rich assortment of small dark splotches and patterns gives this marble a feeling of intricate elegance. Quarried from beneath the surface of the earth, this luxurious marble is a piece of time itself with a unique look of captivating grandeur. The stunning look and color of this marble leaves a lasting impression of sophistication. This marble is mesmerizing in both small and large scale projects. With its classic marbled appearance and neutral tones, this is an excellent choice of marble to enrich your home decor. In recent years carvings and small statues have also been cut from it. The perfect choice for any antique or old world style marble application. The color of sandy golden beige with light brownish gray patterns, this marble has the beauty of a divine masterpiece.


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