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If bonded seamlessly, it may be cheaper to just replace the entire top. If it is a real marble top with cultured marble sinks, which would be unusual, then the two are merely glued together and should separate with a bit of judiciously applied force. Between the sinks there is a tall cabinet from counter to near the ceiling. I would doubt that anyone can cut out the sinks and leave you with anything workable.
Marcraft, Inc. How To Trim A Vanity Top | Duration 45 Seconds Will any sink that fits the opening work or are there other issues that need to be considered? Your first challenge will be to determine what the minimum size hole is that can be cut out to remove the existing sink. Take careful measurements, and be prepared to just bite the bullet and replace the entire top, or leave it alone. You will see companies that fabricate marble and granite counters. Check it out, but weigh the cost difference with just getting a new top. Did you take a look underneath and see if there were any clamps or screws holding the sink to the top? If the old sink is too large to cut out and still leave a usable hole then you will have to replace the top also. One option would be to cut the sinks out, and replace with drop in sinks which would cover the opening. Whiles it cuts with relative ease, it would be my guess that to cut out the exisiting bowls is going to leave you with too big of an opening for drop in lavs.

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Have a helper pour a bit of water on the cut as you go through. You will need diamond tipped saws and drills especially for cutting marble and then high and low speed sanders to smooth out the cuts. There is no repairing marble, one crack or miscut and you throw out the counter and start all over. Should of thought of the sink before you put the counter in. It would have to be a drop in sink instead of under mount so the edges weren’t seen. Is it possible to cut a cultured marble sink out of the counter top?

How To Cut Cultured Marble With A Power Saw.. | Duration 4 Minutes 53 Seconds Get a diamond blade and tape the place where you’re going to cut. Clamp a straight edge (a piece of 1″ x 4″ would be good) and take your time with the cut. Careful with the kerf- don’t get the blade going at an angle- cut straight. If the cut’s going along the wall where no one will see this, you can skip the polishing. You may think you are going to save a few dollars, but chances are that you will not save anything, just the opposite you will end up spending twice the amount you would if you just let the pros cut it. Would heating up a regular bowl piece for a bong with a torch break it?

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Once this surface is scratched, it will be difficult, or impossible, to remove these scratches. One wrong cut, and you will have ruined the countertop and will likely need to replace it. Once you have clamped it, test it to be sure the clamps are holding it securely from moving. As you reach the end of your cut, reduce the forward movement of the saw until it is barely moving. Avoid sanding near the finished countertop surface where you could inadvertently scratch the finish. The material, because it is brittle, is also easily chipped and splintered from the spinning saw blade. To avoid scratching or marring its surface, place an old blanket or other soft material beneath the countertop surface. Make your measurement marks on the unfinished side of the countertop to avoid scratching it or leaving marks on the finished surface that cannot be removed. Be sure it cuts without chipping or splintering the countertop finish. Avoid using power sanders that can make these surfaces uneven and can make gluing difficult.

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Cutting that much off the side will offset your sink basin from the plumbing, be prepared to change the drain and supply-line configurations. You will then use caulking to fill that gap as well as where the backsplash meets the wall. Browse other questions tagged bathroom or ask your own question. Cut it slightly long, then use a belt sander to take it down to your exact line and smooth the cut edge. The “cultured marble” material is cast resin and will give off a fiberglass reek and quite a bit of resin dust, so wear goggles and a particle mask or respirator. Cut it so that there will be a small gap (1/8″-1/4″) left on the left side, as the walls are never perfectly square. Another option would be to screw a strip of wood to the left end of the cabinet and to the wall on the left (“nailers”), then cut a piece of oak plywood to cover and fill the gap, leaving an unused hollow space behind. Thank you very much for your suggestions on the way to cut it! How to using the method of undetermined coefficients in this equation? What are some drawbacks to having a wingtip propeller on an aircraft? How to manually adjust symbol positioning in `underset`?

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Simply use a straight edge to guide the saw, cut the vanity top with the bottom facing up to avoid chipping the surface. The backsplash and side splash are attached to the tile with some sort of strong, though somewhat flexible, adhesive. I know it can be cut with a 40-tooth carbide tipped blade on a circular saw. Also wear the appropriate safety gear and do this outside due to all of the fine dust. We are taking out the tub and putting in a 30” wide by 60” long steam shower. Is there a way to wax it to bring back the smoothness? They placed it face down to cut to avoid chipping on the top. I have a marble vanity top that probably wasn’t finished too well and it has dull areas, any way to mak e them shine?

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Has anyone cut out the sink basin of a cultured marble countertop (one piece) and replaced it with an undermount (or drop-in)? Lots of countertops cut to fit tight against walls and lots of large cultured marble panels to fit around tubs and showers. It’s very possible to do it with a grinder and 4″ diamond wheel if you’ve got patience to make plunge cuts to form the curve and don’t mind exorbitant amounts of dust. These types of tops are made from a combination of stone dust and resin.

How To Cut A Marble Countertop | Duration 2 Minutes 30 Seconds They are almost always willing to negotiate a great price to get rid of what they can’t use. You’ll see all sorts of stuff you want if you look around too much. Your raw cut-out edges, even if finely sanded, won’t likely match the top. A self-rimming (drop-in) sink solves the problems of the raw edges and undermount anchors. A severely curved circular cut necessary for a sink cut out is a different story. But that’s quite expensive for a one time use when the goal is saving money. The rim of most lavatory sinks is pretty wide and will cover a relatively rough/ugly cut. Make sure your new sink will be big enough to cover up the faucet holes in the deck of the existing top if you’re transferring the faucet to the deck of the new sink bowl. It’s likely you’ll find a decent top for a small amount of money so long as your top isn’t an unpopular size and you’ve got an open mind. Stick to your budget and purchase just what fits your budget! Now we just need to find a drop-in that’s big enough to cover the indentation in the sink.


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