Why Does White Marble Turn Yellow?

If you do try it yourself, before undertaking the entire project perform a small test to determine results. Pour a few drops of water on an area then let it sit for 30 seconds or so before wiping the water away. We can remove one tile and have it analyzed total iron. Here is a quick way to check if your granite countertops need to be resealed.
Here’S Why The Taj Mahal’S Pristine White Marble Exterior Is Slowly Turning Green From Msn | Duration 43 Seconds

Help! My Light Granite Is Turning Dark! by houzz.com

I have called granite fabricators and natural stone restorers and they are all perplexed. I have reason to believe that the original fabricator may not be the most up and up business owner, but what is confusing is that the same granite is in my laundry room and has no color change over the same period of time. Has anyone else experienced this with light granite? I can only do about a 2×2 square at a time because of the fumes. I would know that it wasn’t part of the normal color pattern of the granite. I mixed large batches in a pail to the consistency of peanut butter, dumped it on the granite, covered it with a section of plastic drop cloth, and then rolled it with a rolling pin until it was about 1/8-1/4 in thick. I assume that it would have the same problem with color change. Because it and/or the sink was installed improperly, water rusted the rod and the rusted rod expanded and split the stone. The repaired area was ground and polished, contrasting it with the surrounding contamination. This is art, not like replacing the alternator in your truck. My sample broke in two, but something told me to keep the littler piece. It is unnecessary with the substantially higher flexural strength of quartz over natural stone and modern transportation tools and methods. Any idea why this happens to some of the light granites? It’s inappropriate countertop material especially considering the alternatives the market offers. I mean by trusting quartz more over light granite or marble.

Here’S Why The Taj Mahal’S Pristine White Marble Exterior Is Slowly Turning Green From Msn | Duration 43 Seconds What do you use to clean it now that you’ve redone it all? I may see how bad it is in another 6 months and decide from there. My kashmir granite slab on our island is doing the exact thing yours is! I also have a couple spots on my island where my husband and kids sit that are dark similar to you too! That leads me to believe that daily use, sunlight, cleaning, etc. There is no sealant that can withstand repeated cleanings with vinegar. There are so many cleaners out there for granite, or just use water and a dobie sponge. They ended up angry at me because they cut my marble bathroom tops for 3 holes instead of one hole (their mistake) and they wanted me to change my faucets instead of them redoing another slab. It may just be that the granite will continue to do this with normal use (soaking in body oils, etc.). I get the poulticeing done, it’ll be like starting with a clean slate in making sure it is properly sealed and cared for. However, the laundry room rarely gets cleaned either, only dusted off with a clean rag occasionally so who knows! There is one area along the edge that has lightened some, but not fully, even after several times of applying the poultice. That really helped near the edges to keep the poultice in place instead of trying to fall over the edge. Other side of the sink with an original scrap sitting on it. See the crack running parallel with the sink and the front edge? You’ve got to pay me to pull that rod and fix it or replace the tops because it’s only going to get worse. My typing this post was just interrupted by a phone call from another potential client with the same problem. Note the crack has pushed the inside and outside edges past flush at the centered seam at the left of the picture. He is bluffing when he makes you think he is the decision maker. Momma doesn’t like apron sinks and wanted her rail reassembled. How do you test for this and/or how do you prevent it? If rodding is required, you use stainless or fiberglass rods and epoxy instead of polyester and mechanically fasten sinks with 100% silicone at the flange. Our installer also told us to clean with vinegar and now our river white granite is grey in every spot that gets cleaned. I will say, however, that despite sealing my granite, it has yet again darkened in certain areas. I plan on resealing it in the next few days since it has been about 6 months.

Here’S Why The Taj Mahal’S Pristine White Marble Exterior Is Slowly Turning Green From Msn | Duration 43 Seconds

Granite Changes Color When Wet by granitemarblewa.com

Here’s a breakdown of what that color change means, and what you should do about it. Even if your granite seems extremely smooth to the touch, it is a natural substance, and on a microscopic level it is uneven and full of holes. Usually, liquids that have been spilled on your countertop will evaporate within half an hour, so even if you have very porous granite, spilling something like water or oil isn’t going to permanently damage your counter. There’s an easy way to determine if you need to seal your granite. But what’s called “the spill test” is usually an even better way of determining this—you just pour a little water on a test piece of granite and see if it changes color. Some granites won’t change color at all, and these do not need any sealant. Some granites can go longer without re-sealing, and some might need to be resealed every three months! It’s also generally true that the lighter your stone, the more often you might need to seal, because light-colored granite not only shows water better but stains more easily. All stones are different, and some are more likely to darken upon contact with liquids than others. The porous surface of stone allows water to cling to it and absorb, darkening the appearance. You can always look up the “absorption rating” of your stone if you know its kind and origin—stones with less than. 25% absorption don’t usually need to be sealed. The more quickly and more dramatically it changes, and the longer it takes to evaporate, the more porous it is. Many installers and remodelers will tell you to re-seal every year, but this isn’t a hard and fast rule. If you have hard water in your household with high mineral deposits, especially iron, it’s a good idea to seal your countertops more often because the minerals in your tap water could react with the stone and change its color permanently.


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