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I don’t want every piece of furniture in my house being distressed. I just simply would never, ever skip these steps just to save a few hours of time. For the best durability oil based paint is the prefered but a lot of progress has been made with water base latex. And you can lightly tint the poly with paint or water based stains.
Epoxy Coat A Vanity | Duration 25 Minutes 32 Seconds I see is a wood stain… thanks all, i’m new to all this! I always considered using in the first place) using latex, etc., as well as the prepping just makes sense! Currently painting the five drawers of a chest with chalk paint and making a mess of it. You get a beautifully rich looking piece of furniture. I am strangely addicted to collecting paint ( if there’s ever a scenario where the world is wiped clean of paint come find me, lol. Those last two are best to achieve the professional outcomes of oil without the mess and horrible smells! I also wonder at the number of these pieces that are sold alongside pristine antique pieces. I don’t think the author should have even bothered with all the “my opinion” disclaimers. The best reason for reading this article really is to seek knowledge! I always understood it, when you distress a piece of furniture, you’re supposed to approach it from the point of view of where the piece would have been touched by years of love and use. There is no implication of age and use and care of a piece, it just looks arbitrary. The brush strokes were not only very visible, but added a texture to the surface. Water based polyurethane clear coats greatly improves duribility. If you’re staining, make sure to get stainable filler or you may be able to purchase a putty that’s already stained to match. I wax it, and maybe apply a coat of poly n the top, if a dresser. I go into other store/shops and can’t believe people are buying poor quality painted pieces and calling it shabby chic. If you want the shabby chic look, you can then sand the corners and edges. To me chalk paint sounds like cheap paint at an overly inflated price. Kristi’s article is interesting and informative to someone who “had no idea” as are the comments. Destressing and chipping furniture takes a lot more time of work! I love the matte look of the chalk paint but have doubted the endurance of the finished product. In my mind, these two are not on an equal level but that is another story. Like most styles that were once unique, it has been overused. It just seems ignorant to me to claim it as an opinion but throw slander on to the person who enjoys the look of chalk paint. On the corners, on the areas around drawer pulls, on the high spots of carvings and moldings. I see called distressed these days is more like traumatized, and it hurts my eyes to see it. The whole point of distressing a piece is to make it look aged, and so many miss the mark these days.

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If you are looking for shiny new pennies, you’ll have to live in a 400 unit property and park in a parking garage. This may seem like the same thing to a layman but if you have ever sunk your teeth into a 100 yr old building, you understand the difference. So many landlords buy these great old buildings and “remodel” the history and charm right out of them. In any creative endeavor you are only as good as your crew (a blessing and a curse). They cut holes in my (new) roof about 3x larger than they needed to be–then never even bothered to flash or foam up those holes (big enough to put your arm through). Meaning that 51% of the block and contol the the property (and property values) of the other 49%. I was not notified of the application nor allowed to vote on it. So, currently the structure is basically just a brick shell, with interior framing and a roof (that leaks)… I bought the property the building had been owned by the same family since it was built in the late 1940s. Fortunately for me she had no interest in restoring the building. Since then there has been quite a bit of new construction and some other renovations on the block / adjacent blocks. This allowed me to tweak the scope & look of each unit, improving the functionality and aesthetics of each as we moved through the building. For me the trade-offs have always been worth it: aged wood floors, wavy window glass, rich soil under your feet.

Paint A Cabinet + Bathroom Kitchen Cabinets How To + Painting Tips Easy!!! Vanity | Duration 9 Minutes 51 Seconds Others are better suited for shiny new econobox apartment living with carpet, vinyl, and plastic. The entire street used to have many similar properties on it; all but this one have been torn down over the years. I just did what needed to be done–and used materials and processes that would last a lifetime. The two upper units are all hardwood floors with nice private decks off the kitchen (in the back). Two closets in the back bedroom with double hanging in both.

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A hole was dug at a new location and the thunderbox lifted into place. And he grew monster vegetables – cauliflowers and cabbages of truly prize-winning proportions. I was wondering if outhouses are more environmentally friendly than regular toilets? Everything is still original, vertical lap siding, tin roof, corrugated metal vent pipe. They didn’t call us until about 1/2 hour before we closed, and a book or two that “might” have had the answer were checked out on interlibrary loan. There are still four million in use today in this country compared to 50 million in the fifties. Add that stuff to a compost pile, not to your valued outhouse! Just before it goes on, you hear the sound of a thunderstorm and the smell of fresh rain. When you approach the egg case, you hear hens cackle and the air is filled with the pleasing aroma of eggs frying. Each time someone went into the outhouse they would take a few pieces of coal for the stove to keep it going so the outhouse would stay warm. I can barely remember living in the apartment as a boy of 3 years old. I can remember riding a tricycle on the second floor walkway too. I have numerous small artifacts from this site, but this is by far the nicest. The substance inside is hard and appears black almost like tar. The glass has a texture to it, almost like tiny lines all through it. A bottle with a glass stopper usually means that it held something meant to be used over a length of time, and/or refilled. These were called by the imperfect glass mixture being leached out by moisture along the mixture swirls. We always say that we’re not having another one as the loss is too great, but always change o ur minds as living without one is hard too. It’s just so funny, although my 10 year old daughter hates it and wants us to replace it as it’s in her bathroom! Many many people have used outhouses at one time or another and when they find my site, it brings back all these wonderful memories that have been locked away for years. I am hopefully going to dig my first outhouse hole this weekend. There was an article in our local newspaper of a guy that does it around here, and it got me inspired. Apparently they needed the answer last night for whatever contest it was. I get teased a lot about it—usually from people who do not know its history or ever used one. It makes sense since if you had the runs, you’d better hurry to the outhouse! Would you have any building plans for handicapped-accessible outhouses? What mechanism did you use to make it spit as people walked by?

How I Transformed My Kitchen Cabinets For Under $100! | Duration 10 Minutes 18 Seconds I wondered if you had heard about this poster and can elaborate why there is such nostalgia about outhouses. I came across your site…..and a good one it is……while trying to google for the answer. When you approach the milk cases, you hear cows mooing and witness the scent of fresh butter fat. As a boy 7 years old my father lived in the apartment with his parents, brother and 2 sisters. Winters were cold snow drifts were often 6 ft deep, there were no bathrooms in the apartments. I dug about 3/4 of an inch of it out which was loose for analysis, but chose to leave the remaining in place. The bottle appears to have been blown into a mold with a line apparent at the base of the neck and bottom. Often the glass stopper and the inside of the bottle neck were both ground to make the fit more perfect. It is however, a genuine 19th century artifact…a piece of a time period preserved in glass.


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