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Why You Should Keep Your On The Counter Butter

There was an extremely narrow selection when it came to butter dish options. She wanted a mess-free way to keep butter as accessible as possible on the counter without the mess. Americans have “no idea” butter can be stored on the counter. Good butter and clean counters are something we can always get behind. So she started keeping hers on the counter which led to her next big ah-ha.And unfortunately, most leave your counters, hands, and pretty much everything in a several-foot radius greasy and butter-covered by the end of the day. So next she set out to prove scientifically that butter does not require refrigeration.

Flip Top Butter Dish By Butterie by

There’s even a hidden ridge to scrape the spreader (or a knife) clean on. Nice that it comes apart for washing in the dishwasher and the little knife is cute. Love the attached cover which slides back easily while in use.
Kitchen Countertop Butter Removal | Duration 1 Minutes 9 Seconds Butterie™ is compact enough to fit almost anywhere, and sized to hold two sticks of butter. There’s a built-in spot for resting a knife (or the included spreader) and a hidden ledge for scraping it clean. The flip-top lid blocks exposure to light and air, while a built-in knife rest keeps the included spreader off the counter. It’s nice that the top flips rather than lifts off like most others. I hand wash it quickly so it is always clean and ready to use. Like the flip top that stays attached and opens easily and then detaches for cleaning in the dishwasher. Before refrigerators existed, everyone kept their butter in a crock on the counter or in a cabinet. Her dish has a flip-top lid that blocks light and reduces the butter’s exposure to oxygen, helping it stay fresh for longer. It comes apart for easy cleaning and can go in the dishwasher, too. This reinvented butter dish makes it easy (and cleaner) to have fresh, soft butter always on hand.

Is It Safe To Leave Butter On The Counter? by

If you’d like to store salted, pasteurized butter on the counter, go for it. Butter will stay edible for up to two weeks, assuming your house is kept at around 70º. Those water molecules will mingle with the fat molecules and cause them to decompose. Your best bet is to keep out only as much butter as you anticipate using in a week’s time. While milk is being churned into butter, the water molecules are separated and surrounded by fat, which is almost impenetrable to bacteria. Plus, salted butter has even more points in its favor when it comes to hanging out at room temperature. Make sure to put it in a butter dish or crock to protect it from dust and other contaminants. Since light speeds up the process, keep the butter dish out of direct sunlight to give butter the longest possible freshness. After that, you run the risk of ending up with rancid butter, especially if your kitchen is warm. Decide what works best for you, and don’t forget that butter can make just about everything better!

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