WILLTEC – Coke Dispenser

We sell countertop units, bar guns for wet bars, and free standing units. We also have a full line of larger commercial restaurant dispensers.

Metpure Reverse Osmosis Faucet Non Airgap RO Filtration System Coke Style NSF by amazon.com

Instructions on box are marginally okay, remember the hole finding plastic bevelled plate goes under the sink. I finally bought a length of 1/4 inch soft copper tubing with 1/4 inch brass compression sleeve, and connected that to the faucet with the compression nut it came with.I drilled my own hole of 1/2 inch at the flange of the sink, and cut the thinner bigger rubber gasket to size under the faucet at the top of the flange, and at the under side used the thicker smaller gasket that came with it. I should have replaced my old faucet with one of these a long time ago. Standard is 1/4″, but if you’re running a distance and want strong positive flow use the 3/8″. It doesn’t matter before the tank, but from tank to faucet is important. I would recommend putting a dab of blue lock tight on the bold just to make sure that this does not loosen over time. Love the look of this faucet — the quality is great, the finish matches my faucet perfectly, and it works flawlessly.
1950’S Alka Seltzer Tablet Dispenser Countertop Vending Machine Sold | Duration 1 Minutes 6 Seconds The rocker and the nylon seems to be made for precut holes for spray hose. My old faucet had a level that was spring loaded and had to be held continuously. It made removing my old faucet and installing the new one much easier. You can buy adapters that allow you to do it all in 3/8″ from the tank. The swivel function was also smooth and feels like it will last for a very long time. WILLTEC   Coke Dispenser WILLTEC   Coke Dispenser

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