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Our selections are stylish and tasteful, traditional or modern. Whether you know exactly what you need – or need some guidance – we’re your complete resource for wine storage, display, accessories and more. We have many dealers across the country, just ask us to recommend someone in your area. It doesn’t need to be a fancy architect’s plan, just a simple line drawing with dimensions. Draw a separate sketch of each wall, being sure to indicate which wall it is. We ask for the smallest of the 3 measures because not all walls are perfectly square, so this will help insure the racking will fit even at the smallest point. Let us know about any obstructions on areas where you would like racking. Have you always wanted to build a wine cellar in your home? Cooler temperatures won’t damage your wine but will slow its development. The ideal humidity in your wine cellar should be 60-70%, but anything over 50% is acceptable. The ideal long term wine storage should avoid heat, direct light and vibration.
Diy Copper Pipe And Leather Wine Rack | Duration 1 Minutes 25 Seconds If not, consider investing in a wine cooling unit and humidification system. A corner of a basement, with two exterior walls and free of windows, is ideal. If you have access to both sides of your stud wall, you can install the vapor barrier between the studs and the warm exterior wall. Typically, 1/2″ plywood sheeting will be secured to all walls (after electrical rough in and insulation) to anchor your wine racking, but it is not required if using nailers between studs. We do not recommend installing a baseboard as the racking will be flush to the entire wall and include a toekick molding. Take some time to choose the best one based on your cellar location and size. Most cooling units can be installed if you’re handy, with the exception of the split systems. Unlike many manufacturers who use a soft wood and then apply a finish to get the look of mahogany or other hardwoods. We’re here to make your wine storage special and unique – and a true reflection of your vision. We work with you to create custom displays that fit your space, style and specifications. For each wall, measure the width in three places, at the bottom, the center and the top and provide the smallest measurement. Cellar Design Corner Wine Rack Measure the ceiling heights in all corners and the center of all walls. All walls that jut out or form in should be measured from corner bead to corner bead (outside the pocket) and wall to wall (inside pocket) in the same fashion as the wall width measuring instructions, providing us the smallest measurement. As a general rule, racking should end 3” from door casings, existing light switches that are to be used, thermostats and cooling units. We can help with everything you need – big or small – to build your dream wine cellar in any size space. The enjoyment of your wine will be maximized and your investment will be preserved with a little planning ahead. Keep in mind, a temperature of 65 degrees or more will have a negative effect on wine the longer it’s stored. High humidity, 80% or more, may cause mold to form on the corks and bottles. Ideally, your space can accommodate these conditions year round. Wine cellars built above grade simply require special attention and materials to properly insulate and seal the room thoroughly. Electrical work should be completed to code prior to insulation and drywall. This barrier keeps the higher humidity from flowing out of the room, and prevents warm and moist air in (especially in high temperature and humidity areas) – eliminating excess condensation buildup from the cooling unit. Otherwise a 6 mil poly/plastic (sold in rolls or sheets) should be stapled over the studs before the insulation is applied. Although a standard 1/2″– 3/4″ sheet rock may be used, it is highly recommended that you use moisture resistant “green board”. Wine cooling units work similar to air conditioners – they add cool air to the room and exhaust hot air. For proper operation and effectiveness of your cooling unit, it is important to get the right size unit for your space, with a proper insulation and vapor barriers. Half of the unit is located inside the cellar and the other half is located outside of your home. Our racking is constructed of solid wood, with no stain or finish.

Corner Wine Racks Constructed Of Maple With True Radius Shelves and Simple by winerackshop.com

Attaching your racks together is done with a simple nut, bolt and allen wrench. Longer length bolts attach corner rack to shelves on adjacent racks. No cutting, nailing, or glueing for any of our racks! We invite you to see our wine racks and other fine woodworking.

Large Yard Tool Storage Rack by simplygoodstuff.com

How To Build Awine Rack From A Wood Pallet | Making Wine Racks | Countertop Wine Rack 1 | Duration 1 Minutes 36 Seconds Instead of that jumbled pile on the floor, or in the corner that you are dealing with now, you will have a neatly organized area to hang and sort your tools. This is the large size, but we also carry the smaller 35″ tool rack too. It comes with a multitude of hooks in differing shapes and sizes so that any type of tool can be accommodated. There are long ones and short ones, and many variations as far as width between each hook. Some will hang by handles, while other things like shovels will be supported by the head as the long pole hangs below. Just about any yard tool and all kinds of other stuff can be placed on this storage rack to help keep your garage or shed clean. This feature will allow you to set up the type of organization that works best for your tastes, as well as your particular types of tools. They will still be neatly arranged, but they will also be out of the way since you hardy ever use them.

Dakota™ Wine Rack Assembly | Duration 9 Minutes 23 Seconds All of the parts are heavy-duty and commercial grade, so once you hang this tool rack, you can be sure that you will have a strong and efficient way to store your tools that will last a lifetime. The long, 12″ double hook is the perfect hook to hang and organize all of your rakes and shovels. All four of those and more can be held using just the 12″ hook, and they will remain neatly lined up, one behind the other until you need them. The fatter rear end of a weed whacker is easily supported by one of the wide double hooks, and these types of hooks are also perfect for hanging cords and hoses, or sledge hammers and other large tools. Exposed studs make the work easier, and many garages, sheds and trailers have unfinished interiors so you may be in luck. Step one is to find studs or another secure location to place the rack. For a perfect install you will want to use a level to ensure the bar is straight, and you will want to drill pilot holes before you set your screws. Once you have the hooks in place, you are ready to take the clutter off the floor, and quickly hang to get organized. This heavy duty storage rack will last longer than the tools it is meant to hold up, and you will never have to replace it like you might with less sturdy options. You will be able to eliminate that pile of messy tools, and free up valuable floor space. You will prevent damage and make room for even more tools by organizing and storing the ones you have now with this rack.It can be used for virtually any type of yard tool you have, and it installs in under 15 minutes. It is a serious storage solution for all of your outdoor tools and garage clutter. Thick, industrial steel construction makes it strong enough to hold tons of tools and other heavy objects, and durable enough to look good and work perfectly for many years to come. This will not only make your life easier by providing a simple solution for easy tool retrieval, but it will also increase the longevity of your precious tools by preventing scratching, smashing and other random breakage. Both units offer the same quality materials, so the only difference is length of the bar and number of hooks that are included. The extra wide bar gives you plenty of room to work with, but that is just the beginning.

How To Build Awine Rack From A Wood Pallet | Making Wine Racks Countertop | Wine Rack 9 | Duration 2 Minutes 53 Seconds You can prop, dangle, support or place just about any tool up there and have it be held securely. Each hook can be secured at any point along the length of the bar, and you can have them facing forward or backward. Since you can hang things in front, or behind the bar, you can easily place your most used tools front and center, while keeping your less used tools on the back side. This storage rack is wide enough to hold a number of tools without seeming cluttered, and it sits far enough away from the wall to accommodate large or odd shaped things like leaf rakes and wheelbarrows easily. The hooks are all made from industrial strength steel, just like the bar and mounting brackets are, so you will never have to worry about being gentle with this rack. It works perfectly to hang leaf blowers or electric weed whackers by the handle, but you can also use it to hang work gloves, hoses, cords and more. Most of us have a couple kinds of shovels and at least two rakes. Use the 3″ single hook to hold up hedge clippers and other pruning equipment. The possibilities really are endless, and thanks to the wide assortment of hooks, you should be fully prepared to prop up any tool you have. If you can drive in screws, you have the technical ability necessary to complete the job. You can also install in cement, brick or cinder block, but you would never want to just hang it from sheet rock without hitting a stud. The size of the bar is such that it perfectly spans between two studs to make your job easier. The whole installation should only take 10-15 minutes from start to finish, and it only requires you to drive in four screws.Once the brackets are on the wall, simply insert one end of the monkey bar into the hole on one of the brackets, and then press down the button to stick the other end in the opposite bracket. They can face front or back, and they can be in any spot along the whole length of the bar. You could spend less money on a cheaper solution, but it will never have the durability and versatility that this industrial strength storage rack offers. Because you will be using this to store heavy tools and other bulky, outdoor equipment, you really want something that is up to the task. Get the clutter off the ground and hang it neatly with this versatile rack.
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