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So both white and red wines can be served at the temperature that brings out the very best in their taste. But that is what excessive heat and unstable temperatures cause in wine. But invisible ultraviolet light penetrates even dark glass – not to mention the glass doors of many wine cooling units. Too little moisture in the air makes corks dry out and shrink, letting the wine oxidize. Mechanical vibration can damage delicate wines, such as pinot noir.Bottles are cradled in rustproof, coated shelves that glide smoothly in and out, providing access without agitating the wine.

40 Unique Wine Racks and Holders For Storing Your Bottles With Style by

Once you’ve picked out your favorite rack, make sure to find a spot away from direct sunlight and heat sources to keep your bottles as well conditioned as possible. Consider this piece as a housewarming gift for equine aficionado. The head and mane fit over the cap of the bottle, attached to the body by a chain so you won’t lose it. If dragons are your thing, don’t forget to check out our post on dragon home decor.Halloween fans might find it cool enough to display throughout the entire season. The nose swings up to reveal a space to tuck away a third bottle, perhaps a cheap wine that you don’t want your oenophile friends to see or an expensive vintage that you don’t want to share with just anybody. Getting the bottle and holder to maintain equilibrium takes a steady hand, but physics geeks are sure to enjoy the novelty. It’s constructed from quality redwood and measures up at 25″ of width and depth, standing 72″ tall. Hang one in a handy place, like next to your cozy reading nook, or make a modular display by grouping several in any arrangement you’d like. It’s the ideal go-to solution for quality that can adapt to a changing interior. Then, see our compilation of decorative cutting boards for your cheese and hors d’oeuvres pairings. The tongue and groove hanging system ensures a snug fit and a clean look. The backing board is made of weathered oak for a nice organic aesthetic suitable for a variety of interiors. The flat shelf bottom is perfect for displaying collectibles when you’re down a few bottles. The distinctive shape holds wine bottles of any size securely and fashionably. At three pounds, this silver-finished wine rack is sturdy enough to hold your bottles without worry. There’s a window in the lion’s back so you can still read the label with ease. This single-bottle holder would make a nice addition to a themed home bar, or would make a lovely gift for a friend who likes to sip while reading classical fantasy novels. It’s made of cast resin but the incredible paint job makes it look like pewter. We can just imagine how lovely this would look as a centerpiece at a wedding reception or on the shelf of a classically decorated home. This wine holder (more of a wine cover, actually) would certainly lighten up your favorite architect’s mood after a long day at the drafting table. After all, it’s impossible to ignore something so unexpected. This optical illusion is so realistic, it’s bound to become a conversation starter. It comes in three colors, and look great lined up in a row in case you need to keep multiple bottles handy. This combination wine rack and glass hanger is for people who make a lifestyle of their oenophile tendencies. It holds six bottles (with one on top) but looks neat no matter how many you have. It holds a maximum of five bottles but an especially motivated connoisseur could probably fit more on the sides or in the middle.

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