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It is suggested that a standard cabinet hinge be used but this isn’t a feasible option either since this product doesn’t come with any sort of a limit stop to keep the thing from hitting the floor when you open it. Whats even more dissappoiting is that revashelf doesn’t even have any sort of limit stop to go with this item.

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Whether you’re planning a kitchen re-modeling or you’re starting from scratch, the expert staff in our showroom can help make your next dream become a reality.
Kitchen Cleaning How Do I Properly Clean Granite Countertops? | Duration 1 Minutes 54 Seconds At each step, our friendly and professional team will advise you and listen to your needs. Congratulations, your dream kitchen is ready for your friends and family to enjoy! We are not able to guarantee completion times for the products. There is an extra charge for the use of steps or elevators to deliver above or below street level. Wood products react to extreme temperatures and to changes in temperature and/or humidity by expanding and contracting. Tall pantries and oven cabinets will require additional ceiling height to tip into place and will may not be able to make tight turns into your kitchen. We can only arrange pickup at our warehouse for small, lightweight cabinets and parts. Defective or damaged items will not be replaced or repaired until we receive photos or are otherwise able to inspect the damaged items. For example, we may replace a door, drawer face or cabinet side panel, rather than the entire cabinet. The samples will provide a better representation of the quality and color of the cabinets. We provide cabinet pricing for a standard 10′ x 10′ kitchen as a starting point. All cabinets come standard with the hinges installed on the right side of the door. The marks from the original hinge location will be hidden by the closed door. Some corner cabinets and spice-pullouts may not be soft close. Painted cabinets show these joint cracks more readily than stained cabinets. Our cabinets, fillers and moldings are constructed from solid wood, and wood veneers on plywood or medium density fiberboard.

How To Properly Clean Granite & Marble Countertops Weiman Cleaning Tips | Duration 1 Minutes 37 Seconds In addition, color changes can be expected due to different exposure to light. It is part of the natural beauty of wood to exhibit these characteristics and their presence is not considered a defect in material or manufacturing. It is hand applied and it will have varying thickness or color. We also recommend the use of a staple gun to reinforce the back panel to side panel joints. Any finish issues on sides hidden during installation will not be entitled to repair or replacement. Drawer handles or knobs should be added promptly after cabinet installation. Defects not caused by us include but are not limited to: products that have been misused; mishandled; abused; improperly stored or installed; modified; or subject to excesses of moisture or extreme temperatures, abrasive or citrus cleaning products, defective installation or normal wear and tear. This limited liability warranty does not apply to any products used in conjunction with the cabinetry, including but not limited to knobs & pulls, countertops, appliances or plumbing fixtures. Some replacement cabinets and components and parts thereof are subject to availability, and may differ from those originally supplied. We turn your dream kitchen into reality at an unbelievable price in four simple steps. Call us at (973) 244-9933 if you need help starting your project. It opened up our kitchen, gave us so much more storage space and more areas to work in. The items will require unloading from the back of the truck. We recommend using 2 or 3 persons to move the heavy drawer base cabinets, large corner cabinets, oven cabinets and pantry cabinets. Susan corner base cabinets require at least 32″ of clearance. We reserve the right to replace a damaged component rather than the entire cabinet. Photos and computer monitors do not accurately present the colors, graining and gloss level of the cabinet styles. Unless you purchase a reduced depth refrigerator, the side of the refrigerator box will not be fully covered by the refrigerator panels and the refrigerator will protrude beyond the cabinets. It is not always possible to reach the room ceiling with crown molding due to ceiling height or ceiling unevenness. The doors can be removed by the contractor and reinstalled with the hinges on the opposite side. All collections have soft close doors and soft close full extension drawers standard. Due to the natural wood construction, joint and trim fracturing (hairline cracks along joints/trims on the front, back or edge of doors) from handling of doors and/or the natural process of expansion and contraction of the doors during the different seasons of the year is not considered to be defective. Absorption of these minerals will vary by tree or parts of said tree. Glazing is a decorative feature made to look like residual stain left in the corners and grooves of the door pattern. They can be assembled by do-it-yourself homeowners with just a screwdriver.

How To Clean Granite Counter Top | Duration 1 Minutes 25 Seconds We do not sell the doors and drawer faces separately; however, we do offer decor panels to add style to the exposed sides of wall, pantry and base cabinets. While both the left and right sides of the cabinets are finished, we only warrant the finish on the exposed side. The bottom and top of the cabinets are not fully finished because the bottom and top are typically not visible when the cabinets are mounted at normal heights. Because the selection of handles is an item of individual taste, the handles (knobs and pulls) must be purchased separately. This limited liability warranty does not cover or apply to any defect that is not caused by us. This limited liability warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective cabinetry or components or parts and does not include or cover the cost of installation, removal, subsequent damage or transportation of the allegedly defective product. This warranty is our exclusive warranty with respect to the products & services.

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I just love to come home and look at my countertops! Mustafa doesn’t waste your time and will do whatever it takes to make you a happy customer. Igneous means it formed due to the hardening of molten magma, and it did so in large crystals which you can clearly visible in the processed and polished rock. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals in the world and has no color. The combination of quartz and feldspar yields light-colored stone. This gives granite a unique pattern of colors that permits no duplication, naturally or otherwise. The greater the percentage of quartz in the slab, the more durable it is. Overall hardness depends on the amount of quartz it contains, which can be anything up to 50%. This is the reason why it is sealed periodically to keep liquids from getting past the surface. Keeping it in pristine condition typically requires a regular application of warm water and mild detergent. They are more likely to take granite countertops as an indicator of the overall quality of the home. It can take months for a skilled team to come out with a 40-ton or so block from produces slabs of predetermined thicknesses and dimensions. The benefits of granite countertops are widely accepted, but you don’t have to take our word for it. The installation of the countertop was perfect as well as the plumbing. Granite is an igneous rock made of at least 10% quartz and a combination of other minerals, mostly feldspar. This is the reason it is called “granite,” referring to the granular nature of the patterns. However, it is possible to have dark minerals thrown in the mix. Each granite slab installed in the home is different, even if they all came from the same stone. It is quarried as a dimension stone, which means the source stone as blocks and slabs for decorative and structural use. Getting the best stones out, however, requires extensive experience and knowledge. Its most popular use, however, is for work areas such as vanity tops and countertops because of its durability and strength. You need to get a professional installer to assess your needs for your new granite countertop. It is also proof against most stains and scratches, and can withstand quite a bit of heat. Geologists call it “poor primary permeability,” which means water and other fluids do not easily get through past the surface, but when it does, it does create a stain. It is important to remove liquids clean from granite surfaces as much as possible, especially anything containing acid or oil. Putting in new granite countertops is one of the best investments you can make for your home.

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If necessary, you can wipe back over the surface with a clean wet cloth or sponge, well wrung out. Fortunately, cleaning stains are usually relatively simple as well. If the stain is oil-based, mix baking soda with water; if it’s a water-based stain, mixing the baking soda with hydrogen peroxide will be more effective. Spread it over the stained area, cover it with plastic wrap, and allow the paste to sit overnight, then wipe it off gently. To prevent very stubborn stains, make sure your countertop is sealed regularly. If the water beads, the seal is still strong—if it soaks in, it’s time to reseal. If you’re using your own solution, you can either spray it onto a cloth and wipe the countertop with the cloth, or you can lightly mist the surface and then rub it dry with the cloth. Granite is a porous surface, especially if it isn’t sealed properly, and it can absorb water or oil and become discolored. You can check to see if your countertop needs to be resealed by dribbling a couple of drops of water on it.

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This wear and tear can be difficult to manage, and most people are unable to clean it and bring it back to new. When it comes to something you’ve invested so much money in and that is such a focal point of the most used room in your home, there is no substitute for the experience and quality our marble countertop sealing experts bring. Once we are finished cleaning out stains from wear and tear or spills, we will seal and polish them to restore them back to their former glory. A professional stone cleaning and sealant application can protect the stone from substances it is vulnerable to. Granite, marble and concrete are very different materials and restored in very different ways. These guys are flagstone maintenance experts, especially for saltwater pools. This is especially true for marble countertops, which are susceptible to staining from acidic and basic materials and dullness if not maintained and sealed properly. Our marble countertop sealing pros are also experts at removing stains from marble counters. For over two decades, our natural stone restoration professionals have been trusted with the preservation and restoration of marble countertops. This is the best way to ensure your countertop retains that fresh, clean, and enhanced look. Our team will assess the type of stone countertops you have and look for staining and damage, indicating any specific areas that require more attention. The type of stone and the condition will determine the method of restoration to be used, such as clean and seal, or grind and polish. For one, there’s the oiling, which is the best way to restore the surface’s sheen. You really just need a spray bottle, warm water, non-abrasive dish soap, and some towels. For deeper stains (red wine!), you’ll need to make a paste out of water and baking soda and let it sit on the area for at least 24 hours. Just get some gentle dish soap, microfiber cloths, and maybe some isopropyl alcohol. Some options seriously look like granite or wood these days. Whichever style you have, it’ll be easy to care for because laminate is super durable. If your laminate is textured, as so many are, try using a scrub brush to get into the nooks and crannies during a deeper cleaner. You already know that stainless steel is quick to show finger prints (your fridge is proof!), but the material is fairly easy to care for on a counter. A scouring powder and bleach is the best way to keep the grout sparkling and white. To clean, you can simply wash it down with soap and water or a mild detergent. To clean, use a non-acidic cleaner and skip aggressive scrubbing pads, which can wear away the sealer. Even on the days you don’t do any cooking, you probably use your counter. It’s where you stand while you’re waiting for the coffee to brew. Then there’s the staining; a drop of red wine can lead you to resort to sanding (and what a project that can be!). Just avoid acidic natural cleaners like vinegar and lemon juice, as those can etch the surface. You really don’t need any special cleaners to get those countertops shiny and streak-free. Wipe up spills right away (to avoid stains) and give the counter a daily wipe down with a non-abrasive cleaner. You don’t need any special cleaners — just a few pantry staples, a couple cleaning cloths, and a soft-bristled scrubbing brush. While tiles can chip and crack, they’re usually pretty easy to wipe clean (of course, aggressive scrubbing can ruin a high-gloss finish). And there’s no need to seal or reseal it throughout its lifetime. You don’t need to seal it and can be cleaned with just soap and water.

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But caring for your new countertop doesn’t end with installation. Marble and granite, though they are both natural stones that require maintenance, need to be cared for a little bit differently. Marble is limestone that has transformed into a beautiful mosaic of colors and patterns through years of heat and pressure. The first thing to remember when cleaning marble is that it isn’t granite. Marble is much softer than granite and so it shows wear and tear more easily. If you want a deeper clean than what you can get with warm water and a soft cloth, your best bet is to purchase marble cleaner. Whichever product you use, it’s wise to gently dry the surface with a soft cloth and never let it air dry, as marble is prone to water spots. It has the aesthetic appeal of marble but is so durable you can place hot pots directly on top of it, cut right on the surface without damaging it, and is less susceptible to nicks and cracks. You can find granite that resembles marble, but some prefer the real thing. Abrasive debris like sand and dirt do the most damage to granite. Warm water will do just fine, and if you want to use a cleanser, use a natural stone soap or a mild liquid detergent. Since your granite is in the kitchen, you might want to look into getting it re-sealed regularly. Granite and marble are exquisite stones to have in your home but, unfortunately, will succumb to wear and tear if you don’t care for them. It adds elegance and style to your decor, and its durability makes natural stone one of the most practical types of countertop materials. Like most natural stones, it does show wear and tear over the years if not cared for properly. A lot of people confuse the two, but they are completely different stones and, therefore, need different approaches to maintenance and care. It’s more susceptible to stains from acidic substances, and you should remember to never clean it with vinegar and most household bathroom and kitchen cleaners. If you want to do it yourself, you can use acetone on dark marble, hydrogen peroxide on light marble, or clear ammonia mixed with water. It won’t magically make your marble countertop bomb-proof, but it will resist moisture a lot longer. Its slow cooling process allows visible crystals to form, giving it a subtle sparkle and shine. Granite comes in a rainbow of colors and is most often characterized by a speckled look as opposed to the flowing veins of marble. Granite can last for decades but still needs to be cared for properly. Like marble, you should avoid acidic cleaners and juices that could scratch the surface. Try to avoid ammonia, which can dull the surface of the stone. To keep the natural stone from getting cloudy or dull, seal it every few years, or if it’s a heavily used kitchen, every year. Caring for your natural stone will guarantee it to last for years looking shiny and new. Take these tips to help ensure you’re caring for your natural stone countertops correctly, and you’ll enjoy them for years to come.

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If you’re looking for a beautiful countertop material, granite is a great option. The material easily withstands high temperatures and resists most types of stains when it’s properly sealed. Although it can be expensive to reseal granite countertops once a year, doing so can greatly extend the countertop’s life and appearance. They’re also an affordable alternative to traditional granite cleaners, which can set you back several dollars per ounce. Ultimately, making your own cleaning solution can be a fun and rewarding process when done correctly. In some cases, the damage might be relatively minor, but if it’s bad enough, it can lead to a seriously expensive repair. Not only will these materials dull the granite’s appearance, but they can also etch or cut the stone. Don’t let this fool you into thinking that it’s safe to use acidic products on your granite countertops — the damage is bound to show up over time. It may seem harmless, but water is also problematic when used on its own or in larger quantities. The good news is that unlike acidic substances, water-related streaking is usually reversible. Feel free to use dish soap, hand soap, or any other type of mild soap that you have on hand. In fact, there’s a good chance you already have what you need to whip up your first recipe. You may need to add a bit more or less depending on personal preference. After finding an ideal combination of ingredients, spray the mixture onto your countertops and wipe the area clean using a soft dry cloth. If the surface is taking a long time to dry, try buffing it with a dry cloth to speed up the process. Although these ingredients work well for cleaning and sanitizing, your granite countertops may need a bit more care to make them truly shine. An effective solution contains part water and part isopropyl alcohol. Rinse the area dry and promptly dry it with a clean microfiber cloth. It’s a safe bet to use on most surfaces and appliances, especially because homemade granite cleaners are gentle and effectively clean up grime and dirt in most settings. The thought of cleaning your granite countertops can seem a bit scary, especially if you’ve never done it before. Over time, these materials can wear away the surface and cause etching, making your countertops more prone to staining. Basic care, such as cleaning up spills as soon as possible, is essential. It’s best to clean up spills with warm water and mild dish soap. Depending on the countertop’s overall condition and level of dirtiness, you may need to repeat the process more than once. At the end of each day (or sooner, if your countertop is particularly messy), grab a sponge or dishcloth and some hot water. Not only will this keep your countertops in pristine condition, but it also helps to disinfect and protect them. Spray the granite cleaner over the whole surface and along the edges, where crumbs and dirt tend to collect over time. Using cutting boards also keeps your knife blades sharp and precise, as they can quickly become dull when used directly on granite countertops. Although it’s rare, granite has also been known to crack or chip on occasion, especially when hot pans or plates are repeatedly placed on its surface. Using proper cleaning practices and products keeps your countertops looking good, but even the most demanding cleaning regimen can’t prevent damage that occurs due to improper sealing. The stone’s absorption rate, and the type and quality of any granite sealer you’ve previously used, plays an important role in determining how often you’ll need to reseal your countertops. When it’s time to reseal, consider using a high-quality product that can protect the surface for years to come. If you don’t know if your granite is sealed, start by dropping a bit of water onto the surface. Granite is considered to be the oldest building material in the world, and is widely used in kitchens as well as stairs, thresholds, and other household spaces. Knowing how to make the right homemade granite cleaner can potentially save you lots of time and money, as long as you do it correctly. Sealing the surface once a year, or as needed, is also vital for granite countertop maintenance. In addition to its good looks, granite is renowned for its exceptional durability and relatively minor maintenance requirements over time. While granite has a lot to offer, it also has a few shortcomings. If it’s unsealed or poorly sealed, granite can absorb liquids such as wine, oil, and water. Aside from resealing, regular countertop cleaning keeps granite countertops shiny and minimizes the buildup of dirt, grime, and bacteria. A homemade granite cleaner is a great way to keep your countertops looking their best without breaking the bank. For starters, most homemade cleaners are made with a handful of common household materials such as dish soap and rubbing alcohol. You can also customize the solution with your favorite scented oil or fragrance. Let’s explore some of the best — and worst — ways to clean your elegant granite countertops. Using the wrong type of product or cleaning supplies may quickly damage your granite countertops, potentially leaving them in worse shape than when you started. One of the biggest offenders in natural granite countertop cleaners is citrus or acidic products such as vinegar. While the etching might appear almost instantly on some countertops, the damage isn’t always immediately apparent. Acidic and citrus substances aren’t a granite countertop’s only enemy. That’s because it tends to leave streaks behind, temporarily smudging your countertop’s beautiful surface. If you accidentally spill water on the countertop or find that you need to get rid of water streaks, simply mix together a small amount of alcohol (rubbing or regular) along with a few drops of soap. When you prepare them with the right type of materials, natural granite countertop cleaners will clean and restore your countertops and keep the surfaces shiny — without leaving behind streaks or smudges. You can even customize the recipe to suit your needs, such as adding more or less alcohol or adding in several drops of essential oil for a more pleasant aroma. Regardless of which recipe you use, you’ll want to have a relatively large (12 to 16 ounce) spray bottle on hand for easy application. Next, add several drops of essential oil and fill the rest of the bottle up with water. Then, add in several drops of scented oil if you’re using it. Once all the ingredients are in the bottle, simply shake the bottle vigorously to mix them together and you’re ready to clean! Most types of softer cloths are sufficient, but many homeowners prefer microfiber for its rapid absorption. You can also use a classic sponge to mop up any remaining moisture. A water and isopropyl alcohol solution is a great choice for shining and disinfecting even the dirtiest surfaces. Simply mix the ingredients together and spray them onto the granite surface — then, let it sit for three to five minutes. They’re also safe enough for marble and stone, which don’t do well with acidic ingredients either. The other key component of successful countertop maintenance is knowing how to properly clean granite countertops. Part of this process involves understanding which products and materials to avoid. After considering which products are harmful for the surface of your countertops, there are also some best practices for cleaning granite countertops and maintaining their sparkle and shine. Spills can mar the surface, potentially leading to dark or dull spots. Wipe down any bit of wetness on the countertop with a dry cloth immediately to keep unsightly water streaks at bay. Keeping up with various daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning regimens can boost your countertop’s appearance and prolong its life. Use your favorite homemade granite cleaner to spray down any parts that look especially dirty, and then wipe away the solution with a dry cloth. For sufficient weekly cleaning, completely clear off the countertop space so you can reach even those tougher spots. This is also a good time to clean up the dust and debris that’s accumulated in other parts of the kitchen, such as your appliances and containers. Although granite is generally resistant to scratches and etching, it won’t hurt to give your precious countertop an extra layer of protection. However, cutting boards can prevent unwanted scratches and scuffs similar to coasters. The next time you want to put a hot object down on the countertop, be sure to slip a hot pad underneath. Despite what some experts might suggest, it’s not always necessary to seal your granite countertops at the end of each year. Other factors include how well the initial sealer was applied and whether the countertops have been damaged by harsh cleaners or cleaning products. Some of the cheaper products may wear down faster, requiring more frequent replacement. The water will either bead, meaning that the surface is properly sealed, or it will soak into the surface and indicate that you need a new seal. They’re also known for their durability, heat- and scratch-resistant properties, and overall toughness. Proper maintenance is crucial for extending the life of your countertops. Remember to use natural granite countertop cleaners on a consistent basis, steering clear of harmful ingredients including vinegar and anything acidic, such as lemon juice.

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If you’re looking for a surface that is resistant to heat, scratches and stains, granite is your man. Pre-sealed properly and cleaned with only appropriate granite cleaner products, these countertops will last a lifetime. But it will weather a lifetime when well maintained and cleaned with professional granite cleaner, so it makes perfect sense to pay out at the beginning. These weaken the granite surface which may lead to the top breaking during installation. Rub your hand over the surface – the fewer pits, the better quality the granite. And then all that is left is to choose the color and pattern complexity – but we’ll leave that for another article. ]]> Being second only to diamond in hardness rating, it’s a fabulous surface to use in a kitchen where it is going to get a lot of use. It can crack if not properly installed and may absorb stains if not properly sealed, but again both of these con’s can be easily avoided by purchasing your granite countertops from a professional company who can also install them without problem. Granite originates from many parts of the world so beware a granite countertop whose price seems to be too good to be true – it probably is. When you have decided to install granite countertops for your kitchen, discuss your requirements with a professional supplier/fabricator who can advise you on the best quality granite to match your budget.

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It’s where families and friends come together for one to three meals a day and the occasional snacking in between meals. There’s something about food and a kitchen countertop that just brings people together. Kitchens tend to be a breeding ground for all kinds of germs and bacteria, mainly when prepping raw meat, dairy, and eggs. Coli can find a cozy home and can cross-contaminate breads, fruit, veggies, which can cause people to get very sick. Luckily there are many eco-friendly and organic options that will not only clean your kitchen but also reduce the amount of chemicals left on your granite countertops. The products are not very expensive either which is another bonus! Not only for eating, it seems people tend to gather in the kitchen more frequently at parties than any other room in the house. As nostalgic as that may sound, it’s also a reality that the kitchen and kitchen countertop needs to be kept clean and as germ-free as possible for everyone to stay healthy. With so many cleaning products on the market, it can be difficult to determine what the best course of action is for getting rid of germs and bacteria. Essential oils not only smell beautiful but clean and disinfect the kitchen beautifully as well – and a little goes a long way! Though natural, essential oils can be harmful if not used properly and safely. Cleaning the kitchen with natural products will not only leave everything sparkling clean, it will also give you the peace of mind knowing harsh cleaning chemicals were not left anywhere in your kitchen.


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